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from m0nique :
Hi, you ever going to reply to me ?. did i menchion that i am working at sitel with Mat and tracey ?.
from m0nique :
Hi. sony image station hosts pic's for free thats what i use
from m0nique :
cool horses !
from m0nique :
Starbucks ?. What do you expect!, its a tenny-boper haven . Taken to go to Metro way too much , (they get confused if i dont order my usal mocha) . But keep running into lectures there - not good. Need some where non tenny- boper or old fogie for us huh?
from walrusguide :
You're listed :)
from m0nique :
Sorry to hear about your Grandad. I realy should call mine some time ...Oh and BTW , EAT SOMETHING !!!. NOW.
from m0nique :
Hi. Sorry to hear about Angela�s father. Din't say much in the email. Just ' touching base '. Oh and that Matt and Pieter work on the same floor ! ' bumped ' into him the other day. Pieter introduced me as his girlfreind - latter he asked Pieter what happend to Brendan. If you have been reading my diary you will have know the Jamie ( remeber him for C.H ? )/Bekka Saga. Well , he was asking if i had talked to her if felt realy bad haveing to tell him but nicely as possible said she with this guy Don now , might be best to move on - your better off. He was like you sure ? Don ?. But he's Married !. OMG. I don't know some people seem to like makeing messes of there lives. Can't Belive i have only have 6 weeks of classes left to go. Finaly !. Alison and Forj have finaly moved out of the flat. Byron ( My brother ) is still coasting along. Looks awfull. Things are all good with Pieter. Thats about all the goss at the moment. What you been up too ?
from m0nique :
Did you get my email ?.
from m0nique :
Hello !, Sorry its been a while. Couldnt make it to your 21st , had to work. How it going ?. Who of the H town group went ?. Email me.
from sherryn :
The story you told about the most recent New Years is NOT quite how I remember it being... although it does seem vaguely similar...? Am I permitted to elaborate? Your mummy would be so proud...
from m0nique :
* Jumps up and down like a five year old * can i please tell storys about you in 1st year uni ?!. hum... but which ... this one time after 3 cans of V and and 6 tequila shots Ruth ...No wait ...this one time when the waikato boys rugby team were haveing there fundrasier at the pav bar...or the Alimo bar tables...Please ...wait mabey not.
from m0nique :
not sure if you still read my diary. bit of news there if you havent been.
from st0rytime :
Glad to see you found out all about it even though I couldn't video it for you. And I thought Felix is/was a Russian name originally? That's my understanding anyway. Looks like you'll have to fork out for a Gold/Super-Gold membership yourself this time :)
from shi-ou-sama :
we dont get to see the nano?
from godsong :
May I ask a question? You seem to be well acquainted with the Bible, yet you have mentioned several times your contempt for those who call themselves Christian. I am truly interested in understanding that. So, maybe not specifically a question, but I'd like to know more about you...sincerely...
from godsong :
If what you propose is true, that those who have not heard of Jesus will be going to hell, then it is so much more important that what is stated, as a command, be followed by Christians who do have access to and read the Bible: "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." Matthew 28:19. WE need to share the truth that we know with all we come in contact with through our words and actions. God bless!
from catz-eyes :
hi phyntosia :) just wanted to say thank you for leaving the comments behind on june12. it was kind of you to stop and take the time to express yourself. had to chuckle at the *ouch* remark... yeah, i guess i may have sounded a tad severe. anyway cherub, my thanks to you. be well and happy. kind regards, jay =^..^=
from godsong :
Hi there - I clicked on your banner, thought you raised some interesting points...I'd be willing to chat with you about some of the things you've raised. (not debate...just chat) Please feel free to check out my diary if you'd like. Looking forward to hearing from you - God bless!
from m0nique :
Come back to Hamilton!. Please. We miss you.
from phyntosia :
Check it out, dude! I can note myself... how cool is that *giggles blondely*
from m0nique :
Happy birthday !. So your not a teen anymore !. Odd isnt it ?.
from m0nique :
Hay girl, Thanks for that.
