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from arletterocks :
I didn't know you wished on things.
from xlistentomex :
u intrigue me..that dusnt happen often
from punkispink03 :
Hey you seem cool
from rossygirl :
wow. huh.
from punkdork77 :
Why yes, you may.
from rossygirl :
nice wound... can i lick it? (evil grin)
from his-holiness :
Yeah, I've ended up with various injuries. Strange elbow contusions. A couple of nice reminders on the forehead (one from attempting to sleep under a couch, and dropping it on myself while I was trying to adjust it, the other from using the toilet-seat ring as head support whilst I vomited for a couple of glorious hours). I still haven't beat up Tim though. Not that the thought hasn't crossed my mind.
from his-holiness :
Hey Owen, how do you get a Nun pregnant? you fuck her. How do you get a six-year-old pregnant? You can't, but you fuck her anyway.
from rossygirl :
Drinking does make you drunk, so, with that, does marijuana make you stoned?! my god, my monkey man is a GENIUS! I'll have to do a drive-by coconut shake in the face. You're welcome for gettin your wasted ass home, no apology needed, I enjoyed watching you drool on yourself and have trouble keeping your head upright. :D **cheers
from xprincessax :
from celtickatt :
Lol, yeah, at least you're funny? (j/k) Just in case you feel like giving it a shot, here's an example code to make a link to google and have the link appear as on the page "google rocks"... <a href="">google rocks</a>
from xprincessax :
But I love you already!
from celtickatt :
Did the asshole even say anything about almost killing you, or did he just drive off???
from princesscris :
Hey Buddy I'm glad You made it out of that one okay! *Hugs!* Happy New Year!
from princesscris :
damn! Gone before I could read em'! Cheater
from princesscris :
Oh wow! Dayum that sucks for you! But anyhoo HAPPY BIRTHDAY DORK! *hugs*
from crazeeekt :
wow i really like your layout thing a ma bobber its awesome. im gonna add you to my favorites.. ;)
from arletterocks :
Look how you're influencing American culture: In Myra uses the word "assclown" not once, not twice, but THREE times. You're a fucking diva of offensive language, man.
from arifoxhawk :
Wow. I think I stopped by at a bad time. I'm sorry your day's gone to shit. I'd offer hugs, if you promised not to punch me too hard.
from scanzilla :
What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see dem driven before you, and to hear da lamentation of da women!
from sspunchie :
i actually like cats this cat just pisses me off most of the time. thanks for you support though, weirdo
from princesscris :
I wasn't drunk off that stuff! Yea right! We should go on a diet together lol. I too have put on one too many pounds for the alcomoholic beverages and lack of excersise. Reno is fun! I got invited to go there on the weekend of the 20th.The first time I ever got wasted was in Reno. Good times! I'm sorry about your job. Want me to kick some pansy ass for ya? I'll gladly do it. :)
from cheshireluci :
you rock! :)
from princesscris :
Oh hey you're alive! Good to hear! It's been like what? 5 Months or something?! LoL how you been fool? Um yea you're creaping me out with the stalker shit. I'm so glad I'm not her.
from princesscris :
I'm so sorry about your friend. It's a real shame when shit like this happens...
from princesscris :
Actually I WAS talking about the newspaper pic. LoL. But now I gotta go check out Allies pics and hate on those too lol. Laters!
from princesscris :
Who says I'm hatin'? just that when I clicked on it, it was super enlarged lol your face filed up my whole screen
from princesscris :
from augustsend :
as much as i hate to say it, yeah. they/he are/is jesus freaks.
from princesscris :
I owe you $5

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