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from shmeder :
Argh! Where are you? Please email me an update... I miss you tons! XOXO...K ([email protected])
from take-two :
[04/14/05] Okay, I can't take it anymore!!! where are you? where have you gone? come back! or at least drop me a line telling me that you're okay. I MISS YOU! [Mia: [email protected]]
from abittergirl :
that password doesn't work! Sad me. :(
from for-ever-you :
You're locked! :-O! Can I get a password? [email protected]
from abittergirl :
oh no! locked! password please, if you're sharing. :)
from rotted :
man... you're locked and i forgot my password and shit.... what's up?!?
from take-two :
11/24/04 - something MORE about mia? LOVE IT! thanks for all the kind words - you're the best! and have a happy turkey day!
from rock-a-betty :
I just saw your note about the Tiki bar now. I don't know when you left it, but thanks. It sounds like a neat place! I'd be there in a heartbeat if I were there. :) I'd write more but I am so beat! More later...
from knock-first :
thanks- the fact that it touched you means to me you have been there. yalp. if my marraige ever disolves for any reason I am never dating again. no thanks. eesh
from mercuryruled :
sounds like you deserve a congrats too!
from rock-a-betty :
ha ha ha! Thanks. :)
from cdghost :
enjoyed your words!
from onewetleg :
i broke a bottle and then walked on it how i managed to cut the top of my foot, i don't really know. and it was tommy's fault but don't hate him. he's really just a victim, too. i'm ok. love,
from peteypuke :
are you for real coming to chicago?!?!?!?!?
from whiskeyblood :
It is totally brilliant. My friend Carson's plan was to knock some lady up and then hack her and her unborn to pieces. I didn't get to see the end result.
from take-two :
9/13/04 - it sounds so cliche, but I think I get the energy from the gym. And I don't smoke... and rarely drink. I'm a poster child for living right! *smirk* Eh. I think I just hate to think I'm watching life pass me by...
from mercuryruled :
happy birthday to you...and me! hope yours was more eventful than mine
from mercuryruled :
hi we have the same birthday!
from artofliving :
i'd love to know more about this "bar ettiquete".
from onewetleg :
thanks, nicki. it's good that it's over quick and didn't drag out. hugs back. love, jj
from hermex :
Dear Nickie, your diary is very entertaining. I think I would very much enjoy ranting with you at your bar. I have never dated a drummer nor a skater, but I frequently have crushes on both. Did you get to my diary via mattson/pojken by chance?
from rock-a-betty :
p.s. I read what you wrote about me in your profile. That's nice, thanks.
from rock-a-betty :
Thank you!!!! I need it! :)
from rotted :
i'm working on it. thank you so much for your support! seriously! even if you think you didn't help... you have and knowing that you're hearing my words is a great help to me! so thank you thank you thank you!
from mercuryruled :
ah yes, pinback, i love their music, think i'll turn some on
from mercuryruled :
pword burrito
from mercuryruled :
username bean
from againststuff :
is it true that you have to grow up
from mercuryruled :
thought i'd say Hi, since i found your diary somehow (i cant really remember) and added u to my list. if u want to read me, i can send u a password
from onewetleg :
other than the heart-stopping palm oil, the msg and the sodium, you really can't go wrong with ramen. i like to leave out the flavor packet and chop up fruit into it. i'm very strange. plums are my favorite.
from abittergirl :
Hi sicknick; please email me a password!
from bangetsavoha :
I clicked on your banner and I found your diary most pleasing. Is it possible to have the password? If not, I understand.
from paigeuhyeah :
Hey! I have just recently stumbled upon your diary because of the hillarious banner but im very upset to see it locked! may i please have a username and password? Thanks!-Paige
from onewetleg :
um. it's not locked. thanks for the password, though
from smokin8balll :
I just stumbled across your diary today. It fucking rocks, dude. It sucks you missed seeing Prince though. Anyway, just wanted to say hi.
from take-two :
eh. don't feel too bad... the financial aid people don't care for us single minority women either - what we NEED to do is have a baby... THEN they'll give us $$$
from candoor :
I can scribble, in fact, I kinda like to :)
from onewetleg :
oh, no! a problem i can't drink my way out of! wait! we don't know that yet!
from take-two :
we just got to figure out who would play Mia and Charles... and I'll thank you in the credits! this is a fabulous idea!!! we'll be rich and famous beyond our wildest dreams... seriously, thanks for the words of encouragement!
from katemichele :
I just read your profile. My directing teacher was very proud of the fact that she once found herself in a Jacuzzi with Charles Bukowski. As they were smoking their pot, he apparently said something to the effect of, "I don't know how you stand it. When you women look down all you see is a hole. We, we have all THIS," and he made some kind of a glorious sweeping motion with his hand. I don't know if that anecdote enriches your life in any way, but it's what came to mind when I read his name on your favorites.
