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from leemond :
Oh yeah it would help if I left a contact- [email protected].
from leemond :
Hi, your diary is definitely a diaryland staple for me. I would be extremely cool if could have a user/pass.
from the-elm :
this is soo random, but i came across your blog and it's such a fun read (more like, a fun watch actually since i loved looking at the shoes). heehee! anyway, just wanted to say hello!
from blueavenue :
ok, no disrespect, of course, but i will KIND of be cheering for the Mavs (minus J Terry) tonight...and you should read my blog on myspace. if you promise not to be mad. =) hopefully you'll just get a kick out of it. hey, so how've ya been?? =)
from kissmyargyle :
i'm glad you're back. :)
from just-a-nut :
Not that it's your camera that does it, obviously you're talented!
from just-a-nut :
I love your pictures from today, what make of camera do you have?
from mew-mew :
was keepin' quiet. you know. to be COOL. (glad of unlock, yo!)
from bellachicana :
LOCKED??? OMG totally freaking out!!! Are you handing out passwords, if so here is my email [email protected]. Also I've moved, I no longer reside at D*land so email me and I'll give you my new address!! laters
from just-a-nut :
locked? sorry to see that, really enjoyed your writing. if you're sharing user/pass i'd love to have it. Although why would you give it to some canadian chic you don't even know? Hmm..because i'm cute? :P
from mew-mew :
this is very tempting as i work so c l o s e l y near by,,, !!!
from mew-mew :
hey...that bar looks TINY bit like park slope bar i've spent a few winter nights it? (p.s. your site is so r o c k s o l i d!)
from candypop23 :
Hey!!I found your diary a few weeks ago(I don't remember how) and I LOVED it! I laughed so much and the photos are great! I just stopped to say hi and that I'm adding you to my favorites.
from themark :
Ah, good ol' Jean-Luc... My two favorites were drinking whenever someone (1 shot for Picard, 2 for anyone else) cuts Data off midstream while he's giving an exact time to something; the other was whenever Riker walks up the bridge ramp and looks like he's planning to head-butt the turbolift doors. Good times.
from themark :
P.S. I can't even tell you how exciting it is that you used the phrase "unregulated flight move while at Starfleet Academy" in your other comment. Where were you when I was trying to scrounge up enough people to play the Next Generation drinking game in college?
from themark :
Ha, thanks! That's an awesome quote--and it's from the episode in which the Enterprise gets stuck in a time warp and keeps exploding over and over again. I don't remember the name of the episode (and that probably loses me some nerd points), but I'm pretty sure that's the one... Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your diary rocks harder than Worf's bat'leth skills (and he once won Champion Standing on Forcas 3 y'know). Um, okay, I promise to stop being such a geek now.
from mew-mew :
hey back! i do -- or did -- work with eBeth at fredflare. but she has left us for the canadians and it is to SHAME! p.s. i like your site too (malcolm suits!)
from blueavenue :
hiya! saw your miami entry last night, and you (and marina!) are gorgeous! i love your freckles! and that house is awesome, too! i love the decorating. so hey! enjoy your sunday; the weather's getting so much nicer! i'm thrilled. --G
from enondoiel :
I'm (hopefully!) taking a BA in translating (Norwegian/English), and the course consists of one year in Norway, then one year in a country in which they speak your chosen language (in my case English) and then the last year back in Norway. The college that I've applied to has contact colleges in the US, but I have no idea which they are... Oh how I would love going to school in NYC! I've been there once and it just took my breath away (to put it poetically :)). My point is that I won't know which colleges I can actually apply to before (if) I get accepted at the Norwegian school... Very tricky. Hope you're having a great day over there in New York! :)
from imaphatpig :
Ew. Are you serious? She goes by turd? That's just disgusting. I did know a girl at one time who insisted upon being called slug though. Ew to that too.
from explodingboy :
I am liking your journal - it screems!
from arc-angel666 :
I saw your banner and thought I'd stop by. While reading your latest entry I laughed out loud at the thought of you blowing lunch into a Wheat Thin box lol. I had a similar experience, while shooting a film on location in the Caribbean, all of us actors eat at this little exotic restaurant. Following day while shooting the first scene of the day I noticed an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and throat. I delivered my lines and we cut and the crew set up the pov of the other actor involved in this scene. His pov (point of view) was facing myself and two other actors. Director called for action and all was going well until I panicied as the remains of last night's meal began to resurface. I looked to and fro and decided the open case sitting on the floor would be the proper receptacle to make my deposit. Being a professional, on clue I nodded at the appropreiate time, smiled nodded once again then while on camera I leaned and puke into the open case. Pandemonium broke out and all the cast and crew scatter except for me. Once finished I stood up straight and faced the Director and the first AD who both ask if I was okay? Before I could answer the Head Writer turned to the Script supervisor and said aloud its not my writing is it? We all laughed. Anway, this is an interesting diary and if I promise not to blow lunch may I visit again LOL. Happy name is Michael

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