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from giantkiller :
Hi there! I am a Republican with a site at that I'd like you to check out, please! Have a great day. -Miss Priss
from sofrlowi :
Holy crap, ain't it the truth though? I just bought my first ceramic straightening iron about a month ago and it's been a DREAM. I used to do my hair with a ceramic curling iron so I could style it and give it volume while smoothing it down. I'll never go back, to say the least. :)
from conkycole :
Aww, man, we're the only two left on the Douggie ring....I'll never give it up, whether he's a Twin or not. *plans on obstinately wearing her Meintkiewicz shirt to every single Twins game she ever attends from here 'til the end of time* All right, the random note from the random stranger is now finished :)
from sofrlowi :
Hey babes, I got your IM - I need your cell phone number again, so if you could just call and hang up or something, or leave voice mail, just so I get the number, that would be great. Otherwise, IM it to me. I got a new cell and haven't reprogrammed shit. Love, Cole. P.S. - Lens sounds good to me, hook a sista up.
from sofrlowi :
I would have just laughed at how immature she is, and how her vocabulary word bank is so small that she had to resort to her daughter as a "slut". It may not be my place to be saying this, so ignore it if I'm out of line, but we both know that SHE is in no position to call YOU a slut.
from sofrlowi :
Hi honey... let me know if you need help cleaning, okay? I'm always here, and I'd be more than happy to help with anything you need help with. Just holler. :) Love you like a sister!
from caspia :
omg, Katie looks fucking hot in that dress...oh, it's not fair.
from caspia :
oooooh check out my update, I got the scanner back to working order.
from caspia :
I know sometimes I change templates faster than clothes, but I had 4 hours today, and the Tron one was meant to only be temp anyway, so tell me what you think of the new one!
from msnotsoright :
Wow... I loved your diary. I really enjoyed reading it. I know that this is a very short note. But I mean every word. Thanx for writing your thoughts and sharing...
from ejsdsh :
Don't be talking sh*t about my fenway! Red Sox are and will always be better than the twins, don't be will be okay. FYI: To get tickets order 1 week in advance or stand in line at the box office. Nose bleeders (upper outfield) are like 15 or 20 bucks a pop. Keep updating. I miss reading what you write
from xsilvamoonx :
I-LOVE-YOU. Shawn Ashmore is my idol!!!! I LIVE for Shawn Ashmore. You RULE for making such an awesome diary ring!
from xsilvamoonx :
I-LOVE-YOU. Shawn Ashmore is my idol!!!! I LIVE for Shawn Ashmore. You RULE for making such an awesome diary ring!
from ktvballplaya :
Nay! you locked your diary!? I'm just a tad shocked, but I'm sure you had your reasons for it. I guess I'll live without reading your diary, but this just seems a bit odd, I dunno... :-P peace!
from blackfetisha :
Hey I love your diary and have added you to my faves. I also love volleyball!! I play any chance I get. I took one of your surverys and plan on checking out the review sites. I love your layout and the creativity. Hope to talk to you sometime =)
from caspia :
heh. Don't let ma get to you nay. You know she has to seem perfect in front of Mark because in secret you know she's nuts. Once he pops the question, she won't give a damn because she'll have her rock...and her sex, and that's that. She cracks me up sometimes.
from caspia :
msnovelist is their sn. They do have you linked, I just checked it out.
from caspia :
I got a couple fo hits of someone with the name msdiaryist or I checked it out, and they had the Legolas template I made, Their entry was short, but they seemed quite happy about it. They mentioned that the link to "the person who made it" was at the bottom of the page...So I guess that sparked so curiosity....It's good to feel appreciated. Dad was going to put GoLive on my conmp. last night...but like the jerk that he is he got mad at we'll have to see if he'll ever do it. ttyl
from under-shadow :
who's robert? cute face anyway :) i was looking waay back on my notes page, and saw a note from you about joining the michael vartan ring. i looove him! i'm guessing you must too. anyway, i decided i'm adding you, as you're diary seems cool- heh, i've only seen that one entry about "robert" but eh..! also, are you roguedesigns designer person? i've been on so many diaries today i lose track and my memory goes pa-chow outta the window! well... this must be long enough :) see ya, jess x
from boylinked :
Yo, YOU LIKE NO DOUBT!! I'm obsessed!! Gwen is so cool! Sorry, i'm probably freaking you out. I saw your s/n on the No Doubt lovers list. I kinda am guessing you like Gamecube, after reading your Last entry of 2003, entry. I have one too. I just bought SSX3. It's a very good game, just so you know. Same with Super Smash Bros. Meelee, and even Animal Crossing. What other GC games u got? ~Art~
from hopeless2903 :
hey, im Jenifer, you seem like a real down to earth person thats good..well just thought id tell ya. cya �Jen�
from orion2643 :
YAY! i was waiting for someone to make a spanish dork ring!

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