from thetoxicsoul :
THANKYOU!!! I live in Calgary and we won game six. Fuck Tampa Bay. I marched up and down 17th screaming at the top of my lungs. Calgary is getting shafted when it comes to the reffing and it's nice to see that we're not the only ones who thought we should have won. makes me soo mad.
from lovely-freak :
from take-two :
funny stuff. it's like that for prince songs, and rick james lyrics... i had NO IDEA what i was actually saying. alas, today's youth? they probably know EXACTLY what they're saying!!!
from take-two :
where you been, friend? hope everything is well with you... hope to be reading you soon...
from snugglefreak :
Hey you like good music
from hooterville :
SWEET SASSY MOLASSEY! I love your page design! "Not A Pretty Girl" is my favorite Ani Song to rock out to when I'm jamming on my front porch with the old gee-tar! *sniffle* I think we may be soul mates...
from rock-a-betty :
he is a very good man. and i'm thankful for it. :) thanks for your note... :):)
from onewetleg :
you are welcome. it was my pleasure. if you need any help with html i would be glad to give some pointers. (hint) love,
from over25revue :
your review is up. thanks for requesting.
from take-two :
come visit me! i love to plan stuff (anal, maybe?) and we did everything - i swear, i've fallen asleep at my desk TWICE today... thank god for riding the train... i'd never make it home in la rush hour traffic if i had to drive!
from lovely-freak :
yeah... that chick is scary! and i thought my fake tata's were huge! geez... i had NOTHING on her! :D
from rock-a-betty :
Thanks for reading and for your comments. You're right, and just letting it go has been what I've tried to do the entire time. It still pisses both me and my husband off a lot, though. I hope she doesn't try and fuck up the wedding reception. The good news is that noone really seems to take her seriously, so she generally doesn't get very far. I would love to beat her to a pulp, but I like her husband too much and I wouldn't want to piss him off, as much as she certainly deserves it.
from rock-a-betty :
Hey, sorry, I got bumped from my desk at work. I finished the story.
from xxxdirrtyxxx :
i really (hmmm..) enjoyed (?) reading daddy dearest. i kinda can't stand my dad either. but i guess i do tolerate him, only 'cause i'm scared of him, and i'm 16 so i don't have much choice. i might distance myself away from him when i'm old enough, who knows. but anyways, i'm adding you. <3
from austinliz :
I found you via banner and I'm glad I did because you are entertaining me whilst I am bored at work. Thank you! And such.
from mylovedies :
<3 i went *click* on your ad. i like your diary<3.i like your movie selections.=]
from take-two :
do you ever read rumblelizard? thought you might enjoy it...
from take-two :
milwaukee doesn't have a sephora? sacrilege! but i gotta admit... i feel all warm and fuzzy inside for being able to spread the sephora love! thanks for reading!
from lovely-freak :
ahhhhhh.... it's all so clear to me now. :D i still didn't really know you were you until you left that comment. i knew i knew you that night but i wasn't sure of your name. next time i will say hi. i was loaded tho' so my apologies for my behavior if i was at all rude.
from lovely-freak :
oh, and good luck with that... it's certainly not going to be easy to confront. **hugs**
from lovely-freak :
i felt the need to put my 2 cents worth in about the margaret issue... he is hiding something. i will say this... i look at my husband's cell phone records. in front of him and he doesn't care. the reason he doesn't care is because he has nothing to hide. i did this while we were dating too... not because i don't trust him just because i'd have his phone for whatever reason and be looking at it. now, i've dated a few cheaters in my time and they were all very similar in their reactions to innocent questions and such because THEY ALL HAD SOMETHING TO HIDE. you are not a dumbass because his reaction to your very valid questions is too defensive for there to be nothing going on. maybe he feels guilty about wanting to be her friend... it could be as simple and innocent as that. maybe he feels that because she obviously has feelings for him that go beyond friendship. maybe you should simply tell him that she doesn't respect you or your relationship with him and that it's wrong. maybe.... well, there are a lot of maybes and i just want you to know that you are not wrong in the feelings you're having. i don't claim to know your relationship but i've spoken your words before in similar situations so i feel that i can relate. be careful and just tell him in a non-confrontational way how you feel about the situation. you don't have that problem with your male friends because they respect your relationship with john. this girl obviously does not. if i were you i would tell him that you saw the call list and that if he didn't have anything to hide it shouldn't matter that you looked at it. tell him you don't trust him because he did lie to you. you deserve the truth. sorry this is so long... i just feel really strongly about these sorts of things...
from cornnugget :
When Management "doesn't have answers" it means you are going to walk into work one day and be unemployed the next. They know the deal, if they tell the employees the truth then there won't be anyone to work the joint for the next 6 weeks. Hope you don't mind my reading your entry and responding to it..I don't think there would be anything wrong with showing a guy around but you would never be able to convince your boyfriend that it was purely a friendly thing.
from lovely-freak :
i love dashboard confessional... no matter what my relationship issues are... (brain fart)

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