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from dangerspouse :
Good mission statement there. Best of luck with that. In the meantime: have you joined SAG/AFTRA yet?
from boyecho :
just browsing the recent public entries on a slow day.
from boyecho :
I understand, fully, your 14th of August entry.
from dogbones :
Want to draw attention to your diary? Check me out! I can help! If you don't then ignore this note and just think of it as a Kudos ;)
from snafu2 :
How long must you stand in the storm before it washes you clean?
from saintanne :
I have started up my dairy again after not writing for a while. I never told any of my friends I had an online diary, but I was never very consistant on writing in it anyways. I remembered you had one so I thought I look it up. I'm an old friend that just wanted to say hi. I hope things are going okay with you Ken. Take Care of You!
from ratgirl116 :
Yo! Yo! Yo! R-Dogg in the hizzouse! Um.. yeah, sorry about that! Ken rocks my face off! Give me a call some time. Come work at CLIMB with me. Hey! I'll be touring in the area in October and the first week of November! Hope to see you then.
from nela :
ahh ok older albums, eh? yeah, tyler's a touch creepy, but it's cool. Off the Rubberneck CD I gotta go with Backslider and Possum Kingdom. Possum because of the killer bass line.
from nela :
wow, that's a tough one. i'm rather partial to heel, plane crash, and push the hand
from atlasgirl :
hey, thanks for the note. i found you because you like johnny cash. then i read your diary and liked it too. who is your bust-y friend?
from pearlrapture :
I'm an artist, so I don't really understand your hate for them, but still I think you sound pretty radical and I like that.
from jukes :
Thanks for thinking I have good taste. John Cusack is awesome. I would like to see Mick Foley and Stan Lee have a match. Why not just make Jeff Hardy the referee? That way if both Lee and Foley kept messing with Hardy, he could just get a ladder out and take care of both of them. That's just a thought.

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