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from tansuman :
hey there,hope this rings a bell:crazy photographer from Austria just wanted to say: whats up,maybe drop a line or two,find out what's going on. [email protected] cheers, erich
from madamfafa :
It's under "unimportant entry about unimportant things" on plushies! For a minute there I thought I'd made the whole thing up, very embarrassing. FaFa ;)
from madamfafa :
Well, how I enjoyed your diary too...isn't that nice when that happens? Love the link to the 'furries'page, wondered if I could get a invite if I dressed up as an echidna, although it's a long way to visit just for some scritchin'. Fa Fa x
from bathtubmary :
if ever i were on the brink of suicide, i imagine 'arrested development' is what could bring me back. it's brilliant, as are you. xoxo, d
from no-yes-maybe :
I loved the banner, and I loved your site.
from yaa :
Ma'am is there anyway you could remove me from the Egyptian musk ring? I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
from indie-snob :
hey there! i added a review for the faint show I saw last night with Enon, and thought that you may be interested. a bunch of other concert and album reviews there too that you may like. check it out! thanks!
from bathtubmary :
i tried to leave this in your guestbook but it scoffed at the very notion of my doing so. scoffed! anyway, happy birthday ms. ruby, and may your hangover never happen. i've already put 12/10 on my calendar so i can remember to shout at you on your spermday. to many more, d
from quietpie :
I love edward gorey.
from shortblonde1 :
That's who that "famos person" wa that day in Woodstock? Julia and I were trying to figure it out the other day! Holy crap! Now we know! I feel enlightened. Or something...
from taintedlife :
i noticed you like rocket from the crypt, so i just thought i'd let you know of a similar band called the original sinners. they're kinda new... their album comes out june 25th. if you like other bands such as social distortion, flogging molly, the damned, the donnas, etc., you'll like the original sinners. you should check them out whenever you have the time: alright, thanks!
from busy-milkman :
The Conglomeration Association of Organized Neo-Milkmen Charitable Society and Social Club congratulate you for joining the Busy-Milkman Diary Ring! This is your opportunity to have one of the most enviable jobs in America. Not only do you get paid, but you get the satisfaction of fulfilling a family member's basic needs - as well as milk. You, as a Neo-Milk-Person represent the new image of milkmen position for the new millenium: hiring any person of color, age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, disability, etc., etc. Now, keep your skivvies clean and your customers happy! Attached is a banner you can add to your diary to show your proud new position. Direct the URL to:

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