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from badbadzoot :
lol! sounds like you're back on the horse! ha ha!
from badbadzoot :
doing what you did does not make you a bad person. Hell, I would have punched that guy's lights out way before you finally did. I think it's noble what you did. I know it sounds weird, but I see it as you were defending her, and yourself. That was a really idiotic thing for that guy to say. Really dumb-ass and disrespectful. And he deserved to get punched in the mouth. Maybe then he'll watch what he says. *hugs*
from badbadzoot :
valentine's day is sooo overrated. I would rather have a gift I can use rather than flowers. Granted, flowers are nice once in a while, but it just seems forced upon when I get them on Valentine's Day. And I know my boy is getting me flowers, but he feels the need. I told him he didn't have to, but he took it as "she said 'no', which actually means 'yes'" kind of thing. *sigh* happy valentine's day buddy....
from badbadzoot :
I'm sorry you haven't seen your son in almost a month. That sucks, I hope things look up for you! ;-)
from badbadzoot :
bah- don't worry about that silly person. You shouldn't have to hide anything from anyone.. anyways! This is who you are, and if they don't like it they can jump off a cliff! ha!
from badbadzoot :
STUART! Where are you? What are you doing? MickeyD's isn't working you to death, are they? Because I shall have to murder them...!
from badbadzoot :
awe, scared of pretty girls! I find that endearing. I think it's cute and sweet when a guy squirms around me! But if the girl is shallow and a total bitch then she'll walk all over you. pppfftt, women!
from badbadzoot :
why thank you for the lovely note! I'm glad someone enjoys my ramblings! Well quite a few people do. Welcome to my insanity!
from bitterwineuk :
yay, sudoku puzzles.or as my brother calls them sod-yoko, hahahaha. I think they are great too. very addictive. you found the online puzzles??? they are here, good luck, I can never do the hard ones. Becca
from bitterwineuk :
:) Thank you. I've been so close, I knew it had Boys in the title. I had Riding In Cars With Boys on my mind, then I thought no, that was more recent. So I thought was it For The Boys then I remembered that was a Bette Midler film my mum watched once. And as sure as hell it wasn't Bad Boys. hahahaha. Thanks for Putting me out of my misery. Becca
from bitterwineuk :
Well done to Scotland. Just been reading your profile again and I must say you have fab taste, pc flavour crisps, yummy. Ghostbusters, James The Cat. What about Button Moon, Puddle Lane, Wizbit and Cockleshell Bay and the amazing (but very frightening to me at the time) Terrahawks. I used to watch it tho I was scared. My little one still LOVES Thomas The Tank Engine, bless. He has my old vid from when I was a little un. Have a good week. Becca
from bitterwineuk :
Must confess I skipped all the ball game bit but have a wonderful weekend
from weymouth66 :
Yes, Science is a great character. I'm fed up with the others giving him a hard time - respect to Makosi for standing up to Derek this week and refusing to join in. Science to stay tomorrow!
from bitterwineuk :
like u too mate. dont u think emmerdales losing the plot a bit now though? *:0)
from weymouth66 :
Hi Stu - as you're a fan of the Commonwealth Games, please, please will you join my melbrne2006 diaryring? There's only me so far. I don't think it's in the directory but you can get there through my Rings page or 'diaryrings...' at the bottom of my profile. Cheers! Jess
from catz-eyes :
g'day, just wanted to say welcome and thanks for joining the 'I Have Verbal Diarrhea' diaryring. liked your diary. cheers =^..^=
from phoenixtease :
Thanks for joining the football diaryring - please add the html to your page! :o)
from loveburns :
hey stu, its MissJackie formerly known as Luvthatjay. I had to change diaries due to a stalker problem I was having so I wanted to let you know that this was my diary. come visit me and I hope you keep me as a favorite. -MissJackie
from megandjack :
brmc..weezer.. idlewild.. rock on. and we're both in the brmc webring.. we are so cool. :D -meg
from invadernic :
I love your page! I think it is cool...wish I could do something as great as you. see ya's
from arslan :
wow. not only does your diary rock, but you also MET CHRIS MARTIN, who is my personal TOWEL BOY. wow. that's insane. surely that secures you at least a pretty good place in heaven just by default? wow. i'm in awe of your power. that's awesome. he was cute, wasn't he?! he was CUTE!
from rotten-day :
thanks for joining my local-bands diaryring!
from weymouth66 :
Hope you'll be supporting AFC Wimbledon next year, and not Milton Keynes Frankenstein FC.
from dazy81 :
Thanks for joining the sleepnaked diaryring :)
from bildschoen :
Thanks for joining the Idlewild diaryring! Remember, don't be real, be postmodern. ;) *krie*
from chi-ha :
Oh my dear sweet mericful lord.... I do love your work. If I didn't have a boyfriend, I'd have to insist that we have sex. How do you feel about threesomes? Heh... Cat
from chigau :
Nice diary, fun to read. :) Keep it up! (Oh and CUSTOMERS least I find they do).
from jonasty :! :) it's taking all my money! hehe! anywayzzz, found you on the beerbelly ring, just wanted to say hey! keep writin, keep smilin! :)
from tresmignonne :
cool for you to join my horny diaryring. you must be cool.
from indiechick :
Just thought I'd return your favour and leave you a note :) I'm working on the Pigeon Street feature but I seem to be having an ickle problem finding web sites I can steal a pic from!! Oooh just saw all the notes I've left you, Humph you'd think I'd got nothing better to do than leave you notes...... ;)
from faith-sparks :
hi.i think i have a diarist crush on you.
from indiechick :
WOW!! I remember Bertha now!! As soon as I saw the pictures I just clicked. I loved that programme, how could I forget it?! Anyway, you'll be pleased to know that I now have Bertha featured (I never liked Mr Spoon anyway, so I'll forget about him!!) So you can start loving me now! ;) hee hee Love ~Flutter
from indiechick :
Hey You know you said that you'd love me forever if I featured Bertha? Well I was so overjoyed at the prospect that I thought I would feature her..... the only problem is I can't remember the name of the cartoon! Duh! So if you tell me what it is I will love you forever too. Aaaaawww sweet huh?! hehehe Love ~Flutter
from evil-edna :
I know people who work in our local McDonald's....they get the same sort of crap you do.

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