paroxysmal occurrences

i make things (mostly stuffed monsters and clothing), i possess awfully small hands and huge eyes which is baffling. I always have cuts and scrapes on my hands from freak accidents. I prefer the company of cats and other petite animals, people are okay too. I am always scrutinizing whatever environment is around me. I like new places and new people with stories to have interesting conversations with. I enjoy open desolate spaces in the wilderness but also thrive on crowed streets and activity. I tote around my computer like a little baby, therefore i am a computer nerd (and i am okay with that).

My favorite diaries:

n-linear profile - diary
comments: this fella is good
lecar profile - diary
comments: miss curtin
sushibandit profile - diary
comments: she likes squid and warfare
vesselland profile - diary
dungeon profile - diary
paduk profile - diary
letterpress profile - diary
comments: this is my brother. he is a wonderful human being. and inspirational
lapushka profile - diary
comments: my baby bunny
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comments: so good
whatidid2day profile - diary
comments: boring as hell
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My favorite music:

comments: = yum
comments: brilliant
johanna newsome
comments: such a lovely girl
the books
comments: "you have no mother or father"
comments: yum casiotones...

My favorite movies:

battle royal
lost in translation

My favorite authors:

kurt vonnegut
hunter s. thompson
chuck palahniuk

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