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from seasons79 :
Hey there! Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Etc. Be well, friend. Hang in there! :o)
from dangerspouse :
Happy 47th!
from seasons79 :
Hang in there! :-)
from seasons79 :
Psssst... I'm shifting D-land gears if you still wish to follow me here. "Rekindled720" I don't think I'll be able to unlock Seasons for a fairly long time... :o(
from seasons79 :
Nice Poem. LOL
from jaysthoughts :
I can appreciate a cynical nature.
from seasons79 :
Your friend sounds... Charming. I probably could find you a couple of ice cube trays that might be capable of more warmth.
from seasons79 :
Spoke too soon--these things do happen at 2AM. No capitals and all is well...
from seasons79 :
I don't think I did get an email--though I'm not sure how DL sorts these things out. Try [email protected] work better. Sulking? I wouldn't know anything about that. ;o) LOL.
from seasons79 :
Hey there! You're locked--are you sharing w/anonymous DL folk, or locked up tight to all? If sharing, I'd like to continue checking in. :o)
from seasons79 :
Hmm... When I figure out which side I am, I'll let you know what the other one is... :o)
from eliza1970 :
Hey - I really like your diary. Good words and a good heart. You sound like someone very special. Kxxx

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