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from sweetresent :
You had a whirl-wind romance, about the same time that I started up one. I'm "hanging out" with a guy who I at first had a crush on I suppose. We aren't officially dating, because he's not the one. I know he's not, and just when I feel like I can get on without him, I feel lonely and being with him is better than nothing. Is that horrible? In some ways it is I guess, but I think he's just using me to keep from being lonely too, and for some reason that's enough to make it okay for me. It took me forever to respond to your recent entries, and for that I apologize. Your description about the guy that you moved in with just sort of reminded me of the guy I'm seeing. I'm spending so much time with this guy that I don't have time to meet someone that I truly do see a real future with, or actually really want to be with. I think I'm not healed enough from my ex to really give it another chance with a new guy... I could have simply said, "I feel your pain". But what would be the fun in that?
from sweetresent :
My name is Asia, and I'm a Note-junkie. I don't know, I get moved by what is said and have to leave a comment. I'm currently in treatment. ;) And of course I'm an avid fan! You're diary is divine!
from sweetresent :
I read the "Joe" entry. Wow. I have tears in my eyes. The greatest love of my life to date is named Joe. So that touched home. And your account was so honest and just so pure. I am just in awe. Taken aback. I absolutely love your words and sincerity. And I have a theory about male names that begin with "J". They're shaped like hooks so they hook you... But I'm extremely biased, pay me no mind.
from sweetresent :
"That’s the best kind of ex-boyfriend—the one that you can still consider your friend and that you don’t remember why you broke up." I agree wholeheartedly. Haha. You made me want to re-hash all my past loves. I hope things are well. Take Care.
from sweetresent :
And HAPPY NEW YEAR! Ha. I hope you have a beautiful one.
from sweetresent :
Wow. That was well-stated, to say the least. I mean that in an entirely positive way. It was to the point, punctual, assertive, and I felt the emotion, sincerity, and was refreshed by the honesty. I can't say anything bad about it. The gal recieving the note however will probably not be dancing a jig, but ya know. ;) More than anything this had to do with the history between two friends. I always find it heartbreaking when a friendship ends, it saddens me deeply when I lose a friend. Probably because we get to choose our friends (well sometimes they choose you, and circumstances toss you together, but you know), and from all the entries I've read by you, you love and adore those you call friend deeply. Your heart is written in each word you care to type on here, so I know that to end this friendship must be a very big deal. That fact shows in that you needed closure and to express yourself this way at all. I have a confession... I, too, have written a "Dear John" letter of sorts to some of those that I've had scruples with, so I feel your pain, and can understand the reasoning for wanting feedback. It's difficult to do. Sigh... I'm rambling. All this to say, good show. Someone that negative and unsupportive needs to no longer be in your life. That's just a positive step. Oh and btw, you kick major... well in case children are present I'll just say "bum". ;)
from sweetresent :
I just LOVE your qoutes... had to add that.
from sweetresent :
I agree wholeheartedly with today's.
from sweetresent :
Love the Eleanor Roosevelt qoute, I needed to hear that last week, and let it run through my head repeatedly again and again so that I don't forget it. Now, about porn star guy. I'm still laughing hard. Oh geez, men are the most insane creatures. I keep finding myself looking at them lately with a "Huh? How do we even exist on the same planet?" expression... maybe that feeling will fade, but I'm entirely skeptical.
from sweetresent :
"I danced with strange men that thought they had a shot. I took home a guy that normally wouldn't have a shot, but I figured what happens in the twilight zone stays there." I laughed so hard when I read this! So funny. That's some good writing... lol
from queenoftart :
Thanx for the messages (even though haloscan ate them) I would gladly write the book but I must confess my real knowledge is truly limited. The Others was a great movie but... I cant recall any one moment that had me jumpin'
from sweetresent :
Oh I was so touched by your note! I perused your diary and was even more touched. You're amazing as well! Even more so! Thank you. You're definitely a new and welcome favorite.
from reynedecoupe :
OK, I'm hooked. I know what I like, and I like this :)
from tracedsmile :
haha, planet-maxx says it quite roughly. call him by his name I would say =D (I mean, like his first name) or are you one of those terrible affraid to tell anyone your true name for a start? >_<
from planet-maxx :
So is that calling him "your man" is just weird, or was that just a statement "your man is just weird" ??? Either way I would have thought that calling him "your man" or "your guy" would have been the most obvious choice. Otherwise you get into calling him names like "your snugglebunny", or "your pooky" (see garfield). The only other real option is get the git to ask you to marry him, problem solved.

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