from starlight42 :
clicked on your banner...interesting theory. I think it's probably true to some extent. Good luck!!
from gumphood :
That Big Fat Fiances Show is based on this principle. There is a contest. The woman must get her family to accept this man as a memeber of their family in a matter of 3 days, and if she does she wins a million dollars. The family doesn't know this. The financee is an actor, who the bride doesn't know. She thinks he's just a random guy. He wins a million dollars if he can convince her family to cancel the wedding. The camera's roll, and reality TV goes forward.
from m0nique :
Gosh what a losser.
from avron :
Go for 60,000, it won't do you any harm right? Btw, you're very justified in feeling good about finishing (almost), I've been thinking about joining next year and have no idea if I'd even get halfway. Congratulations.
from emeraldfae :
Well, as a non-christian I would like to extend my loving support to you. It's hard sometimes, especially when everyone around you is christian, but you've just got to stick to who you are. Blessed Be, Lacey
from m0nique :
Hay Girl, can i please have a password ? thanks .
from st0rytime :
btw cool for you for getting your licence!! I'm so jealous ;D *hug*
from junipersday :
love love love your banner ad!!! absolutely great!
from minstrelite :
Sorry - I have to leave. The project is complete now. It had nothing to do with your objections - this decision was made last night after my church service. My mother is dying, I was the victim of an identity theft, I'm grossly overworked (although I enjoy my work) and they put me on powerful anti-anxiety meds that I'm starting to get addicted to. There's no time for DiaryLand. Thanks for stopping by, and may life hold what's best for you. You seem like a pretty happy person.
from minstrelite :
That's a very good question. I'll be honest with you. I'm a Christian with a lot of problems. On August 15th, I believed that the Lord wanted me to get up early, search the Scriptures carefully, and write the results of my search in a DiaryLand entry. As my profile indicates, the entries were intended for unbelievers as well as for believers. Although I didn't intend to "water down" the Gospel, I find that I have done so. Last night, I was convicted that I should drop the DiaryLand project. Thank you for your note. There will be no further entries. May God bless you, and enjoy the day.
from m0nique :
This entry is a little worrying girl . People do care . Look at all the people in that list . And you didnt menchion your family .
from taliarant :
09/16/03 Phew! You had me worried for a few minutes there with the latest entry! I was terribly concerned something horrible had happened to you. Glad to see you made it home safely (right???) and that you'll be sensible in the future...
from m0nique :
Aww. Thanks for that girl . Im acctualy mainly doing it to suport Brendan with his. He is about 15kgs more than when you last would have seen him . You so cant tell i ever told you that. He was like '' My grandma just patted my stomach and told be she better not bake me any more cookies , this is bad , thats it Im going on a diet ''.Comming from a very sporting family ( his step dad plays hockey for NZ , his mum used to ) they notice .Oh and congrats about passing your moto bike test .
from joe-john :
Hi. Thanks for your note, and sorry it took me so long to reply. I was in England and then my friend's cabin. I'm glad you liked me breast-implants thing - it certainly seems to have gone over well with the ladies here at Diaryland! Thanks again!
from ktdream :
Don't you hate it when guestbook won't let you sign? Anyway I was feeling that way about reviews for awhile. It's quite empowering to write about that though. I still can't wait for the last 4 or so pending. You're welcome for the email.. Is my address not working though? Okay yay, you've finally thanked me about the review. Glad to see that! =) I always try to be really in depth and nice.
from m0nique :
Hi , Hay has your password for private entrys changed ?. What you think about my new template ? Im not sure about the curser trails . Hope all is going ok .
from comfort-me :
my pleasure darl....hope you dont mind that i wandered in and took a little look around your diary *blushing*....but it was a good read. like alot of your views and also enjoyed leaving with a good giggle under my belt. lifes too short to not smile at ourselves and our surroundings every now and again. dont know how the heck you were getting hits from my diary when its really only been up and running for a few days - very cool tho, enjoy! catch you around sometime....little miss
from diary-viewer :
Your review is complete! Check the site!
