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from macfarlane :
Happy New Year
from mommymartin :
LOL aww lookie. isnt it sweet that shes got you to come fight her battles too? if she hadnt left a message full of shit in my gbook a while back id never had reason to belive it was her all this time. and you dont know me. you only know the bullshit you hear. so go back to minding your own buisness.
from yvette18 :
hey tanya, Im looking for the sims deluxe edtion. you wouldn't happen to have that one would you?
from ihatepizza :
Dude, I did it again. (Replied in my lj instead of here.)
from ihatepizza :
You don't agree with me then about the Average Joe, or are you really just THAT mad at your husband??
from ihatepizza :
The code is: gmsgpaacfj48
from ihatepizza :
Dude, I replied in my journal accidentally, not realizing you don't get emails for the replies since your anonymous. I think you guys should all come to Livejournal because Diaryland sucks. :)
from ihatepizza :
Do you even get these notes?
from ihatepizza :
Dude have you seen the show "Average Joe"? Cuz there is a dude on that show that looks like Ishwar's twin, yo. I swear to god.
from ihatepizza :
I miss it too. That was fun shit.
from ihatepizza :
TS? What does that mean? Good things? Really good things?
from ihatepizza :
Far more genunine tolerance??? Wait a minute! I hate when people use the word "tolerance" like it's a good thing. Tolerance means "allowing", tolerance is stupid. We shouldn't "tolerate" other people, we should accept and celebrate them. I'm gonna kick that quiz maker's ass.
from ihatepizza :
Okay, whaat the fuck is up with the "rabid far left liberal?" I answered questions in a non rabid way, dammit. I don't understand how that's bad? I hate the person who made that quiz. I got far left liberal. I'm pissed that the quiz dissed me, yo.
from ihatepizza :
I like the watch! I just won some free Clinique mascara the other day and got some free foundation in the mail yesterday. Hmm...speaking of mail- I'm gonna go see what I got today!
from yvette18 :
man, it's snowing out there? it is so hot and nasty out here in california.
from ihatepizza :
So why don't you post anymore????
from ihatepizza :
Hey, there's still a link yo! I just got sick of updating two journals, and I like livejournal so much better. It's so much better dude. But I totally still read you and Tangy and Carla every entry. Bookmark my livejournal dude! It's at and it's much better than my diaryland anyway. But i'll prolly come back to Diaryland soon anyway.
from ihatepizza :
Don't be mad; I'm forgetful. Yes I got the new Outkast cd and it is the bomb diggity. I will have to call you tommorow so that you can tell me all about your trip.
from ihatepizza :
I'm over at livejournal, remember? I left a link a few entries back. I dunno, Diaryland bores me lately. (Well, not reading others, just my own.)
from ihatepizza :
Hahahah, what the FUCK are you talking about?
from ihatepizza :
That's so fucking RAD!
from ihatepizza :
Do you have good news to tell me?
from ihatepizza :
Oh but his tooth is MUCH better.
from ihatepizza :
Mom was actually going to call around to some dentists in Buffalo that would pull out his tooth for cheap (and not require stupid cleanings and tests and shit) but she hasn't got back to me yet. Mike's willing to go to a regular dentist (if we can afford it) but he's not willing to go to the homeless shelter to do it. We actually went there one day and had to leave because there were tons of people there and we'd have to literally wade through them to look for the actual place that the dentist was.
from ihatepizza :
Mom and this lady I work with gave him some antibiotics and they are helping A LOT. But since he's probably going to have this tooth for five more years, those penicillin could be helpful in the future. Hahaha, cuz he's NEVER going to get up the balls to pull it out. :)
from ihatepizza :
Where did you go???
from ihatepizza :
Well you can always talk to me about anything. And I mean anything. Bring it on!
from ihatepizza :
from ihatepizza :
Holy shit that SO FUCKING ROCKS about the notebooks! You are so fucking lucky! I had that trunk full of notes but Asshole Doug threw it away. And you talked to Tony? Woah.
from ihatepizza :
Oh thank god it's not me.
from ihatepizza :
Okay, not this sister? Right? Who's Steven Larsen? Hello, you're scaring me. Please tell me you have naked pics of Tangy.
from ihatepizza :
I'm witcha!
from ihatepizza :
Hey chiquita, Mike has to work that Saturday but I asked to get off early that day so maybe someone can gimme a ride perhaps? Doug? Ya think?
from yvette18 :
that sucks. I hate periods, but what can you do?
from yvette18 :
yeah that is gross. I hate that. Stupid heavy flows in the beginning, but then it evens out. The lining of the uteran wall is nasty.
