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from miedema2002 :
Hi, I wondering if I may please have a diary review. I would like Blair to review me. I will post the link of this site up right away in my extras section under Reviews. Thank you. -Emily
from kind-reviews :
Hi. I was wondering if you would want to be affiliates with my site. Your link will already be on my "affiliates" page. Thanks!
from hottyprncess :
Hey, I've never had a review before but I thought this would be just the place and I think you guys seem like really skilled reviewers.I would like a review for my diary and should I put the link up right away? Thanks- Emily
from hidden-inme :
MANDA it's ashley, i know that sweetreviews is crazy right now, and all the reviewers are busy, but if possible, could you only give me diaries that have requested me, or if you really need me... miss u reviews is picking up, and my life is like a giant explosion right now! i dont want to let anyone down, so if you could, assign my pending list to someone else, or just let people know that it may take some time for me to get to their diaries! thank you sweet heart! xox aec
from lilstar114 :
I had you linked under "get reviewed." Please and thank you review me. I am sweet.
from justme19 :
hi, thanks for the review!
from mixtape- :
I never really got a reply anymore and I'm not even on the pending should I take down your link or what? doesn't look like I'm ever gonna get a review :/
from chimera858 :
Hey. I'm looking for a good person to review my diary. If you'd be up to the task, I'd really be grateful.
from mixtape- :
no, my diary is not locked, and you could've seen that yourself. but oh well. I just don't understand why I was taken off the pending list after waiting since summer?
from mixtape- :
I don't know why you took me off of the pending list? I've been waiting for months for a review, before the site even went on hiatus, and now I'm out of the pending list all of a sudden? ohh-kay. thanks.
from tiggersnail :
Hey, thanks for the review. My diary's purple, not blue, I do have a link, but that's alright. It's not that I didn't care about the link.. I totally forgot I was getting a review, actually, cuz it's been quite a while. Anyway, thanks again for the review. I'll keep your comments in mind.
from mixtape- :
hey. I've changed you please review this one instead of the "chikmagnet" one? Oh and since Leslie is gone, I'd like a review by Blair. Please and thanks.
from bondagebear :
Yes... I would still love to have a review by you guys... bloodedrose, my other diary, is now out of action, so you can remove it from the pending ist! Thanks!
from rosytears :
Okay, I emailed you already.. My email is [email protected]
from rosytears :
Yeah sure.. If you want me to.
from caspia :
Yes, I would still like to review. Although things might be few and far between for the rest of the year, but I plan to get to it once I have the time. Thanks!
from fizzle-me :
hey i have too much going on right now so i think it's best if i don't review
from revurswanted :
If you are looking for reviewers check us out. We're a site that deals with trying to get reviewers for sites. We just opened.
from rosytears :
Only on request.. And I requested for a review once but got no reply.
from proudmary04 :
thank you for the review, charlene! your honesty was greatly appreciated!
from earthangel07 :
I feel like i am begging for a review. I have requested twice and i even was under two different people on the pending list. Still i have yet to receive a review. Please let me know if i am waiting in vain. I have been on the pending list since the begining of August.
from rosytears :
Hi! I was just wondering if you are still accepting new reviewers at the moment.
from l-a-i :
hi!! im just wondering if THI is still reviewing for you guys, because i've been stuck under her for about 3 months (i think) and yeah, take care!
from sweetepy302 :
Hey! I requested a review ahile ago. Right now I'm listed on the pending page under Thi, but when I was checking out the reviewer's bios I couldn't find Thi's. I was just wondering if this is some mistake, or if I'm just completely blind. =) Thanks for your time!
from honestlyou :
Hey, your link is up one the links page. Just thought I'd let you know
from bondagebear :
I have a review pending with Blair! I just wanted to inform you that I have now locked my diary! Please email me at [email protected] for the password and username! I am sorry for the inconvenience!
from dramatizer :
Hey, I requested a review from leslie, but instead I would like to have a review Lyndsey. Girl, I'm so sorry about your friends and your diary. Are you giving out the password to it?
from sevennchik :
This note is for Linda, just wanted to let you know take your time, I understand how it's hard to find time with school and work ;) Thanks for the note letting me know!
from dramatizer :
Hey, un a while back I asked for a review from Leslie Irene and I'm still waiting. I totally understand that she was sick for a whie but I still see that I wasn't even listed under her. I'm just wondering when that is going to happen. You can tag me at my page.
from chikmagnet :
k well i asked to be reviewed by sonia...but can you change that...i'd like to be reviewed by Leslie. would really appreciate it if you could. thanks.
from springfever :
thank you for taking the time to review me! :) Keep up the good work guys!
from diary-rating :
Lyndsey, I made you 2 ratings since you had to wait so long, you can pick them up @
from diary-rating :
Lyndsey, I *think* I remember your request but I must have accidentally deleted it...I'm so so so sorry. I'm going to make your rating right now. Again, I'm really sorry.