from bluntviews :
Your review is up at blunt views (well done!)
from m0nique :
Hello . Hay would you mind telling me how you set up that little quote section in the left hand corner .Ie: The bit that that was about your manager . Thanks .
from imperfectlyy :
I see you requested me at Diary-viewer. I haven't been assigned to you for sure yet, but I'm sure I'll get you. I was just looking through your diary a little since I have nothing better to do and I read your "I" page. That's a great way of thinking, but in *most* cases, people do capitalize "he" when referring to God. Also, "he" is meant to describe the gender that a person is, right? He, she, blah blah, the only reason you use that particular word is so that you know if it's male or female. Just because God is "above us", that doesn't mean that he should have his gender discription capitalized. He's a male (supposedly) they call him a "he". No need to capitalize that. You've got all the time in the world to capitalize "God" there you go. Just capitalize his name, there's no sense in capitalizing every pronoun in the sentence. A name is just fine, and I think that's pretty much why everyone else sees it that way.
from liquid-mojo :
Ugh, maybe when I finish school I'll branch off with my own review site. Until then I'm content with letting somone else "run the show". =p I can't help you much in finding a good guy, but I think I may immenently qualify for the "not-so-good-guy" category... ;)
from raresilk :
Also, I don't think Victorianna let you know...but you can join the Ruby Ring as well. There are also other rings you may wish to join...
from sweetreviews :
Hi there..just wanted to let you know that I'll be completing your review soon...don't worry about not updating or anything in May. That's not scored, and I'm glad! Just a heads-up for you. Leslie :)
from m0nique :
Nohr . Thats sweet , miss you too . Hehe i was kinda bolshy wasnt i ?.
from larvamachine :
Re: My Little Fonts. I downloaded a font maker program. It took me a year to make the font, mostly because I forgot about it for 10 months. Heh.
from ktdream :
Ahh the guestbook didnt let me sign! Well just wanted to say it was sweeet of you to say you missed my updates. Thanks! I have a lot more to write but can't at the moment because I want to do reviews.. been so busy ! Well hope you're doing well.
from victorianna :
Thanks for signing my book. Don't get me wrong, you write very very well. And you still deserved a high score. We both just have different writing ways, and that's ok, there's nothing wrong with it at all. We're just different. If we were all the same this would be a dull world. lol. Take care! Blessed Be!
from raresilk :
Just wanted to let you know that your review is ready at Rare Silk. Blessed Be!! ~Victorianna~
from leslieirene :
Hey there...thanks...I got that from Tears For Fears's "Memories Fade" from their album "The Hurting". :)
from leonmcphelps :
Thank you. I am glad you liked it. I would like to spend more time on the banners to.
from m0nique :
you seem to have fogot bake in Collage hall for a year or so , add mates . Add sugar . To counteract sarcasum . I think i may have to write one my self . Humm must stop pinching ideas off you . ANYWAYS Talk to me !.
from iluvtunes :
Dawn of the Dead is a movie.
from m0nique :
Hello there ! Hows it going ?. Did the banner get threw ? . Im curious . Hows being engaged ?. What you think of my new template ?. Anyways , havent hurd from you in a while . Monique
from margymae :
About your latest entry. It's a little disingenous when you consider that straight people (and white people and male people) are still the ones with all the power. As a straight person, you are most likely not discriminated against for your sexual preference while most gay people are discriminated for exactly that. Gay people are oppressed as a group, just as women and black people are. So they want to demand respect and their rights as a group. I think that makes sense. As for your "Straight and proud" banner; I can't imagine it would offend anyone, nor that it would not be approved. The concept of 'reverse discrimination' is just not a sound one. You probably think feminism is a relic of the past, too.
from hunurevu :
Your review is finished!
from myhorizons :
You have one of the most coolest banners I have ever seen. It was the one about the head lice.
from m0nique :
...Congradulations ? . Bit lost for words on this one girl .I guess its all good .Hope you get a nice ring , you going for the traditional dimond and gold ? . And tell me a bit about this matty .
