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from hamiltonian :
hey check out my latest entry on "Leslie Irene"
from frostopia :
i agree...
from malijoven :
Ok, that robot thing was possibly the coolest thing I have ever seen and gives me hope for the evolution of humanity while at the same time realizing a near prophetic glimpse of the future with little to know humanity and no contact among those left. I'm equally amazed and disturbed.
from vo0d0ogirl :
RE: tech-savvy Exactly what it means when it happens to me whiel listening to music in my car and hearing my cell in the phone rings too much when I cna't hear it and not enough when I can.
from deathxwish :
You know of freudian slips! Yay, or something.
from yvette18 :
hey I just wanted to drop you and the other spark members a line, saying hello. It is my mission to get to know you guys better through your diaries.
from tapestrygirl :
merry christmas kyle!!!
from openyoureyes :
aw, thank you for sticking with me :)
from sparklytears :
thank you much for the spark love. here is some for you. xoxo [<3]
from caradawn :
cookies, you call them cookies. seriously. :)
from leslie-o :
you have good taste in movies and authors. your diary is neat too! :)
from caradawn :
hee! i know that riddle. :)
from katehackett :
IM me: SparkleSatine (YM, AIM, and ICQ) to talk more about the layout....I came upon you from a banner...I think? I haven't a clue. Somewhere. Yar. Maybe GolfWidow? *shrug* I forget, heh.
from katehackett :
W.O.W. Your layout is AMAZING. Have you ever considered designing others? And, if you have, could we talk?
from openyoureyes :
thank you! :)
from stats01 :
i also wanted to say "amen" to the first entry you wrote on 12/01. do i ever get that one.
from openyoureyes :
wow, thank you for the note you left me. that was an excellent reality check, a swift kick in the ass, which i needed. seriously... thank you!!!
from smellyfinger :
Can your dog do a flip?
from scud :
haha yes, it is often necessary when dating hot females. though there are other moves to hid the fact of what is going down, none are as stealthy as the uptuck-via-pocket. otherwise it just looks weird to be sticking your hands directly down your pants.
from stykz :
i do believe that the cast page problem is fixed! at least i hope so. mind checking for me? if it wouldn't be too much i mean. well.. thanks for letting me know! stykkiez
from vixenated :
How nice. You guys have such cute things to say about each other. Make me want to be in love and stuff. If only I could find a boy :P
from vixenated :
And I didn't read the end of that entry until now. Awww that is so cute.
from vixenated :
Damn I'm not the first note leaver! And well how am I supposed to know that you turned your notes on! I never come here anymore because I know that they're not on. So yeah :P And you saw all those bands in one day! Go you, lucky boy. My ears hurt.
from pieceofme :
hi kyle. just letting you know i changed sites. rebe is no longer active. hope all is well with you. rebecca

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