from ihatepizza :
I CAN NEVER SIGN ANOTHER GUESTBOOK! I haven't been able to since before Idaho even! It always says I can't sign again so soon. Dammit. Anyways, I was just gonna tell you that you should go to his site and sign his guestbook.
from me-me-meee :
Sorry to hear about your friend. Glad you made it okay but it's hard to come home to bad news.
from ihatepizza :
Hahahaha, your entry was the cutest. Of course everyone will cry and moan and pull their hair out for at least a few months. (I know I would!) In the even that it is ME that has a dreadful accident and dies painLESSLY, please make sure that everyone plays all my favorite music all the time. Like, say you're in the car. I would like you to only listen to MY favorite music out of respect and adoration for me for at least a few weeks. If you need to know what I like, you can find it in my playlist on my diaryland page. Oh, but incase these aren't already on the playlist make sure to play lots and lots of the Gossip, Bikini Kill, Trina, and Sleater Kinney. Oh yeah, and make sure you bump "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce, the whole Justin Timberlake "Justified" album, "Uh Oh" by Lumidee and "Freetime" by Kenna. Repeat ad naseum. Oh and I want to be cremated too dammit. Don't sprinkle my ashes anywhere though. I want to either be put in some kind of jewelery for all of you to wear (AND YOU WILL WEAR IT DAMMIT) or stored in cute lil urns. Got it? OH OH OH! I want a gravestone too dammit. Then you all have to come and hug the gravestone every week and sob and talk to me about your sex life and stuff, mmmkay? Oh also, if something does happen to you, can you please promise not to haunt me, Tanya? Cuz I swear that if I get haunted, I will probably have a heart attack and die right away. You could maybe come to me if I was all like, "Hey Tanya, you can come out now. I'm ready." This is a gruesome entry and nothing is going to happen to either of us dammit. (*knock on wood*) PS: Love ya!
from not-at-home :
I was searching for info about a song (when momma gets to drinkin'). Somhow I got linked to your diary. I originally got a singing version via E-mail. Also with momma's boobs out. I would like to find that E-mail since I had my computer screwed by a power shortage. Can you help me find it?? Thanks Joe Prue [email protected]
from flyinby :
10 pounds! sheesh, mine were BORN bigger than that! lol (10#10oz, 9#12oz, and 11#12oz)
from caspia :
Hey fellow Minnesotan! If you're a fan of the Wild, or love the Twins, please join the Wild, or Twins-fan diaryrings. Let everyone know we support them. Thanks and have a great day.
from yvette18 :
IM sorry not drinking much sprite and coke right now or else I would give you my codes. I just wanted to drop by and say hello since I have not heard from you in awhile.
from me-me-meee :
That would help too. Then it doesn't become a scab that you don't want to pick at. (All these metaphors - Wow)
from myhorizons :
Good luck :)
from myhorizons :
What are you collecting tips for? And how much did you make so far? I think it's interesting.
from me-me-meee :
Pussy being a name for a cat.. Pecker.. like a man's yeah doing the pecking on a woman.. makes sense. Cock being the rooster.. the supposedly superior one. Well, if any man sub-conciously thinks I'm gonna lay my eggs for any cock, they've got another thing coming. I remember hearing something about this elsewhere too, but I can't remember where it was anymore now. I've ordered the book. I just have to wait for it to get here. For right now, my head is stuck on the line "There's shit in the meat" from the other book. blech! Why did I eat that crap for so long?
from me-me-meee :
It doesn't really surprise me either. I just never gave it a lot of thought before. I gave up red meat once before but that didn't include pork. Now I may or may not eat fish, but that's it. The image of a pound of ground beef makes me wanna hurl and the smell of a steak made me wrinkle my nose last night. I won't force my kids to be vegetarians but I refuse to let them eat happy meals and the like. However, fast food is safer than the shit in the grocery store. Its all just sick. I'm sure I'll be further sickened once I read the other book too.
from punknvinegar :
I love your layout! The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are great. This is an odd question, but, do you like the taste of toothpaste?
from lovesuximsad :
hiya....just stoppin by...what is that gay pride thing? lol ttyl heather
from puff-dawg :
Hey love your layout!! the teenage muntant ninja turtles are soo cool!!
from nateboxley :
Hi. I clicked on your banner. I think you are funny. Where do you live where the rain is coming down so hard?
from ltaylort :
Hey, this is kinda funny but I randomly ran across your blog and read the comment about the infected taste bud thing and cutting it off w/ nail clippers. Well, yeah, I do the same thing, as strange as it may sound to other people. Wow, I never knew I would find someone else who does this. Thank god for you! (and I love Ani as well, I mean, come on) Anyway, if you want to bond over this tastebud clipping thing my email is [email protected] and my diary is
from xcountrychik :
do people actually send you tips? that's a good idea, if it actually works.
