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from randh :
Your diary was wonderful! Can I add you?
from candoor :
I just read a story about a shoplifter getting busted... a very different story from yours, probably, but there's coincidence for you :)
from emocarrie :
toni, embrace these emotions you are feeling, do not be ashamed, I almost blame a certain someone for making you think that you should be "happy" all the time. i know you live a great life, you know it, things will only get more exciting...and remeber the bitter/sweet speech.
from dulligirl :
Ya know,being shy like I am, I don't really enjoy conducting interviews but every once in a while I get somebody who's interesting. And I'll totally go off the subject of what the interview is for. Ha. Training can be fun like you say. As long as I'm not the only manager for that shift it can work out pretty well.Take care!
from teachin-usa :
I think dishes is a good chore for men because it has a beginning and an end and there is not a lot of thinking and organizing involved.
from emocarrie :
You shouldn't be writing nessesarily because of people reading your journal. If you know a certain person is reading it, you can be less open, more cautious of what you I right? If you write something profound, you know i let you know, but otherwise, these journals to me, are just a way to keep in touch with those that you wouldn't normally see on a regular basis.
from f-i-n :
had fun reading your diary!
from hey4eyes :
The design on your journal is fantastic. Seriously. Bobbie Sue Dicks

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