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from elgan :
I've emailed you already, but not received a reply yet. I am once more locked out of your diary. Could you send me a new password? Thanks.
from elgan :
Diaryland never mailed me the password. Could you supply me with one? Much appreciated.
from elgan :
I tried emailing you at [email protected], but it was bounced back to me. Please email me a password to [email protected]. Thank you.
from sexyatheist :
hello spacemuppet. i would be happy to send you a password. just let me know where you want me to send it and it will be on its way.
from sunnflower :
I tried to leave you a note in your guestbook but for some reason it wouldn't take. I just wanted to say that your post about your grandfather was beautiful. It underlines how important the role we play in other people's lives can be and how valuable their presence in ours is as well. Maybe we can never fully understand the true scope of what we bring to others.
from poolagirl :
I clicked your banner and read your entry about your precious grandfather. What an amazing tribute. He was lucky to have had you in his life. Blessings.
from moonstrucke :
(Your guestbook wasn't working...) I am very sorry for your loss, and your family has my prayers. Anyone reading your words can't help but sense your grandfather in them. And I think that as long as you have your words, your true self, you will always have that connection with him.
from f-i-n :
glad you are ok
from elgan :
I'm very glad you weren't hurt.
from ramblin-bill :
I clicked through on the Fonzie banner. (it's awesome by the way...) I am glad I did.
from f-i-n :
beautiful words
from elgan :
You've got grass to sit on in January? Geez, I'm envious.
from katy-bug :
Happy 2006, Roger. I hope 2006 is all that you want it to be and more. Write soon.
from elgan :
Happy belated birthday, spacemuppet.
from elgan :
Your writing touches me. Do more of it, please.
from curiouoso :
Thanks for checking out my pages. Come back anytime. Curiouoso*
from uridium15 :
bobby burgess... i think i might be the only person on all of dland who masturbates to the thought of decapitating him.
from almostnormal :
Wow. Hell of a journal you've got here. Thanks for making a banner and enabling people to find you in the depths of d-land.
from bluemeany :
I'm so very glad I found you! You've won me over with your Dylan reference and Douglas Adams purchase, and your writing is FUNNY! Keep it up, I shall return.
from elgan :
I'm sorry about your trials and tribulations. But on the up side, you now own the collected work of Douglas Adams. Enjoy!
from elgan :
from katy-bug :
Happy Easter. Congratulations on the job offer, that is so awesome! Just so you know, I've gotten all your little notes. Sorry I haven't been around. We'll catch up soon.
from markybob00 :
can you give me a link or reference where i can study up on the tripple checked footnotes?
from markybob00 :
why do you make it a point to point out that some conservatives called you names? like democrats dont call conservatives names? like it's not a two way street? let's be fair...neither of us thinks those people from either side are correct in doing so.
from asdotcom :
By the way, the dull feeling in the pit of my stomach is because I had read very, very, very (I couldn't repeat this word enough) extensively about this film including reading its transcript. I fact-checked this movie even though I hadn't seen it. When several sources all report the same thing, what point is there in seeing the movie? But alas, to appease good folks like you, I did so. Thanks for the opportunity to explain myself further.
from asdotcom :
Surely you don't believe that a film that Moore himself changed the film from being labeled as a "documentary" to an "opinion/editorial" piece is completely true. If that were the case, it'd simply be a documentary. I have given you sufficient links to research this for yourself. It is already put together in report form. I could copy and paste how the Supreme Court did not hand Bush and election in 2000. Or how about the fact that while Saudis were flown out of the States "after Nov. 13" as Moore says, the flight ban had already been eased? Or that 30 of the Saudis /were/ interviewed by the FBI before leaving? Also, the independent 9/11 commission has reported that "each of the flights we have studied was investigated by the FBI and dealt with in a professional manner prior to its departure." How about Harken? Bush sold the stock long after he checked with those same "company lawyers" who had provided the cautionary memo, and they told him that the sale was all right. Almost all of the information that caused Harken�s large quarterly loss developed only after Bush had sold the stock. How about Carlyl? Moore provides extensive citations for facts about Carlyle which were never disputed, but he does not address the fact that Democrats and George Soros are also involved in Carlyle. Moore does not address how the Bush administration severely harmed Carlyle by canceling the Crusader. What about Craig Unger's $860B claim? Unger's cited sources do not support his $860 billion figure. He may have "heard" the figure of $860 billion dollars, but only from people who were repeating the factoid which he invented Saud. (The Saudi Ambassador's 1996 speech to the U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council -- In that speech, Prince Bandar discussed the Saudi economy, but said nothing about the size of Saudi investment in the U.S. -- and a Washington Post story titled "Enormous Wealth Spilled Into American Coffers" got the notion of $860B from Unger himself!) Moore asks, "Is it rude to suggest that when the Bush family wakes up in the morning they might be thinking about what's best for the Saudis instead of what's best for you?" Yes. It is. �why did Moore�s evil Saudis not join "the Coalition of the Willing"? Why instead did they force the United States to switch its regional military headquarters to Qatar? If the Bush family and the al-Saud dynasty live in each other�s pockets�then how come the most reactionary regime in the region has been powerless to stop Bush from demolishing its clone in Kabul and its buffer regime in Baghdad? The Saudis hate, as they did in 1991, the idea that Iraq�s recuperated oil industry might challenge their[s]....They fear the liberation of the Shiite Muslims they so despise. To make these elementary points is to collapse the whole pathetic edifice of the film�s "theory." If you'd like, I can go on, but I didn't want to make your notes section a hundred pages long without talking to you about it first. If you'd like, you can check these things out yourself including the sources that these facts were gathered from in the link I already gave you. If you ever need that link, or other links to other sources that show proof so as to independently verify it and not just take facts from one source that may be skewed, kindly let me know. I'll be happy to oblige.
