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Sorry mommylap. We never check the notes. As a matter of fact we are no longer updating the diary page. The new website will have a diary included so this will be kind of pointless. We currently have a section to post messages on our website that I do check (although even the website hasn't been updated either). And a daily post from me? My life is not nearly that interesting enough to post a daily message. John
from mommylap :
You guys are completely blowing the chance to wittily document the recording of this full-length release. You could be posting fake fights and creating all kinds of drama, or just being silly- but no. How about a daily post by John? Really. Just anything-
from how-odd :
oh good lord, i just visited your site & was blessed with the musical goodness of "angels don't write things down". i think this is my new favourite song. if i had money, i would buy both of your EPs. i wish you all the best of luck. -Nic
from darkfairy13 :
I hope the best for ya guys :-*
from indie-snob :
Hi there! I just added a review of Radiohead's new album "Hail to the Thief" and thought you may be interested in reading it. I have a bunch of other concert and album reviews here, too. Check it out, thanks!
from darkfairy13 :
Awsome diary, I live in Brooklyn too. ^_^
from scanzilla :
Oh my god, I love unicorns so much! I love Jesus and Unicorns and rock & roll!!
from pollymoog :
Brooklyn. Horseshit, hell yeah.
from evil-edna :
I know I'm behind the times, but congrats on the birth of your latest fan :-)
from evil-edna :
In case you're wondering about getting hits from my diary page, I changed the link on the Mrs. Disco design credit to take people here instead of the now defunct Earthbound Disco Ball. I'm now off to search through your dustbins.
from tenderpoison :
Just kidding. If you need a groupie anytime, I'm available. And I'll even talk proper-like english. I'll be a high class groupie. Keep on rockin'.
from tenderpoison :
omg im like in LOVE with bonezie (cuz hes singul rite??) lolol sumday i hop i can mary him!!!!!!!! lol
from tones :
dame you evil edna, damn yewwwwwww. hi douglas and company. don't mess up my layout or i'll beat your punk asses down.
from evil-edna :
Weeeeeeeee........I'm first to sign the notes! See, see????? I'd make a great official stalker....

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