A Place for my Head

For a long time I believed I was happy. I was happy just following the rules and being a good person. A series of events seriously challenged that notion, and the journey for acceptance from everyone ended when I found my future husband.

This diary is a place for my head while I find my true happy place, and to document the pain and the good times while searching.

My favorite diaries:

geeked-out profile - diary
comments: "Kimberly is one of the only women I know that isn't insane. Well she is but she's insane like a man. At least of the people I know in person."
for-you-only profile - diary
comments: "These fucking stupid school computers suck ass... "
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Augustdreams profile - diary
comments: "Offer void where prohibited. May contain monkeys, scrubbing bubbles, the F-word, ring-tailed lemurs and yellow dye #5. "
lustydork profile - diary
comments: "I think about the best thing ever is when someone says "I love you" and you know he means it."
momma-at-17 profile - diary
comments: "I'm happy he asked me out! :-)"
hamiltonian profile - diary
comments: "Hamilton was right not to believe in man."
pastagirl profile - diary
comments: "Happy Birthday and Thanks for Nothing."
sarahsmells profile - diary
comments: I never thought it was possible to find your twin online. Go figure.
ruachadonai profile - diary
comments: "The continuing saga of a girl liberated from a number of chains..."
tattooed-gem profile - diary
comments: "We will meet in another life, but not again in this one."
goingloopy profile - diary
comments: "I am sure it will shock everyone that I went to see Harry Potter this weekend. "
plumwin profile - diary
comments: "I don’t think these stories are all made up and I find it hysterical that Walmart bills itself as the store where everyone shops when clearly it is the store where uncivilized, rude morons shop."
meg-in-love profile - diary
comments: "I'm starting to hate Ramen..."
xat profile - diary
comments: "Good, bad, indifferent--as long as it's about me, it's all good."
alwaysmuted profile - diary
comments: "Slowly finding my own inner strength and outer voice among the chaos of life... "
skibigsky profile - diary
comments: "We’ll see. Maybe she’ll realize that her desire to have me here All The Time is just retribution, and not a solid business plan"
doing-it profile - diary
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kommkayriel profile - diary
somstar profile - diary
iamstronger profile - diary
kayrayne profile - diary

My favorite music:

VNV Nation
WWE Themes
Sytem of a Down
Sneaker Pimps

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

J.K. Rowling

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