from hotpinkviews :
Yeah, we would love to be a sister site. Your link is on our links page. Thanks! =)
from jenifer-007 :
I just wanted to say thank you to sonia for my review, it was really lovely :) thank you so much!
from concrteangel :
i was wondering if i could get a review please? thank you a bunch!! *i`m always sweet*
from concrteangel :
i was wondering if i could get a review please? thank you a bunch!! *i`m always sweet*
from godmoney :
interesting... very. is it possible to join, i mean, i read blogs all day anyway.
from dramatizer :
Hello-I requested a review a few days ago and while I was browsing your site again, I noticed that Leslie Irene was a reviewer for you. Is it okay that I request her to review me? It's okay if I did this too late--and I'm sorry that I sent this note to you late. Just let me now. :)
from heyjude85 :
Hey there! I'm sorry to say but I'm going to have to quit reviewing at sweet reviews, I have a lot going on and I need to be with my friends at home right now. Thanks for the good times :)
from snow-angelz :
hey.. i've just started to write in my diary, like acutally started to get serious about it in the past few weeks, so i was wonderin if u could review it.. plz.. thanks. btw, i'm going outta town for a lil while so i havea hy.. something or another on it! thanks! bye bye..
from strippedraw :
since the gump isn't around i won't care who reviews me :) thanks for letting me know!
from katehackett :
THANK YOU! And it was lovely...very kind. Thanks again for listing me as a favourite.
from kaybiff :
i had the link... but it obviously wasn't there when you looked... or when i went to investigate why it didn't show up... phooey. it's back up. and i'm still very scattered. double phoo. sorry... and thank you. bye
from abacinate :
Erm link for what? *in a coma*
from xanti :
Thank you so much, Leslie Irene, for reviewing me. I'm glad you enjoyed my diary. =)Xanti
from kaybiff :
hmmm... i sort of realized that requesting things at odd hours does not help my case any. so, i would like to say the following: sir equals gumpy (gumphood), and, in a not effective way, i told you that he was a person i know. sorry about that. also, i saw that i said thank you, but not please. please review me. another thing that i left out in my sleep deprived delirium-- i'm very sweet... like, say, your favorite fruit. i don't know what that is. but i'm sure that it has some zing to it. and really, that's what it's all about. zing. (i should not be allowed to write notes ever.) thank you, please, and i'm sweet. good bye.
from complicatd :
could you please review my site or read it? i'm sort of new to this but i think im doing ok, except i cant get people to go to it. so could ou read it please, adn give me a review of what you think.
from coyotesabre :
hey i wanted to say thanks for the review. didn't bother me that i'd waited a while, don' worry about that. anyway, thanks again =).
from vickiediablo :
Hello, I applied for the sweet gold diaryring quite some time ago but I was neither accepted nor rejected...? (I got 99 on my review)
from breathenow :
AH! I just asked for a review in your gb but I forgot to mention that I'd like to request Kathy if at all possible. Thank you!
from arifoxhawk :
Ignore my last. I'm just an idiot. Realized I was at the wrong site. Sorry!!!
from arifoxhawk :
Hi! I was on the pending list for a review. I checked back, as I had been waiting for a while, and I noticed that I'm not on the list anymore. Just wanted to see if I had missed something. Thanks.
from ghostlight :
Hey, Linds, thanks for all the time and thought you put into my review! (psst - I was glad when I saw it would be you reviewing me) Take care!
from kitchenwitch :
Thank you for the review, I think it was a pretty fair one, the only thing I really didn't like was your comment on the "witch thing." Yes I can be an immature and childish person, but that is me. Witchcraft is not a childish whim, nor do I take it lightly. It is my faith, and one practiced by many people nowadays. I sort of took offense to that remark.
from always07 :
Hey, thanks to Kathy for the great review! I might ask for a re-review later on when I have more entries, just to see what you think. But again, thanks!
from lastlostpoet :
Hello, your link is now posted, sorry about the delay. I'll be waiting for my review with anticipation :)
from adeliatala :
My link is on the bottom of my Cast page. I mentioned it when I requested a review the first time but I guess you missed it :o) Please review me.
from mojo1915 :
Thank you very much for reviewing my diary. I didn't expect too high of a score, but I still had an air of pride about my diary. I prayed earlier in the day yesterday for something humbling. I think my prayer was answered. Your review was great and thorough. I will work on all the stuff as soon as I can find the time and patience. I have an HTML book. I think I'll try to create my own template.
from sanchezcafe :
Man,thanks for well your sweet reveiws. You said is this what I am?No i'm somone with 100 voices,100 faces,and 100 lives. Well gotta go Kims burning the hotdog.I'm putting you in my best costumers link;yep have a great day!
from namelessgirl :
hi. i requested a review several weeks ago, but i have yet to receive one. i checked the pending section, but i wasn't in there either. i just wanted to know what the deal was. :) i know that you guys are extremely busy and all, but i would really appreciated if you could drop me a note and tell me what's up.
