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from lostasyou :
Putting you on my buddy list :)
from mr-thang :
Nothing beats diaryland coz we dont have banners and stuff like that.I hope u stay
from mr-thang :
hey pinay ka rite?pare tayo half pinoy and half american?do you understand tagalog
from kensuke :
I just realized that no one in your buddy list updates that much anymore...I should update mine more too, huh? or you could switch to livejournal >_>...(wait- don't, it's evil).
from chibi-lily :
Hi! Glad to see you like j-pop too. Teen Tians's a cool show too (-wonders if they're even showing new episodes, or even still showing it, period-) I'm not old enough to get a driver liscense yet, or a learner's permit for that matter. I'm still 14, but as soon as I turn 17, I'm determined to get one. =D (Though my dad won't let me drive until I'm 21! Eeek! ;_;) When you think about it, that's only 3 years apart. Not much of a difference if you ask me. I mean I don't think most people mature that fast. Anyway, lots of love to ya..
from kensuke :
I still read you! Well, I didn't fully read those emails, cause, well..I'm supposed to be working on a math project thats worth a little more than 6% of my grade but yeah...YOU'RE EFFORTS ARE NOT FOR NOTHING! YOU DO HAVE A STALKER! MUAHAHAHAHA! a real *stalker*, but one of the online, friendly ones! ^_^ (ps- I'm hyper!)
from kensuke :
eeps...I feel like I'm spamming your notes page >_< Well, even though I don't neccessarily believe in any Gods, I believe that you should be asking Him for a good change- not the way things were. You kind of have to let go here. You're might end up having to do a comfertation (bad spelling >_<) with some of your friends, but afterwards, things will be resolved. Either, you're still friends, or well, they didn't want to be yours. I dunno if this helped or not, but you can always email me (as an alternative to posting somethingon diaryland) if you need to tell some one something. Now, look at this! Enjoy, and smile :D
from kensuke :
You're alive! yay ^^ Yeay, well, life has been the shinitz for me too. Try to suicide attempts by seperate friends in one week. Then homework...and clubs...and all kind of just ends up being BAH. Yes. But we must get through! The tears will disolve into the air, and we can go on living as much as our heart believes! Remember that ^^
from kensuke :
*pokes* are you still alive? *pokes more* Yay for J-pop!
from poul :
on behalf of nastenka, welcome to nerdsarehot ring. you will fit :)
from shisa :
Oh yeah -- I forgot to add this. I'm 17, on the edge of being a senior, and I still don't have my permit. XD
from shisa :
Waaaaaaah. Mezasei Pocket Monster is the 1st song on my playlist of well over 1000, and Mezasei Pocket Monster '98 is 1000. Those songs have always been special to me (My playlist is organized chronologically). ^_^ Thanks for leaving me a note! If you want, I'll make you a layout o.o I need something to do... if you have AIM, my name is 'Chaos Seahorse'
from shisa :
FFVII! ^_^ I remember when I was incredibly obsessed with that game. It rocked. There should be a save point before you bounce down those step thingies to fight Jenova..I think..been awhile since I played. But you're almost done! (The final battle has the best music in the history of video games, in my opinion - One Winged Angel!!)
from shisa :
I like your diary but the red hurts my eyes. x.x ::has massive trouble reading::
from shisa :
Woohooo! Another Yu-Gi-Oh fan for me to bother XD You were born on Halloween, and I on Samhain (Nov. 1) - yay. o.o;;

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