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from peth :
you are extra hella awesome, says I!!
from peth :
wekkomen back, miss formerly surly. i'm hardly ever here myself, but i'll keep my eyes peely.
from heckafresh :
Cripes. I totally skipped the finger-banging paragragh the first time. Yeah, forget him. You can teach an old dog new tricks, but you can't teach a thirty y/o finger-banger the subtle nuances of the clitoris.
from heckafresh :
Bad kissers are not always bad news. Sometimes you can mold them into just the kind you like (unless it's one of those girl things I don't understand about the kind you like being the kind who already *knows* what you like and what not). Anyway, I done it before. And strongly suspect had it done to me before too...
from thebeesknees :
I still can't remember HTML for shit, so I cheat and use the following cheatsheets for reference ALL THE TIME:
from achren :
oooh, do i have kasher envy.
from sixweasels :
Found your journal through Hissy and just wanted to say hello. Sorry to hear about the accident - how horrible. Oh, and seeing Clive? That's way more of a wake up than any old cup of coffee!
from sidewaysrain :
mimi smartypants posted about the car wreck too - so heartbreaking.
from thebeesknees :
first, glad to have you back. second, A M E N on wanting an actual man. how is it that indie boys get to the age of 30 and can't even begin to cope with taking care of themselves? like, basic life skills were totally missed. it makes me a crazywoman.
from achren :
miss colleen! fancy that. it is time for catching up, these days. thanks for the music suggestions - can you believe i've STILL never bought a les savy fav album? well, besides the singles comp thing. and no one on the west coast even knows who they are yet. le sigh. by the way, that is one nice username you've got there. top ten favorite movies EVER, fer shure. xo.m.

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