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from goldenpear :
i need you to hug me
from goldenpear :
what is the one thing that you want?
from goldenpear :
copy cat ;P
from goldenpear :
quel type d'exercise? Est-ce que tu l'as ecrit toi meme, ou est-ce que quelq'un prof l'a lit a la classe comme Mr. Edouard faisait? Parce-que si tu l'as ecrit c'est tres jolie! Et si tu l'as entendue perfectement comme ca, c'est plus que bonne! (of course i have no idea if this is even written correctly. lol, i love you and miss you. hugs! come back soon from the mountains)
from teen-review :
your review is FINALLY finished. i apologize for the wait. enjoy your review. - mandy
from karmacops :
your last entry was beautiful. i used to sometimes imagine i was a double bass and ask my partner to pluck me. your words are lovely and poetic. :)
from karmacops :
enjoying your entries...
from goldenpear :
soon is over now
from goldenpear :
i love you sade! dun dun dun
from icefacade :
your words are wandering through some lovely places lately
from icefacade :
that was beautiful
from goldenpear :
from goldenpear :
u think u could update once in a while?
from goldenpear :
i don't like's too dark.
from evaluate-you :
your review is up at Sandpaper Reviews!
from goldenpear :
i wanted to call you today. I wanted to call and tell you about a dream i had. I wanted to call and tell you how my stomach hurt. I wanted to tell you how lovely you looked. I wanted to ask about the art festival, about the rosaries, about the toys in your head, about silver knights and if you were nervous or anxious... with a lot of things i should do and i want to do...i didn't.
from goldenpear :
*MUAH* I love you!!!
from goldenpear :
hmmm, i wonder my dear, what degree of insanity you have entered...
from e-nymph :
thank you :D
from godsong :
Thank you for the nice comment! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. God bless!
from dudetterevue :
You review is up
from for-you-only :
Your diary is interesting.
from pathosenmity :
your review is done
from icedmilk :
This is Kelsey. Which link are you talking about?
from blinkrevu :
your review is up. my apologies for the delay. --meredith
from carla-star :
your diary is fantastic and you are a really good writer. keep it up!
from dudetterevue :
None of your review links, including ours work. Please fix this and I will be happy to review you xxx
from e-nymph :
Welcome back, I missed your words.
from dearcynthia :
hahaha.. i was only venting, i swear. :p
from ssteedman :
Glad to have provided you with some insight into the 'wake' of death. Poetically obscure, don't you think? People have such a struggle dealing with departing from life on this realm to whatever realities lie in the next. A bit like an ant attempting to understand nuclear fission...
from carla-star :
thanks 4 ur lovely note! (: i will definately check out your diary some time. but as of the now i'm drowning in homework.. well gtg, bye!
from raresilk :
Your review is posted! Thank you for being so patient. If you have any questions or comments you can note 'EnigmaWolf' (cause I'm the reviewer). And I'd like to let you know that your diary is very inspiring and touching to me, you've done an excellent job and keep writing!
from kittyleopard :
Awesome diary.
from idiotreviews :
Reviews up! Thanks for being so patient!
from idiotreviews :
Hey Sade. This is Danielle of Idiot Reviews. I have finally added you to the pending list and I am here to tell you that you might want to request someone else. Bethany is on hiatus now...I'm sorry. If you still want Bethany to review you, just tell me, but it will be a while. Thanks.
from super-bando :
wow, great writing.
from tailbonelust :
Hi there. Your review is up at Sepia Reviews. []
from idiotreviews :
Like getting reviewed? Check out Idiot Reviews!
from labeled-girl :
from neuroticaa :
Secretary? I'm going to blockbuster tomorrow, I'll remember to pick it up. I've been having movie nights all week :)
from j-u-s-t-me :
Hey, thanks for the note... I'm glad that I left an impact on you, I only hope that it was a good one. *smiles* I'll stop by your diary again sometime -it's cool- and I hope you'll stop by mine too... Well anyway, thanks for the note & Happy Halloween!
from k-a-r-a-s-u :
You diary is nice looking. Love that cat
from abie :
Heya! thanks for signing my guestbook! your diary is lovely!
from rougereviews :
Your review at Rouge Reviews is finished.
from compendious :
Your review is complete.
from quitenasty :
Your review is up:
from diarytag :
Do you still want to play tag? We tagged you, and it's been a week. Please just let us know either way if you want to play. Thanks.