from adventuredog :
In gratitude for your donation and your note on my journal, I was going to take your survey and leave you a note. But your's just. Too. Fucking. Hard! Thanks! Signed sincerely - Fuckhead.
from moon-rose :
Sweetie, I can't take your survey! It would take as long as one of my entries! I updated my profile for you. Shouldn't you do the same now? *raises eyebrow* And why does your list of favorite entries only say "RL friend" about me, huh? *sticks out tongue* A bientot.
from compendious :
Your review is up at Compendious Reviews. Congrats! It was a pleasure to review your journal.
from m0nique :
Feel silly now . So not like me to put up with people like that . Should have just told Chris to grow up . Thing is i've been emailing her since some time when we lived in c.h and she has turners syndrome too . Its very hard to find people my age with it to talk to as its so rare . So i guess thats why i bother to put up with the tempermental american . Lol, the convosation sounds like one between a couple . Yay just talked to Byron , He got into wintech !!!!
from m0nique :
Hay girl . If you need to talk . Please call or email . Do you have my home number ? .
from m0nique :
password please .
from moon-rose :
What happened?! What happened?! What happened?!OK, this is pointless. I'll try to get hold of you in real life. I wish I saw you more often... Anyway, I love you lots, even when I don't know what you get up to.
from m0nique :
Oh dear . Hang in there girl . It could be worse .
from m0nique :
Hay girl . Got your stuff from alkys . Intersting , my best mate just moved to the SI too.
from moon-rose :
Ruth, of course you're different. You're an individual, just like everybody else. Old jokes aside tho, there's nothing especially wrong with you. You have your own personality and if people can't handle that, that's their problem. In fact, any "bad" traits that you have are, in fact, incredibly common defense mechanisms that people use to protect themselves from hurt. The only way that I can see to avoid it is to not let your guard down around people who shouldn't be trusted not to say mean things about you. I think that it's probably harder to keep your heart soft than to avoid having it broken. Anyway, that's just a few random thoughts. I love you sweetie, warts and all.
from m0nique :
Yeah . I decided on sick too . Have NO idea why i bothered to post it .
from thebluelotus :
Hey there - I clicked on one of your banners and thought I'd read a bit :) I was reading your entry on hatred and thought I'd recommend the book "The Four Agreements" - I think you would get a LOT out of this spiritual book - it really is inspiring, and if you have people dumping a lot of expectations on you, and misunderstanding you, this book will help you recenter and focus on yourself, not on the expectations and judgments of others. Check it out! :)
from ursaminor2 :
gees sounds like you had a crappy couple of days. I was bored and killing time. I hope you are doing better. Sounds like you need a new job.
from m0nique :
Bravo.* SMILES * . Dont worry girl we all have those comments that stay with us . They were only ment at that particular moment . Hows it going anyways?
from m0nique :
Well said . Well said .
from samedi :
Hm. If you don't mind me asking, what part of Russia was it that your family lived in? For Alsace, it's a smallish region between France and Germany .. right now it's French, but the people there speak a really old dialect of German. My grandfather was a 2nd or 3rd generation American but still spoke Alsatian as a native language - in fact, when he acquired Alzheimer's he lost all the English he had learned. Unfortunately he died before I was born though, so I didn't get the chance to learn any of the language. Oh, also -- if you aren't Russian at all, what prompted your family to move there??
from samedi :
Hello again! Although my mother's side of the family immigrated to the U.S. from Ukraine, I'm actually Alsatian. Some of my entries do have Russian names (as well as French and Korean), but I don't have a Cyrillic converter either, so it may be some of the French accents that aren't showing up on your borrowed computer? And now it's my turn to ask -- are you Russian?
from samedi :
I just found your diary and wanted to say "3dp�cte!" .. I hope things are going well for you and that you manage to get your computer fixed soon. tchao! - pasha
from m0nique :
Sure . Thought he stoped bitching about that .
