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from wonderwall :
yes, there are my so-called life dvds :D
from autumn-kitty :
Hey saw that you added me, thanks for the ego-stroke!
from autumn-kitty :
That's right, that's right...*big sigh of recognition* Forgive my momentary lapse of Beatletrivia.
from autumn-kitty :
Hey, what song is the line at the top of your page from?
from nypizzas2 :
Just for you babe:
from wonderwall :
i also <3 american eagle.
from wonderwall :
ooh my god. that was a truly hilarious story. i mean, i totally sympathize (am i spelling that right?) being small and drastically inept in such situations, and im glad you kicked the door's ass... but, quite funny. great entry :)
from angrystarlyt :
Poor little dude. Test Subject A, who didn't evne get a real name because I thought he was going to die immediately, has lasted me a good three months. It's...I dunno, weird.
from wonderwall :
you just inspired me to write :)
from wonderwall :
ps thanks for making me a fav
from wonderwall :
the bertuzzi thing... i dunno, i thought it was very genuine that he cried and everything... but still, it is kind of scary that he totally lost it like that and i think that overshadows however sorry he might be-- AS A PERSON. however, i think that he should still definitely be allowed to play... unfortunately the sports culture of the world encourages this sort of all-go, no-quit mentality... and the dark side of that is (unfortunately) rarely brought to everyone's attention... so, maybe this will force players (and fans) to think.
from wonderwall :
you have awesome taste in everything. i will be back for more. p.s. if you dig howie day, check out matt nathanson.
from london-times :
Hey! I locked my diary and am handing out the password to people who list my diary as a favorite, sooo, that includes you! The username is 'person' and the password is 'letmein.' Aren't I SO creative? Lol.
from bundychick :
OMG excitment plus!!! the man shops AND visits the library! does he have a brother !!! :))
from bundychick :
Love your design! It rocks. Glad you like my labyrinth theme... I'm thinking of changing it soon to a Colin Firth one... *melts* Hows the flirting with the dairy section guy going ;)

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