Owen's Wonderful World of Manic Psychosis

Happiness: noun. An agreeable sensation arising from the misery of another.

- Ambrose Bierce

My favorite diaries:

chaosmonster profile - diary
comments: Sad.
apunklilgirl profile - diary
comments: Allie.
celtickatt profile - diary
comments: Kickass template and enjoyable reading.
cheshireluci profile - diary
comments: Great details! Plus its Black. I like black.
captivated profile - diary
comments: LOL! Fucktarded. Thats a good one.
princesscris profile - diary
comments: "Only when the teacher says 10.1 it sounds like ‘tampon one’. And there’s this annoying ass lady, which we lovingly refer to as ‘Question Lady’. I swear you could tell her that 2+2=4 and she would ask why it doesn’t equal to 5."
bottle-elf profile - diary
comments: “No I don't think I'm an elf or anyone is an elf nor do I think that there are elves running among us. The title has another meaning. I drink.”
scanzilla profile - diary
comments: This kid is seirously deranged, and very, very funny. almost as funny as me. Plus he has references yo goats in his diary. Goats are very funny.
arletterocks profile - diary
comments: Arlette is my compatriot, my confidant, my partner in crime, and apparently my separated at birth-type equally as evil twin. One day we will take over the world, only to draw a constitution exclusively comprised of dead baby jokes.
his-holiness profile - diary
comments: Dan's archive of online madness makes my penis hard. But only because I watch porn while I read it. Werid, huh?

My favorite music:

The Ramones
comments: Everything that is cool about punk rock.
The Riverdales
comments: Close enough to the ramones with an emo kick.
comments: Great tunes for our current phony ass post attack patriot society.
comments: The coolest live show ever.
Nerf Herder
comments: Dorks really can be cool!

My favorite movies:

A Clockwork Orange
comments: Endlessy amusing with a hidden "moral to the story"
The Young Ones
comments: Yea, I know it was a TV series, but that does not stop it from making me pee myself.
Monty Python
comments: British comedy gives me bad gas, but I love it anyway.
comments: The move kinda sucks, but you have to admit Steve McQueen is a total fox. Oh, and the car chase is pretty rad too.
comments: Great for jacking off. Yea, whatever, like you dont masturbate!

My favorite authors:

Issac Asimov
comments: Good for a scary look at the future.
Michael Crichton
comments: As cool as sci-fi gets. Fiction, I think not. (Andromeda Strain)
Whitley Strieber
comments: War Day totally freaked me out.
Hunter S. Thompson
comments: I only put this here because he died and I want to be cool.

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