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from peytonsplace :
It's been so long since I've read the book, that I'm hoping it will make the movie better. I'm going to wait and reread it afterwards.
from raven72d :
Red pandas are remarkably cute.
from peytonsplace :
They should have totally placed that in a spoiler tag! I'm sure they'll get in trouble for it.
from peytonsplace :
Ewwww! I'm with you.
from peytonsplace :
Hey you. Hope all is going better than it was. Sure, you can read it. username is private, password is folder.
from peytonsplace :
Hey you. Hope all is going better than it was. Sure, you can read it. username is private, password is folder.
from peytonsplace :
oOoh, let me know what you think about the Da Vinci code
from peytonsplace :
One of the things I've learned about getting older is, you are still that same person, meaning, even at 26 almost 27, I still feel like that 18 year old. When I was a teenager, I thought, gah, I don't want to get old, but now I realize, numbers don't mean a thing. I would venture a guess that most people you think are poised, aren't. And I'm sure people think you are just as poised. This was supposed to make you feel better. Just know, I know how you feel. :)
from peytonsplace :
I figured that all out as I read more. :) I grew up in Montgomery and had a couple of friends that went to UofA. I'm almost done reading your archives. Whew.
from peytonsplace :
Hey, where in AL are you from?
from cutie1083 :
Happy Holidays!
from peytonsplace :
Thanks for the well wishes and I am sending some your way too. I think it is great what you are doing for your friend!
from cmkern3 :
Hi there! I like your diary....LOVE this line: cute before caffeine will get you snarked. Funny!
from emiline220 :
Hey I clicked you banner and I really like you diary. I read your 100 things and I'm totally with you on the roaches, salt, cheeze-its, cookie dough, and alcohol. Wow that's a wierd combination of stuff. Anyway, good luck with the acutane, too, I was on it for a while and except for a few pop-ups I'm acne free. I'll be reading.
from morleykc :
thanks for your note....I think you've hit on it exactly. "no one is allowed to know me that well" least not without my permission.
from morleykc :
mm....Loreena McKennitt....I love her.
from candora :
I don't know why I am here, it may be the childinside... or just loneliness... or an odd bit of candor seeking sharing and you happen to be the place... shall I read?
from barefootsage :
Here is a tip: Read The Message by Eugene Peterson. It is a poetic paraphrase of the New Testament.Peter- son is a word master.The N.T.really comes alive.
from sufferours :
Checked in on your diary from one of my best friend's profile...see you like W.B. Yeats and Harry Potter. I think we have some things in common. Yay! *clap* ;)
from biohazzard80 :
Mathnet *smiles*...I know weird ways to spot cool people ;).
from secretchild :
Do my notes work? Oooh, look! They do! Cool.

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