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from dangerspouse :
Sorry for the absence. It wasn't NewWifey(tm) for once, lol. But I'm back, and that means back to reading your diary again also. Meditate on THAT, babe :)
from dangerspouse :
Yup. As long a couple of people like you, and toilets keep whisking away your poopies, life is good. I'm glad you recognize that :)
from dangerspouse :
Hey, regarding your 2/13 entry: if you're at a point where stressors are really weighing on you, don't torture yourself if public blogging just adds to the stress. You come first. If you need a break, even if it's for the foreseeable future, it's all good if it brings you relief. We'll all wish you well, and if you ever get to the point where you decide you want to come back and try it again, hopefully we'll still be here to welcome you again. Hang in there :)
from dangerspouse :
Thanks very much for that note about my dead friend. I really appreciate it. And yeah - that lemon. I still feel like a chump :)
from dangerspouse :
Hey, thanks you for adding me as a favorite! I'm very flattered, and will add you to mine. And yes, mountains and hot showers. Nuthin' better :)
from jarofporter :
there is no such thing as failure - only action and result. take the result and learn from it, then try again. :-)
from ladyofjazz :
Hi! Good luck with committing. I find it very hard to stick to goals but don’t be too hard on yourself. The most important thing is to pay attention to the world and be relaxed and life will just unfold beautifully. X
from catsoul :
hi there. I have a new mantra. It is this: I am at peace within myself. Anyhoo, hi. Peace Out. =^..^=
from catsoul :
hi there. I have a new mantra. It is this: I am at peace within myself. Anyhoo, hi. Peace Out. =^..^=
from dangerspouse :
You're welcome :) As you noticed, there have been some changes at good ol' Diaryland since last you saw it. But Andrew has been doing a good job addressing a number of issues. Although some of the features are apparently gone for good, it's still a pretty nice place to post one's thoughts...and have notes given in response. If you decided you do want to take it private is ultimately up to you of course. Whatever you decide, I hope it helps you work through whatever it is you're dealing with. All the best :)
from dangerspouse :
2018 - welcome back! I hope your self-help helps. Best of luck :)
from planetpink :
Hi! I used to blog as astralounge. I know it's been a million years, but you'd asked to follow when I started my new blog. Well, I finally did and here it is! Take care! :D
from darkbeans :
thanks for the website. i've been there before. it is awesome.

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