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from diamondsky :
Found you randomly and decided you pretty much rock. Had to add you to my favorites. :)
from miss-music :
Are you on hiatus again? You take more holidays than me. And that ain't easy to do. Hope all is well.
from sunstargirl :
this is hilarious.I like your blog.
from dreaminred :
I am re-reading your diary. I forgot about it for a while. Silly me. It still cracks me up. I laugh b/c I do and think some of the same things. Thanks for the laughs. :)
from miss-music :
You jacked that from Mraz girl! ;<)
from miss-music :
Seriously, you are MY person of the day. I've been trying to tell people: Look, of course there's no 'I', then it'd be some other weird word. But there is a Me, and Me is the center of this here universe!
from ruthaki :
you have some interesting thoughts here. And...a unique-looking page. ruthaki
from miss-music :
Alright, just checking. ((Sends much love and hugs.)) And chocolates. Because good God I'd sacrifice a puppy for that stuff.
from miss-music :
WHERE IN THE WORLD HAVE YOU BEEN?! Never again. Never, ever. I was thisclose to surrendering and editing the buddy list.
from mycafelatte :
hi. Where are you? come back soon.
from monkie-pals4 :
hello i looked at that site and that is very cool. i am also very involved in my church.
from kimisamazing :
Then again, if you are patient, you can let yourself fall in love with someone because of what he/she looks like. No matter how that is measured on the international beauty scale. To quote someone smarter than I, "Those who find beautiful meanings in beautiful things are the cultivated. For these there is hope. They are the elect to whom beautiful things mean only beauty."
from purplebanana :
One, I love your design. Two, surely any valid definition of 'the one' would include compatibility in goals, life outlooks, and puppies vs. children.
from dreaminred :
I somehow found your diary in that long list, and wanted to say that I like your diary and how you think and write. So random about stuff, its a lot like me.
from smartepants :
i have too many black shirts too...I guess it's a typical problem amoungst hot, intelligent, witty females? Yes, yes it is. Oh, and youre layout is smokin!
from miss-music :
Wow, I look like an obsessed "fan." Perhaps I should walk away..but Maroon5 see why I had to drop by?
from miss-music :
Toothpaste on cds that skip. Really does work.
from miss-music :
Also, just because you play a musical instrument, doesn't mean you're some great, credible musician.
from tiger--lily :
i loved your a hundred things. I agreed with a whole lot of them... love always, tigerlily xx
from brainmush :
You've inspired me. I just have to figure out exactly how I've been inspired.. anyways, wanted to give you props bro.
from obsessive16 :
How very true your notes to yourself are. So very personal yet not at the same time.
from sharpiesrfun :
awsome diary
from broken-face :
Great, funny, .... useful diary.
from randomsnark :
Hey, AWESOME! Yeah, I saw the Mary is my homegirl one too. YOU ROCK. woot.
from girl-aflame :
Hey you have almost the exact same layout as someone else on my buddy list! Except hers features cherries instead of peppers but I'm sure they're just variations on the same design by the same place. Mindlesspop is her username if you want to go see her layout :)
from xpolaroidx :
Lurve the lay-out
from xpolaroidx :
hey..yeah your diary really makes me smile!..and god yeah it was damn good sex!
from slumbereyes :
a newcomer to the sprawling megalopolis that is fed way? cool. i moved here was i was little, went out of state for college, and now i'm back because i, uh... missed it. but when all your college friends live out of state now, well, your social life takes a hit. but enough of the world's littlest violin for me, what about you? what wicked twist of fate brings you to the f-dub? and how come no matter how i slang it, federal way never sounds cool?
from slumbereyes :
note to self: do not reveal your secret crush to someone who will constantly rub it in your face. note to self: do not go on a blind date again. ever. your notes are so intriguing, they beg for details. or maybe i beg for them. i empathize though. fed way is a dating wasteland.
from mynotetoself :
It was horrible! The worst date I've ever had to date. Wrong match!
from abacinate :
What went wrong on the date?
from girl-aflame :
I <3 reading your notes. I love little short entries that say a lot in a few words. However, I have to say, you are quite the layout whore. Pimp it, baby. (btw, I've got a design site at user name ga-templates, when the urge hits you again :D)
from banefulvenus :
I ready your posting today and laughed so hard.... You rock!
from abacinate :
Another layout?! I love it!!
from banefulvenus :
Hey there, Thanks for reading my site. I'm changing my site did you change your template? Is it all just html code? did you upload images? how does it all fit together?
from banefulvenus :
thank you so much for the note. I love the layout of your page! It inspires me to want to learn to do more with my page layout!! :)
from abacinate :
Ooh the new layout is bootyful! Hey I used to live in Hawaii too! But only for a couple years. Yeah so thanks for the wondifilous note! And I'll be reading yours from now on too :)
from abacinate :
I want to read more but the 'previous entry' link's not working! *sobs*
from sigur-ros :
you are very cool.
from moo-homie :
hey! i saw your name from that search thing. i like your justin timberlake thing haha. thats cool. all though i dont like him but i find your diary amusing. great job on it.
from girl-aflame :
good gawd.
from mynotetoself :
hola! write me a note! that would be so cool!!

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