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lydibug profile - diary
comments: I heart Lydia! She rawks my world, and we are twins separated at birth.
sexycadude profile - diary
comments: This man needs to update, SOON!
punkdork77 profile - diary
comments: They were the best of times and occasionally the worst of times...
teheteha profile - diary
comments: Lea is the bestest! Her diary is super-neato, even though I only look at it for the pictures! She should stop putting up so many pictures, then I would have to read the content.
gcriotgirl profile - diary
comments: Go look at her cool layout. It is SO punk rock.
omzhaara profile - diary
comments: And as she measured my arms for her tailoring preparations, the little Macy's tailor woman exclaimed: "You have such long arms! I mean it, your arms are sooooooo long!"
bloodrunsred profile - diary
comments: "This is cool and all, but it doesn't change the fact Fate really wants me to be miserable."
chubbychic profile - diary
comments: I mean seriously,.. I actually have TWO boobs now, instead of the infamous 'uni-boob'.
adamexe profile - diary
comments: It's a small world after all....(imagine a bunch of really frightening-looking children singing this awful disney song for the full effect.)
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: It was like I had been trying to call heaven on the phone for weeks and always kept getting the busy signal, but this time the angels just picked up the phone and talked with me as if I was their best friend
nakedboy profile - diary
comments: Eating people is easy.
his-holiness profile - diary
comments: Dan is a strange and unusual individual. Isn't that fabulous? I think so.
brow profile - diary
comments: "Its words, boring nothingness of symbols combined to represent to english speaking people things, and I strong them together to bore the fucking shit out of you."
cottoncunt profile - diary
comments: "Then I realized I was awing an old man, so I bashed my face into the cash register."

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