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from yuengling :
happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! happy birthday dear Kathy!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday to you!!!! How was your party???
from yuengling :
email me, okay!!!
from aidawrites :
hey my username is aida and my password is pittbrad.
from coldandgray :
Napoleon does not swear, but cool banner anyhow.
from aidawrites :
from grlscout :
Hey Kat, thanks for your kind note. I have no idea what I'm doing here and could possibly be making a terrible mess of everything around me, but somehow I just have to keep plodding on, it's the only thing I can do. Don't sell yourself short, you are a fantastic, interesting, brilliant girl and you are going to do great things, whether this particular relationship pans out or not. Stay true. xox Scout
from grlscout :
Thanks for your Stanley Cup well wishes! Alas we have gone the way of your Detroit boys, but there is always next year. I loved watching those games with Detroit - those are some awesome hockey players!
from heyjude85 :
Kick ass!!! I can't wait for the next potter flick. I'm so into it that it's scary. I could seriously live the rest of my life researching potter stuff lol. **dies** I'm such a nerd.
from bexx :
Hey just surfing. Check out Elliott Smith, Cat Power, Aloha, Modest Mouse, Slint, if you haven't-Bexx Death Cab is good!
from kittyleopard :
cool diary
from grlscout :
Hey darlin, wow - that's so cool. I'm such a technology nerd, now I'm dying to try one of those cameras out! The derby sounds cool too. Which I was anywhere near! Do you miss my entries b/c you can't get in because of the password? If that's the case, let me know and I'll email it to you. I haven't been updating very often lately though - big job interview this week = Scout is freaked out!
from heyjude85 :
awww lol. He really is a cutie! His voice and his art overwhelms his looks though. Honestly, he's got some incredible talent.
from heyjude85 :
You're officially on my faves... why? Coldplay, JEW, and Radiohead. Plus your banner caught my eye like no one else's can! Hobbits and Pirates... rawwwwwwr
from redstarhelix :
you mean we all don't walk around naked smearing peanut butter on our nipples and screaming, "i'm the queen of calcutta!"? i've got to change my plans for the weekend then...
from techielove :
computer nerds, UNITE!!P
from techielove :
hey, you don't know me but, i click on your "ad" thang, because i found it amusing. nice diary. <3 jason schwartzman's younger bro...
from sooticaj :
I live in the upstairs section of our house, so it's boiling up here cos hot air rises, damnit. BDO is going on all around Australia right now. That's one looong way to drive - pity it woudl cost so much, and then you've got the price of food, accomodations, show tickets, etc. Just the thought of it makes me tired! I'll just stick to local bands.
from sooticaj :
How far is it from Michigan to California? (Sorry, I know shit-all about where the US states are, etc.) I'm 16, but only until June, then I get to be 17 - then give me one mroe year and I'll be driving on my own! Wooo! (Can't you see that I'm excited already?)
from godmoney :
mm... feel better.
from laurelote :
Heh, gotta love your PotC/LotR banner. Hobbits + pirates = ^_^ Anyway, neat diary... and "All I Want" is a good movie. ;-)
from thespark :
I run a diaryring/community. I'd like for you to join the ring. E-mail me if you're interested: [email protected].
from still-frames :
so, to answer your note from sixty years ago, i bought the bends. pure genius. radiohead is the ultimate. 'nuff said, agreed?
from still-frames :
i need your radiohead expert advice! i have ok computer and hail to the thief, but i need more! im going to buy another album soon, and i was wondering what you would suggest. (i was thinking either kid a or amnesiac, but heck i just dont know)... well thats all; thanks bunches! :)
from cateldragon :
hope ur ok and thanx 4 the note. if ever u need a friend im here 4 u, if u want
from cateldragon :
hiya, just to let u know u've got goos taste and 'say anything' rules. glad u started up that diary-ring!!
from still-frames :
ah yes, yes. jimmy eat world in the "clarity" era... doesnt get much better than that.
from still-frames :
yay! Yay! YAY! mucho happiness and congratulations over here... good luck with everything!
from still-frames :
yes, yes i did. and everything you rave about them is all true! absolutely amazing stuff. i have found a new love.
from anirac :
hey, just letting ya know that ill be moving my diary to still-frames within the next few days/week (ish) and wont be updating my old one anymore... catch ya later! :)
from barefootsage :
What amazes and gratifies me is that Dostoevsky,a world-renowned writer,was a *Christian* (Russian Orthodox-style).My favorite book by him is The Brothers Karamazov.Have you read it?
from shotgun590 :
Hey Kat, just wanted to say hi. Travis Bickle
from anirac :
hey! all i have to say is, wahoo for coldplay! i just discovered them this summer and frankly, i dont know how i lived in pre-coldplay days! i love reading your diary, so keep the good stuff coming, aight? oh, and i, too, must confess my love for punk slash skater boys... :)
from bobmcgoogle :
Aww more kitty! Do you feel better now? I hope you didnt hurt or break anything.. Love Leahbea
from magnesium :
Give Axl at $100 to kill your boss, I'd bet he'd do it!
from bobmcgoogle :
See! There you go! Now you feel all better! Hheheh Yeah I want to smack me too sometimes:-) Love you! Leebee
from jennypenny81 :
hey. i'm jenny. thanks for joining my jill scott ring. i read through your journal. very swell. i'm horrid at writing notes, much better at journal entries. don't know why that is.
from patw-21 :
and yes...they are cute
from patw-21 :
and I am a sk8er boi...
from bobmcgoogle :
Hey babes..whats up? Who pissed off my Kat! Who dammit Ill kill em! love you
from gcriotgirl :
Yep, no problem :)
from gcriotgirl :
Hey, check out my page. There's a little thingy on there that says I <3 punk boys. You can have it if ya want.
from gingerxbread :
oh honey darling sweetie. please don't infiltrate diaryland with your sk8er boi LOLZ! banner. its just not right.
from reeks :
welcome to apunkrock chic =) enjoy
from hilly1 :
"so i need to come up with a halloween costume. any suggestions? " You should be Hugo Ball like me!!!
from bobmcgoogle :
Poor Kat! Id take care of oyu if I was there. Boo sinuses! Boo! You sinuses go to hell and you die! Love Bob
from piebaldlove :
You like pop-unknown! yay!

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