from karensuep :
Thanks, Kathy, for the great review. You guys are awesome!!! <>< Karen
from megin-says :
Lindsay - Thank you so much for the review...I take it as a great compliment that you read my entire diary (and had so many positive things to say about it, it's definitely nice to feel like someone gets you). Scarlet's Walk does make a good soundtrack, eh? :)
from iamalanwhoru :
Hi Jen, I should check my notes more often. Thanks for the review..=)
from emptyhouse :
i had one problem with your [kathy, i think]review of overlyemo. the picture on the layout that you disliked was from sam brown, the artist, specializes in drawings like these, drawings that delineate the profound in a seemingly childish manner. sometimes a simpler drawing is much more touching than an overly elaborate masterpiece. that's all.
from darkfairy13 :
Awsome reviews, another to add on my faveorites list ^_^
from niffyorange :
hi! thank you so much for the review, linda! i appreciated it very much and i loved reading what you had to say. i do have one comment though-there are previous/next links at the bottom of the entry; right underneath the 'niffyorange' blinky. the links are the short descriptions of the entries though, maybe that caused some confusion. anyways, thanks again! ~jen
from heavenlyging :
Hi there. Thanks for the review. I do have a few comments about it however. One is that I do have my e-mail - it's linked to my name in my copyright information. Also, regarding my rings page, I only have the rings in the original form when totally necessary - when in the original form they tend to take much longer loading as they have to load from somewhere other than my account. The same would be true if I put all my quizzes on one page - much more in fact as they are all from different servers. Thank you for the review - much appreciated. I just wanted to clear up those points.
from pixie-dixie :
Thanks so much Lyndsey! The review you did for me was great! Hehe. I'm proud of myself now. So anyways...thanks!
from neurotic-one :
Thank you Leslie Irene for the nice review and especially for discovering that most of the entries are done with a bit of sarcastic humor. Not many reviewer have noticed the tongue in cheek writing. =]
from hibiscus101 :
hihi! thanx so much for the review. I complete forgot my cast list, i made one forever ago when i had my cute hello kitty layout and i havnt added it to my links in forever. so thanx for reminding me:) thank you again:) have a wonderful day:)
from dadeeli :
Hi I was just reviewed recently and I wanted to know why I've been revied by someone who isn't even listed on the reviewers page.
from obi-lass :
Hi there! Thank you SO much for the review on my diary! I totally loved it! And I'll try my best to make it better. Thank you SO much!! You guys are SO sweet!!
from imabreeder :
Thank you for the review!! I admit I wasn't pleased with the score, but i had to get at least one bad one to let me know specifics about what I could do to change it. Thank you again! ~~ME
from liquid-mojo :
That all didn't come out right... *sigh* it's been a long day. Hopefully you can still decipher my meaning. =p
from liquid-mojo :
Reviewer huh? I'll defintely take it into consideration. You do need more reviwers of the male persuasion, but I think I already hinted at that. ;) Let me read through your the reviews on your site so I can get a better feel of things. And I'll keep in contact with you to get a feel of what is expected from your reviewers. :)
from darkfairy13 :
Cool site ^_^
from prowlingleo :
I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Leslie Irene for reviewing my diary. Sweetie, you have been my diary role-model since I came to diaryland in February. Without you, my diary wouldn't be half as good as you say it is. Your review brought me to tears, at a time I needed a little ego boost, you provided that and more. I can't thank you enough.
from moonstone21 :
hey thanks for adding me to your favorites! you guys rock! oh, and i did join your diaryring, YAY! keep up the good work!
from desperate09 :
from lovemepink :
ok the name of the diary is pinky77-sorry -had a long day ty
from lovemepink :
this is jenny -i requested a review i forgot to tell you that your link is on my links page ty
from scorpio123 :
hey thanks for the review.. yes i will try to improve my writing.. its just a habit i guess.. well anyways.. thanks again.. and also.. sorry (notice the y) but u reviewed it right on the hour that i had to fix up my layout.. the frozen kiss things and all lol.. oh well
from jnovel03 :
hey this is jodi logged in under another sc - i already checked out your images, the reason it isn't uploading is because for some reason it uploaded with some backslashes. can you send me the images and i'll fix it? i'm at work and id on't have them on my comp here. ~jodi
from sweetreviews :
Hey Jodi again, hehe! I just put in a drop down menu where the short description was- so you can add any other links that are not on the image map- like if you want "highest scores" or "lowest scores" or whatever else! :) I've also just uploaded your pics to your image space, so you are now hosting them, and I'm going to delete them off my ranchoweb account. I made four banners and two buttons that match the new layout and have sent them to Lyndsey, so please let me know when you get them! Yay for new layouts!!! :D hehe.
from sweetreviews :
Hey this is Jodi again, I'm still logged in switching your template. Looks like someone bought you guys a Gold Membership, yay! ;) So just wanted to tell you that I added the gold stats stuff on your template so you don't have to switch anything there. Talk to you later girl!

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