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from devilsdealer :
Hey pretty girl. I know life's getting all kinds of shitty in different ways for all of us, but I just wanted you to know I'm still keeping tabs... riding on your bumper along for the ride.
from saudades :
Want to leave you a note to tell you how much I like the diary. So I will. ^_^Regards.
from whaton :
I love your username.
from elephant72 :
nice design i like that baloon , have you started painting yet?
from devilsdealer :
You know that the second I've sent them off I'm going to regret it. Right now, they're just sitting pretty on my shelf. Book five is stuffed in a drawer as I'm still mad at it, but whatever.
from othelladub :
peter milligan is a pimp, truly. the audiobook of "on the road" is pretty spiffy, too!
from oneko :
re: clit. omb! that is *friggin* hilarious.
from planitclare :
I miss you, girl. I need some romance, too. Like a drug.
from wickedvirtue :
So, new Our Lady Peace, right? RAINE SAYS: <i>Jack Kerouac on the road And in my head I need relevance, intelligence A new tatoo and a lot more sex</i> And baby, I thought of you.
from planitclare :
It's very exciting for me. Because of selfish reasons, of course. :-)
from scoobydoozy :
Did you see Panic Room (same director as Fight Club)?
from petrichor :
One thing I know from reading dozens and dozens of diaries is that so many people are lonely, feel like they don't have real, close friends, and that they've lost something that was very good in their life. And its so strange, because so many people feel like this, everyone is going around with each other, feeling lonely and feeling like they have no close friends with the friends they have. And I bet that people are friends with people and that both feel that way. And in all of these friendships in the world, so many miss something or something is holding it back, but it doesn't seem like anyone really knows.
from livlee :
i love the way you write, it's amazing! if you get the chance, i'd love it if you could check out my diary and let me know what you think :) thanks! love liv xo
from boyrepellant :
i just discovered this journal--beautiful design and words. please let me know what you think of my site, maybe over AIM?

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