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from pinkminx :
HiHiHiHi! :) Hey, are you on myspace?
from pinkminx :
gimmie the password, beeyotch!
from zachtsnoep :
Hey there, remember I sent you some vids a few years ago after you caught me snooping around on your other site hehe. I'd love to read up on what you've been up to! Let me know ok?
from pinkminx :
Martika, it's Mary! Please email me and tell me where you're writing now! I do miss you.
from nitebreed :
We should ALL email diaryland so they can place the old entries back up! If cost is an issue please advise.
from nitebreed :
I found your diary entries by luck while looking for something else. From the first line I was hooked. Thank you for sharing apart of your soul with us people. I read alot and not every writer has the gift to keep people hooked from the begening, you have that gift. Even if you don't want to continue your diary entries, please consider writing in general. Who knows what may come. Thank you! Nitebreed - AOL Ist. Mssgr: mix2nite
from bytwilight :
Thanks for writing! I am so pathetically addicted to your diary. It's weird. we're kind of on opposite ends of the spectrum, but I feel like I can relate to you in a lot of ways. You write about the things I only wish I had the guts to, for one thing, so I've got mad respect for you in that area. So, yeah. You rock in my book. Don't go away again for any long periods of time!
from smartepants :
haha!! oh my! i thought i lost you girl!! this is tenminsfast, i spose i should mention. i missed youuuu!! how did you erase all those old entries?! glad to have you back! :)
from bjerica :
Ah ha! First note!! I missed you.

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