from diarytag :
Tag! What do you find is the purpose of your online "diary"? ~ starsurfer [Please respond by March 8, 2003. If you are no longer interested in playing, please leave a note or remove your name. Thanks.]
from e-nymph :
happy birthday. :)
from shisa :
Your username is either...king of death or four kings. which is it? o.x
from katamajigger :
i know how you feel sir *nods. shoves off of chair to take her place and watch her do something* now go, slave monkey! do my bidding! *whooplash!* hee, jk ^_^
from despairking :
Just wanted to say that I have been reading your diary and being a good friend, that and claiming the top of the notes section for now, wha ha ha ha ha
from diaryscore :
Your Review is up! I hope you enjoy it =)
from diaryscore :
Hey in order for me to do your review, I have to grade the content. So could you possibly make your font a size bigger or so? Thank you. I don't know if it is just my browser, but it's really tiny.
from e-nymph :
awwwwww *hugs* thank you for using my quote Sade. :)
from e-nymph :
awwww, you found the beauty that is 'vanilla sky' :) *hugs* hope you are well.
from e-nymph :
*HUGS* thank you!!! happy easter/ april fools my dear! the world is brighter with you in it. :)
from themess :
yeah, i think i'm going to invest in a portable. thanks for the advice!
from e-nymph :
take a deep breath and calm down. i am sure everything will work out just fine. :) no need for nervousness i'm sure...just be your loving self. *hugs*
from e-nymph :
thank you for your wonderful wishes sade. :) it made my heart float.
from chyme7 :
hey i think System Of A Down is good i aslo luv their song "sugar" it is very good bye
from diarytag :
tag, you're it!
from e-nymph :
*hugs* and *smooches* thank you. :) hope life brings you happiness on all levels.
from e-nymph :
kind fairy wishes to a sweet mind. sleep serene and dream deep. :)
from praiseandrew :
raise the praise for andrew!
from dreamreviews :
your review has been posted. view it at: thanks for submitting!
from e-nymph :
i promise not to act like a grown up around you. ;)
from erato :
once again, i find myself in a current of your thoughts. tangle me beautiful as only you can.
from e-nymph :
i tend to not be able to see my own glow; thank you for reminding me that it still shines. *i won't forget that kindness*
from e-nymph :
you are magical, never forget. we never see our own true beauty- i am sure from a rose's veiw they are all leaves and thorns...not dew swept petals of vibrant color. be are special. :)
from e-nymph :
glad to see you back. :)
from e-nymph :
from e-nymph :
from erato :
i hope that your new ywars is amazing and you have fun, and relax and take the time out with yourself that you need.
from bytwilight :
You remember me? I don't recognize your'll have to remind me.
from jonasty :
mmmm... exams are over, so i can cruise diaryland again! oh joy! :) keep writin, keep smilin! *yay* ps. great stuff
from e-nymph :
i always love your entries. just wanted to let you know. :) hope you are doing well and happy.
from terpsichore :
i like the way you spell whoa, woah. well and your writing is supercute and makes me giggle, but the woah thing really popped out at me. :)
from haloofcurls :
i like you. you're nifty.
from glittered :
wow.. i love your layout.. and your writing.. and about the Sailormoon R movie.. i'm a "recovering moonie" lol so i know Exactly what you mean... ;_; It is always as if someone has stolen the Mamoru of your life, isn't it.... *sighs*
from orangeloni :
well.. how can i argue then?
from orangeloni :
i'm saying tho.. the layout is bangin. and i'm home, did u miss me?
from breathless- :
Hey! Wow, your layout is awesome, and you can write...yay! :) Anyways, check out my diary and if you get a chance...drop me a note! I'd appreciate it! Keep it up :)
from diaryreviews :
Your review is ready..go check it out........
from sprhrgrl :
You, my dear, are lovely. I, my dear, am highly jealous. Oh, also - IB will drive you insane. But I'm sure you've caught on to that already. . . I mean, why else would you be in the program?
from evillady :
Lovely, beautiful, insanely good. ^^
from ungraceful :
hey... i'm the owner of red and sweet. just wanted to let you know that i added you. ahhh your site is lovely... nightmare fefore christmas owns ^_^
from crapolaho :
*ahem* Bottom two.
from crapolaho :
The top two messages are funny for so many different reasons... Also, I seem to have misplaced my pants.
from saram23 :
Welcome to the Daily Show diaryring!
from shi-ou-sama :

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