from markybob00 :
you mention that some said democrats will ban the bible, but fail to mention of democrats putting up posters of blacks getting sprayed with a fire hose to keep from voting. most conservatives think it's ridiculous to say democrats would ban the bible and people like me speak out against that lie when i hear it...but it's so hard to find a democrat speak out against the lies spread by people in their side of the camp. i hate lies on both sides. lies should have no place in our society.
from asdotcom :
I do not bemoan Michale Moore. I bemoan those that refuse to look beyond the facade that Michael Moore has shown the public to the heart of the matter whether because they are too lazy or this facade is what they'd prefer to believe. I've given F911 a chance. Will you give Celsius 41.11 a chance? FarenHYPE911? Voices of Iraq? Michael Moore Hates America? Any film that shows a differing view? For that matter, a trip to the video store isn't even necessary. Dave Kopel's 59 Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11 can be found at Terror/Fiftysix-Deceits-in-Fahrenheit-911.htm and is yet another great resource to see the truth behind the lies. No, it's not Moore than I hate -- it's people loving lies more than loving to unearth of truth. Not the people, mind you... only their thirst for blood at the expense of truth. They are two completely separate things in my mind. What brought me to tears is that people would rather believe lies about their President and others that have helped to keep this country great than seek the truth. You have a lot to learn about my peers, friend. The conservatives that you wrote about in your post-election commentary are not like any conservatives I have met in real life. We do not call all Democrats "Commie Bastards" based on their party affiliation. For that matter, I've never in my life called anyone a bastard. We do not wish to banish anyone that critisizes Bush. Critisism is healthy. Lies are good for neither the hearer nor the teller. We are not bigots, but lovers of what we find to be true and haters not of those that believe differently, but of that which we find to be avidly against the truth. Apathy toward truth -- that's what I bemoan. That's what rips my heart in twain. (The URL above was broken up so as to preserve the width of your frames. Make sure if you try to cp it, you tape it back together.) Thank you for the kindness in your keystrokes. It's not lost on me.
from solarlab :
been reading you a while. i meant to say hi sooner. hi.
from daysofbeauty :
Gonna be in NYC this Sunday & see if it's really like you say... well, okay. That's not my real reason. Still, I am excited by my third visit to The City. :-) Peace.
from rabbet :
congratulations! I am so jealous...I miss forensics so much :(
from allie2213 :
Hey! Thanks for the note...and I also just recently discovered your diary, and honestly appreciate it and your wondeful writing, as well as Meri's.
from barenaked500 :
just saying hi!!!! ;o)
from princessreva :
you sweetheart. thanks for the words. nothing is helping right now except for playing violin at the rest home, but they're asleep right now, so I'll just read what you have to say instead:) muchee thank you
from rabbet :
woah. I'm down with Pete and Pete, too. see? we are twins.
from muppetcoat :
Hi- I stopped by because I'm giddy about my upcoming BNL concert and your name sparked my interest. And then I read you entry on George Harrison. I just wanted to thank you for letting me have a glimpse of what I'm missing. I am an avid beatles fan and I wanted to be up in Strawberry Fields all weekend but couldn't. I know that you're not the biggest fan, but the guys really mean a lot to me... so thanks.
from mazi :
You like Five Iron Frenzy. Truely you are wise beyond your years...
from katiebridg :
it makes me happy that you're so happy!
from frenchpress :
good luck ;)and have a nice trip
from tiffster :
Hhm. Oddly tasty. :)
from sammie :
oh my god i think i love your diary. rar!
from elisabeta :
Yes, please!
from lydz :
thanks roger, that was sweet :) i hope you come again soon. i'm a veggie so i won't be enjoying turkey this thanksgiving, even if we had thanksgiving here in the uk. which we don't! ah well, never mind. nice diary spacemuppet!

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