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from aviclark :
I want a spa treatment! I think that as a belated birthday present, you should treat this poor college student to a spa treatment. :P *is kidding* I hope your weekend goes well, love. *hugs*
from aviclark :
*hugs* Thanks for the well-wishing. Good luck with your finals!
from phoenixangel :
Re: Fed Up So Here Ya Go: Answers you GO hon! Love to see someone with a bit of backbone finally adress all the chaos. Stand proud about it girl!
from aviclark :
You so sound like me right now. I'm so frustrated I could spit. And I'll do it right on the stupid people who ask the stupid questions. ><
from no-yes-maybe :
You have a beautiful diary and I just love the layout and your writing sure speaks volumes, I am glad I came by here.
from aviclark :
I couldn't get your guestbook to work for some reason. *shrugs* But congrats on the National Scholars thing! I'm surprised I didn't see you--I was hanging out there with Lowell for a bit. But yay! *hugs*
from bluedatura :
just stopping by =) music is wonderful and gives you many emotions. it is quite lovely
from bellekennedy :
Oh please email or IM me the response.
from bellekennedy :
D are you in a sorority?
from markodepollo :
Glad you liked my diary. I looked through yours a bit. Good things. I like your energy, your excitement. It was a refreshing diary. It was good reading. I enjoyed myself. Congrats on your QR grade, as well! Thanks for the well wishes, I'm just stuck in the eternal late-winter highschool dollldrummmmms and just want to get outttttttt asfastasican! I'll make it through. Sorry you didn't catch me at a more 'up' moment on my diary (I have those, y'know)
from elateddream :
:) Thanks for replying to my note, hopefully we can get to know each other better in the future.
from elateddream :
Hehehe :) That's a really cute picture
from ravingchina :
i cant beleive! i read though the whole thing
from nomadic :
Sorry, I did want to say I liked your background too. =) Have a super day.
from nomadic :
Hi. I just wanted to tell you there's nothing wrong with leaving your contacts in overnight. I'm assuming you have the two week disposables. If that's the case, it's honestly not a problem. My brother and I both have been wearing contacts for many, many years and in the beginning I was all "careful" and cleaned them everyday, marked when two weeks was up, and all that jazz. One night I feel asleep in them, woke up and light was really bright, but the next time I feel asleep, everything was fine, and for years I haven't taken out contacts before sleeping at night. (and I replace the lenses once a month or two) And last eye exam my eyes were a-ok. Just don't worry so much.
from janellybelly :
rosefairy- dont know much about you, but was reading thru your stuff, and you probably make the most sense out of anybody else's i've read. you seem like fun to talk to.
from rosefairy11 :
from firestarter9 :
hey I love the music that you got and some classic movies that r really actually kooli! ~Lata leave me a note sometime
from aviclark :
Thanks for everything this year, Diane, and I'm glad that we've been able to stay close, and get even closer. I'm sure I'll see you, but I wanted to just say adieu from diaryland for a while, and that I love you. :D *hugs*

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