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from funkbox :
i wonder if you're talking about the same lindy as i am? is he like folk/indie?
from x-play-x :
You're a great writer. I mean, sometimes when I'm reading you, I actually imagine myself being where you're at. It's weird. I like it..a lot. =)
from straysparrow :
Hi (curious). Sparrow. xx.
from banefulvenus :
Thanks so much for the compliment. You'll get to a thousand entries :) You're amazing.
from banefulvenus :
Really loved your banner, and the site is amazing!!
from flnangel :
Thanks for the message. Gave me a smile. Whilst a troubled youth at writer's camp in the woods in early 1995, I wrote a poem about being called "lovely". No kidding. Well, 8:15, time for wallowing and laundry.
from zumzumzum18 :
hey allison!! you are the best roommate every. i'm so happy i met you, and i can't imagine living with any other person as happily as i've lived with you. you are too wonderful. i look up to you, so you better be a good role model. you know..we're totally bff. xoxoxoxoxo as ever, Suzy
from gokittygogo :
hi! yay, i noticed you added me to your favourite diaries. i put a password on mine today so incase you want to read it still, you can email me at [email protected] and i'll give it to you! xo, coco!
from zumzumzum18 :
Hi! i LOVE your diary! i feel like i know you! i am a huge fan! I can totally relate to ur feb 2nd entry...i wonder that all the time...and i always wonder if people care enough to wonder what i'm thinkin...if that makes sense! i love u tons!

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