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from dangerspouse :
It's now July of 2016. Aren't you over that cold YET? Get back here and post - I want to at least know how your kitty is doing!
from dangerspouse :
Wow, what a way to make a comeback! Your life sounds fascinating, I'm looking forward to reading more about it if you intend to keep blogging now. (And congrats on the nuptials!)
from candoor :
just a random hello... I related to your mention of Live Journal... I have two journals over there that I neglect... just not enough time is my excuse :)
from sduckie :
hope your day gets better!
from serapay :
you should email me a trillian user name, because i use it sometimes at work. we could talk sometime maybe.
from heidiann :
I know it's horrible but...I mean...I love hot dogs and SpaghettiO's and baby corn. I can't HELP that I kind of wonder what they would taste like combined!!
from alainabelle :
France is a beautiful country. Mon p�re was from Bondoufle, and that's why we moved here a few years ago. When I was younger we would visit France every summer, and I remember not being all too impressed with Paris. I thought that it was dirty and driven by tourists (which is still true), but I have come to love it over time. It feels like home to me now, though it took me a while. If you don't speak any French, Paris is the best place to visit (most people there speak English). However, if you do speak the language, I would not recommend going there for your first time in the country. Then again, even within Paris, there are many places you can go to get away from the greedy street performers and the vendors selling expensive bottled water to the over-thirsty Americans. It is a beautiful city, but not necessarily on the surface (at least that's my personal opinion). Many people would say the exact opposite - that it's the most wonderful city in the world, inside and out. But really, I think, as long as you're with someone you love and who loves you, you'll have the time of your life.
from alainabelle :
My ex was from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I've been down there a couple times with him to visit his parents...that's really close to Carrboro, isn't it? I remember we went to see his brother's band play at the Cat's Cradle, and while we were there we went to an exhibit at an art gallery of some was right next to where the show was. Is that around where you are, or am I way off? If it is...what a crazy small world!
from heidiann :
Thank you bunches!! And a great big "HEEEEEEEEE!!" to the fabulous insult to the evil Betsy.
from studiofreek :
I read that you edited and deleted some of your old entries. What do you think made you write so openely as apposed to now? Why do you want to leave the personal details out, is it because people you know read your diary?Thanks my notes section is under box
from sduckie :
thanks for your note, and congratulations on you and greg. I wish you health and happiness!
from science-girl :
CONGRATULATIONS on your engagement! That's awesome news! :-)
from science-girl :
I loved your old diary and now shall love the new.
from candoor :
following Heinlein links, I found myself here... intrigued and wondering why... 've known loss and loss of faith and exist in a constant state of anything's possible and maleability... I've never followed anybody or anything for long because I am a wanderer and happy to be me, though when I feel lonely I wish I knew someone who understood...

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