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Changed the name of this ol' thing again. "Average Used-to-be Teenage" etc. was too long and awkward. Not to mention this one probably fits what's written in here better. Bah.

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Ashi. Halloween baby. Stuck in that emotional limbo you call the 20-somethings. Filipina, born in NY, USA, lived most of life in the Sunshine State. Post-grad, double-majored in communication and writing, has been watching TV for a living for two years, fun times. Loser, nerd, hikkikomori, poser literary writing snob, somehow a firespinner -- my one claim to coolness -- and so on. Quite likely experiencing a quiet quarter-life crisis. We'll see how I come out of that. Or something. Blah blah blah.

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"Dag yo, face-head."

My favorite diaries:

My favorite music:

Aikawa Nanase
comments: My fave J-popper. She sang the op. themes for Inu-yasha ("Owarinai Yume") and Zoids Shinseiki/Zero ("NO FUTURE"). She's got a very unique, almost cute voice that works with her rock style. Definitely give her music a try.
comments: To me, they're evidence that Christianity can be cool and contemporary, and I admire that about their music and lyrics. Plus, the lead's voice is lovely in an edgy sort of way.
comments: Favorite J-rock band, and not just because they wear glasses. Their songs have a nice, melodic feel to them, even in their faster songs.
Puffy (AmiYumi)
comments: The cutest band ever! They've got mad crazy songs, and they're just a lot of fun.
comments: Lol emo band I think? But I like their lyrics quite a bit, and I can find some truth in them. I guess.

My favorite movies:

"Where the Heart Is"
comments: Natalie Portman's my fave actress. She did a great job in this movie. It's funny I've never watched her "Star Wars" movies...
comments: Any movie with Ben Stiller is awesome. He's such a funny guy. But this is probably one of my faves. Nii-kun and I are constantly quoting it.
"Garden State"
comments: HA! Now I can count it as one of my fave movies. Oh man, wow. Amazing. Zach Braff is so freaking talented, and Natalie Portman was awesome. Definitely lived up to my--overzealous--expectations!
Pokemon movies
comments: Yeah, laugh. I love Pokemon, and I love the Pokemon movies. I'm going to watch every single one of them, no matter how many Japan decides to pop out.
"Mystery Men"
comments: Good times. Good times, indeed.

My favorite authors:

Anton Chekov
comments: I find it interesting that he can tell so much in his stories without too much action going on. I'm a sucker for the emotional, internal conflicts in stories.
Paulo Coelho
comments: I've heard a lot that he's not that great a writer despite having written a number of books and selling well, but I find his simplistic storytelling thoughtful and poignant.
Christopher Paolini
comments: Is also supposedly a very bad writer, but whatever. The Inheritance Cycle is entertaining to read, at least. I don't read much fantasy anyway.
Amy Tan
comments: She has a unique way of story-telling. I really liked "The Joy Luck Club" and "The One-Hundred Secret Senses."
Cynthia Voigt
comments: "Homecoming" was the first of her books I read, and since then I've loved her fiction. My fave of her books are "Sons from Afar" and "Wings of a Falcon."

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