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from theperson :
the loretta lux photos were incredibly amazing. thanks for that.
from longitude :
the hedgehog is adorable.
from longitude :
the clouds were amazing here, today, too.
from longitude :
oh my god. i just went to your website. i must have one of your CAN creatures. i love the little orange one with the blue eyes. is he available? so fantastic. please let me know! my email: [email protected]
from longitude :
japan sounds like such an interesting place to visit. i hope you have a good time there. do you make toys/dolls? i used to, but not anymore. be sure to take lots of photographs!
from longitude :
i like the photo on your diary. and are you moving to japan?
from theperson :
you should get a theremin.
from kittyleopard :
Awesome diary, you. You rock my socks.
from letterpress :
hi paperobot, this is your brother. i was checking out your site and it is pretty entertaining. i had to sign up to post a message here so now i have a diaryland of my own. talk to you later.
from groundhogday :
Can you watch my house from Oct 5-10? I will be out of town.
from indie-snob :
Hello there! I just had the very rare opportunity to see the fantastic M�m live the other night, and thought you may be interested in reading my review. I have a bunch of others here too. Check it out, thanks!
from barista-jen :
Hello Julie, it's Jen. I started up at Diaryland and thought that I would let you know. I am at barista-jen. I will call you tonight to see what you are doing.
from andatacappio :
hey it's D i am in pesaro (Italy),it's hot at the moment, with a few minutes to kill and i don't think that Sara, Emily, or Tim have an e-mail account and i don't know yours but remembered that you had this website, so i thought to say hi... i am returning through LAX soon and then going back to San Diego in about a week. well just bein bored talk to you soon ciao
from vesselland :
well, well .. excellent! guess you hear that often but i really like your diary. think i will step by from time to time..
from dont-stop :
Is that a real purse or is it supposed to be artwork?
from muggles263 :
hey I love the site. when were you going to let me in on this little project of yours? well I got to get back to doing a whole lot of nothing. miss ya much, hopefully see ya soon. -john
from tir-na-nog :
I rarely leave 'oh my god you're diary is excellent' notes.. but hey.. there's always an exception. ouch bout the arm- but god its good to see someone's wrist all cut up by not self inflicted means (if you know what I mean)
from lecar :
yo dude! i just wanted to saw yo and that i love your strawberry monster and of course the the WEINERDOGS COVERED IN CONDIMENTS AND BUNS! you know they want to wear sweaters with "W"'s on then when it's cold out! it's totally snowing in sweden, it's cold but radical. i just shit my pants and got totally disoriented at marimekko! i almost glued myself to the floor! talk to you soon! xo molly

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