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from madcowzoey :
Hi Just droppin you a note. Online diaries are kinda cool. Drop me a note. That is if you want to. Bye. Zoey
from falo :
Hi Pam, I am in. Thanks for the Oscar-fest. Just so you know, two things, one: your comments are now either not working or I am having a malfunction of my own, and two: It truly is Hard Out Here For a Pimp. Yeah, yeah. Thanks!
from falo :
Hiya Pam. I just wanted to let you know, it may be my computer or something but I haven't been able to open your entry from 3/5/06. (this note just in case it isn't just me or my computer, but for all of your fans) I was anticipating the Oscar entry, maybe even a running commentary, but for me, no such luck.
from dangerspouse :
Call me crazy, but this made me think of you for some reason:
from falo :
yes, or you could simply come over and hold me by the head and give me the card personally. Merry Christmas to you.
from coldandgray :
I got your sweet card. The Chocolate boy sticker was a cool touch, thank you.
from coldandgray :
Cool! Glad you were not afraid to open it. I checked out some of your archives & your diary rules!
from hcatty :
hey! :o) Found you through Dangerspouse, you're an awesome read. I loved the lamanet for your hair dryer!
from arc-angel666 :
Oh My God! You know an obscure Jeff Speakman Joke? I know Jeff Speakman! How sad is that? By the way, Love your diary.
from raven72d :
Great entries... I do like your sense of humor.
from kittyleopard :
Wow...killer diary. I love socks too. You rock. I'm adding you.
from blue-flag :
Having a great time in sunny you were here! ~~blue-flag, formerly known as thrennion
from thrennion :
Just a quick note to let you know that someone I know found my diary online, so I'll be moving it in the near future. I'll let you know when I've got a new diaryland address!
from just--jenn :
(tried to put this in your guestbook, but it didn't want to work...)Congratulations on the play going so well! I knew it would be great, but it's good to hear that you're pleased with the outcome. And I am so proud of you and your fabulous find!
from princessgwyn :
i don't know if this will make you feel better or not but i have nightmares about Trump's hair too. seriously? the man can afford a personal stylist. he should definitely use and abuse that power.
from dancinsheep9 :
u r kewl
from peytonsplace :
Thank you for the Holiday card! Hope you have a merry season!
from princessgwyn :
I am totally with you on the hatred of survivor Jon. fake dead grandmother. who does that!?! i hope the rest of the gang figures it out and leaves him on the island.
from vivakate :
i did send you the password. the msg was delayed for some reason. if you don't get it let me know and we'll try something else...smoke signals?
from vivakate :
thanks for the link. your vma thing was way funny...
from wllybere :
I loved your VMA's recap. So funny, and so true! Happy 100th entry...
from disco-fool :
I use to have a skirt like that, except it was denim. Denim of all shades, with a matching top... and pony tail holder. I wore my ponytail on the side of my head and I'd sing along to disco duck. *shakes head sadly* I love the 80's too but some of the memories are frightening. ;) And liking Hanson is nothing to be ashamed of lol. Groovy diary, just leaving a pointless note. :) - Ella
from just--jenn :
Okay Pam, you just struck a ton of chords with me. A TON. First of all, The Watcher in the Woods scared the crap out of me. Second of all, I was queen of driving by boys' houses. And third of all, Cry Baby rocks my world. You do know that they're making it (sans Johnny Depp, sadly...) into a Broadway show, right? -Jenn
from just--jenn :
Pam, that was a great entry that really touched me...thanks. -Jenn
from heartshaped :
sounds like a plan. you don't want a boy. buy a dog. for real. <3
from wllybere :
Man, your "celebrity boyfriend of the day" section is... well, YUM. Especially when I got to Ben. Had to stop there... mmmmm, Ben.
from livin-ur-lie :
"Better off Dead- Greatest. Movie. Ever." you couldn't be more right. i fucking love you and your good taste.
from banefulvenus :
nice layout! :)
from heartshaped :
i will fight you for jake gyllenhaal. ;) cheers.

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