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from frostopia :
goodness i was wondering if you'd ever come back.. hope things get better for you! we all miss you.
from kiki-blue :
oh it's so good to hear from you!! I've been thinking about you, wondering how you've been. I hope you can get more time on the computer soon. *hugs*
from redstarhelix :
we missed you so much. and happy to hear you're sort of ok. things will get better eventually.
from gnu-high :
I am so glad to see you got a chance to sneak on to the computer. I truly hope things get better for you. Maybe someday soon you'll be able to come back. :)
from nettykins :
Hooray for a snippet of Netfreedom..its really good to know ur still with us prefer to keep you on my buddylist if you dont only delete someone that really pissed me off ..anyway i hope ur keeping well and that u can get bak here soon.
from kaleid :
Righty-O! If you're ever in Brisbane, I'll not only let you play with the ratties, I will take you to the horse races. Deal?
from kaleid :
I'm sure the ratties would love having you here to play with them. If you're ever in Brisbane... :)
from luminaryssh :
heehee, thanks for doing my crappy survey. I should tell you about the mooing thing I do sometime. I moo too, I'll leave it at that for now;) you're wonderful*hugs*
from kaleid :
Lonhro is the beautiful black stallion. Such a stunning animal. Tip: to open a new window from a web page, hold down the shift key while clicking on a link. Voila! Easier than right-clicking? I think so. Let me know if you agree.
from luminaryssh :
I can help you come up with a template, if you like. I get the urges to make them, though I don't want to change my current one, so go figure that. I think it's probably worth giving up on the idea of H giving you a birthday card, it's not giving you any positive emotions worrying about it. *hugs*
from luminaryssh :
yay you updated lots:) *hugs*
from zadman66 :
Hmm... Maybe "shocking" wasn't the appropriate word. Does "overwhelming" work? I don't know, the whole tone of it sounds very strong.
from zadman66 :
Wow, it's great to see you've updated. Your latest entry is a wee bit shocking, I would say.
from luminaryssh :
oh, I forgot to say yes, as in Fortitude Valley. I seem to attract middle aged Asian men there. one followed me out of a sex store once, because he overheard me ask the lady who worked there about butt plugs. He followed me out to the bus stop, walked by about three times before working up the courage to say hello. he just about ran off after
from luminaryssh :
hey girlie girl, are you ok? I'll email you after I cook some dinner tonight. *hugs*
from planetqueen :
it would be lovely if you did email me, I would like us to be friends. If you are interested in knowing the whole me, you need to read my other diary called paganscream. It sort of explains a lot. Talk to you soon. Lots of love. xxxxx
from bluechicken :
i found you through the avon-blakes7 diaryring. it's a small one but it's neat to see people who love that man. yes, the studs in season four were very hot...not too sure about those custom-made red leather pants in the earlier episodes. must've been hot under set lights. heh. cheers.
from luminaryssh :
hey girlie, how are ya? *hugs*
from bluechicken :
kerr avon lives, right? oh and wild, "mamahen" left a note here for you - that's my friend adam. small, small diaryland world.
from moo-review :
Your review is now up at
from zadman66 :
Disturbing dream, huh? I don't tend to have many, but when I do, they aren't quite as intriguing as your own... It would be great if you could share them, should you experience more...
from luminaryssh :
Aww thanks:) Yes, those people are bastards! They couldn't see that I'd be the perfect tenant. Grr. Oh well, I have found another one or two places to look at, though not as perfect as that one, and a bit more expensive. Hopefully I'll have a place soon.
from planetqueen :
thank you for reading my diary. I've been reading some of yours, I can really identify with what you are writing, sadly, because I wish no-one else felt like I do. I'm really pleased I found your diary, its cool. I'm going to keep reading. Take care.
from luminaryssh :
hiya:) hope you're doing ok!
from quitenasty :
Thank you for the comment in the guestbook. Usually they are negative comments, but isn't that what the site is about? *evil grin* Not at all. I do hope you come back amd request some time. Apprehension is understandable.
from kaleid :
Agreed! That was foolish of me to insult ANY animal when I described her. I'll edit it straightaway. Happy Easter to you, too. :)
from loastfer9 :
hey thanks for taking my survey! your answers cracked me up:) i smiled for the first time today-much appreciation;)
from luminaryssh :
Oh, big big hugs. What a shit of a week. I'm here to listen to you, too.
from luminaryssh :
I just wanted to thank you again, for the notes and emails. I *will* get around to emailing you back, I promise! They mean a lot to me, I'm just....procrastinating a lot of stuff right now.
from gnu-high :
Well first of all, thanks for taking my little survey - I was pleasantly surprised to have someone I don't know take it. Secondly, just to compliment you on your writing/journaling - very heartfelt, and something I have been able to relate to on several levels.
from mamahen :
Thanks for taking my survey! If you enjoyed it, you might enjoy the first of the cranialdig surveys! (unless of course, that is, you've already taken it and I just don't realize it) And keep your eyes peeled for the inevidable CranialDig 3: The Last Crusade
from kaleid :
Cool! I read your profile and found we share a birthday. Well, we were both born on the 11th of a month (December for me), at least. Eleven has always been my favourite number. Apologies for my pointless babble.
from crepeguru :
Thanks for taking my survey on "surnames of singledom." Your answers were very thoughtful. You may be a little disappointed, but here's how things turned out:
from roxyelliot :
Thanks for taking my conversation survey! I love the idea of having a black hole in the house. :)
from luminaryssh :
Ooo so many Aussie-ish comments here..TAA! I remember them! I remember the "jingle bells/batman smells/robin flew away/wonder woman/lost her bosom/flying TAA" song, which confused my nephew. Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the notes you left in my diary:) I've just read all of yours, which I quite enjoyed. I'll add you to my list when I finish blathering on here. If you'd like me to be your first review victim, I'd love to. Being reviewed by an adult can make a difference:)
from kaleid :
Mmm, sandalwood! :) Apart from essential oils, there's only three scents that I truly adore: Shalimar, Miss Dior, and Chanel No.19. I should know by now floral scents smell horrid on me, but experimentation is fun!
from frostopia :
i like this. & i'm rather envious of your template so don't feel bad. ;) sadness is a sentiment i'm quite familiar with so i write about it a lot. but in the end nothing is all i really write about.
from kaleid :
Yes, I'm old enough (alas) to remember TAA :) I never flew with them though as my first flight was in 1990. While I've flown with Qantas around ~20 times since then, I flew with Ansett only once before their demise.
from dernhelm29 :
hi, found your diary linked from a friend's. great reading!
from kate-nz :
thanks for doing my survey! great answers! yep i've been to aussie lots! come back to read more...!
from kaleid :
nope. Myer in NSW is known as Grace Bros :) I once went into Myer Brisbane looking for something from their catalogue and was abruptly told catalogue items are only available via mail order. Go figure?! :P
from roklobster :
thanks for favin' me! hope i can entertain. *grin* i'll be readin' you in the next couple days... mwah ha ha! *wink*
from starpunx :
Hey there, thanx for joining the Vanilla-Coke diaryring. Take care, peace.
from maralisa :
Thanks for taking my lame little Internet survey, from another gummy bear fanatic xx
from gotmedown :
thanks for taking my survey. boing boing boing. ;)

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