from m0nique :
Hello , Dint want to menchion seeing Mat and Paul in town for fear of rub salt in old wounds. But you are obviously thinking about him .So... It was last friday , dint get to chat for long . They were both walking with a group down vitoria street . Hum wish i hadnt bothered . This isnt very helpfull .
from moon-rose :
I don't know how conciously I've thought about it before, but yeah, I agree that it's not only about "believing in God". That's part of what sometimes has me a bit off balance when talking about all this. It's such a huge change in your life that I can't even imagine it, if I'm being honest about it. Becoming a Christian is life changing, but it works the other way around too. I wish that you could share the thing that makes my life worth living, but since you've chosen to exercise your free will and ability to choose, all I can really do is watch and let you live your own life your own way. And even if I'm no subtitute for God, remember that I still love you anyway. The Evanesque cd sounds cool. Anyway, je te donne aux bras de Dieu.
from m0nique :
wow . Scary stuff . But i gess that they had to know that christians a a very small minority on the world scale . Not every one belives . So they must have consisdered the posiblity that you would realise thats it propbably isnt all true . Or not ... they were as you said mishonarys .
from neverbelost :
Hey, thanks for the note :) It is quite a predicament I've dug myself into. I only read your last entry, but I completely agree with you. Of course it helps that I'm atheist.. People should learn to take responsibility for their own actions.. After all, how many serial killers claimed god told them to do it? Anyway, thanks for the advice! I enjoy your diary, you're a smart one.
from mrlustypants :
No one should take offense to your reflections about God talking. And so what if anyone does?! You're just being honest. I remember during a class session in seminary one of the students was going on that God and said such and such and had told him this and that. The professor interrupted him and said, "Look Glenn. The rest of us have no way of verifying what, if anything, God says to you. God told you so? Who can argue with that? Are we simply supposed to accept it as truth becuase you say God told you so?! For you to say such things is of no use to us. Therefore, don't ever mention in this class again that God spoke to you." I think you are right on target that people use God talking as an excuse for their actions or inactions, rather than taking responsibility and accountability themselves. Further, it is presumptuous and potentially blasphemous to make such a claim, and it certainly smacks of gnosticism.
from shrty16 :
hey i was just adding an entry and saw ur diary. i thought that it looked cool. well i just wanted to tell you that k bye! ~* AnGeL *~
from quitenasty :
Your review is up.
from sherryn :
hey ruth, i dont believe how dense matt is!! at least theres not doubt that hes a guy!
from solstice36 :
hi, i'm thinking of starting an open diary for people to share poetry, songs, stories and experiences about abuse and rape. i'm leaving notes for all the members of my abused and raped rings to see if there is enough interest to start the diary. if i get at least thirty people to agree to contribute i will create the diary. if you're interested and would like to contribute please let me know by emailing me at [email protected]. thanks :-)
from nzforestguy :
Damn guestbook wont let me sign again so soon, i hate that new feature, and think it sucks. Anyways yup i did 99% percent of my design, i had a bit of trouble with the image slice, to make it all go together, but the image map is pretty simple actually, just paly around with the programme you have and should be all sweet. Anyways hope your night is going ok, i'm off to bed, i think i should get some sleep.
from solstice36 :
thanks for joining the abused ring
from anonymous666 :
mmm. Please do. I need something to look forward too. You're right though, Life does get better-->just not for me. But I shall reserve my lamentations for my diary.
from paradigms :
Thank you for the comment. You made me feel so much better!!!!!
from beangeled :
heya i found your diary through the entry of devallyk and i really liked it :). You have a REALLY funny but thoughtful style to write and i have read only a few entrys so far, but i plan to check back for sure so keep writing please!i especially like the entry ♦ Mostly about, well, underwear that's pretty cool one ;) love beangeled
from dumbkaren :
from dudemanflab :
Hey, well, i found you b/c i clicked on Keith green on the fave bands, and, after careful analysis of your diary, i have found you to be an interesting girl. I don't know how often you update your diary, but drop me a line sometime. talkatcha later. p
from moonwalkmeg :

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