from leslieirene :
Cute layout!
from sillers :
Dammit, I just lost a long ass entry, thanks AOL! I was saying, I will spend the night at your house this coming up Saturday (obviously) and then the weekend after, that's Ishwards weekend to work, right? Its worked out that my kiddos go to their dads on Ishwars working weekend. Maybe that Saturday, JUNE 21st! Kim will also spend the night, seeings as she owes us that Nintendo Party!
from abitofpunk :
hey, i dont know if ur ever going to actually read this but hey its worth a try. well i have been having the same kind of nightmares as u. u wake up feeling like someone is takin ur life away. and u dont know why u are having these horrible dreams. i just thought i would let u know that im goin through the same thing
from krazykrick :
There was a banner on the diary land web page and it said "Boobies" or "I Like boobies" or something like that ... I was curious why something like that would be on the site, I clicked on it and up came your diary! I got the biggest kick out of what you had to say! It was so entertaining to read! I'm adding you to my buddy list if you don't mind! Keep up the great writing! -Kristen/Krick
from kitty1980 :
hi love the turtles layout :)
from xtragicflaw :
shot through the heart, and your to blame. you gave love, a bad name! i <3 bon jovi too
from sex-eyes :
U love breasts and ani difranco, just like me....only I have small that sux. Like the banner, it drew me in. If u like Ani diFranco, do u like India Arie? Shes tight too. Nice read!
from hope-street :
cowabunga dude!!
from rachimal :
lol. live the ninja turtles. great banner, you love breasts. :)
from yvette18 :
hey there found your diary. I love your layout. I loved teenage mutant ninja turtles when I wa young. Mad that they remade the series, but hey reading your diary and will definitely come back for more.
from ihatepizza :
Ok, did you erase one of my guestbook messages? The one where I say that I don't remember you having a mole but coming from me, that's not saying a lot? Am I losing my mind? What the fuck?
from holdoll :
I gave you a tip! I don't even know why you're asking... but, I figure the fact that you ARE asking for money, publicly, is enough reason for me to give it to you. More power to ya. Good site! I love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Holly
from unluckytab :
You forgot one... "Fuck you Osama Bin Laden for trying to fuck with America" =)
from procrasto :
um...I *swish* surfed in and am have a very cool looking site... luv them ninja turtles!!
from faithherself :
enraged much?
from rigbyaldamar :
hahhahah i love the ninja turtles... that's about all i love about your diary unfortunately... i mean... it seems decent but all i really care about is your beautiful picture of the ninja turtles...
from ihatepizza :
How am I not supposed to take "Fuck you Kim" personally when you meant it to be personal. You know, hence the personal reference and all.
from radioflyer- :
I love your layout! The Ninja Turtles are freakin awesome!!
from mmlove :
Just wanted to say that I saw your alphabet soup banner and it cracked me up. I started reading your diary and got hooked. Welcome to my faves list!
from einsam :
what do chinchillas act like?
from kbaa :
VERY cute.
from madison4 :
Aww very cute Chincilla baby :D
from facepunch :
chinchiiiiillllllaaaaaaaaaaaas aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawww!
from flyinby :
wow! so cool! i wish i had a chinchilla! i've always adored them, but i can't afford to buy the big cage OR the chin! soooo expensive! not to mention the dust, food, bedding, ,etc. *sigh* oh well.
from phyntosia :
hehe, found you through your banner - extremely cool one, good job :D
from myhorizons :
Cute Turtles!
from the-clan :
HEYYY!!!!! Where did you get that awesome picture of the TMNT for your diary?! Aw, fuck it. I could probably get one too, but what we REALLY want to know is - do you REALLY like Ninja Turtles or did you just put that up 'cause they'd look cool? (They make everything look cool, don't they?) LONG LIVE THE TURTLES!!!! Anywho's, saw the pictures of your kids, and BB and Polla think they're very cute. Peace out, and sorry for this weird note. But we ARE crazy, so what'd you expect?
from cutething :
oh my holy gosh, i didn' t bother to read your diary, but you have the teenage mutant ninja turtles! NEVER change your layout! ever! hee!
from ihatepizza :
Awww heyyylll no! Damn! You rock beeotch! So when are we gonna plan on having this slumber party/Nintento playathon anydamnways? I guess we'll talk about it tommorrow though. When are you going to Ma's?
from ravynemyst :
Hurray!!! So glad you were able to buy the Nintendo. Hope it gives you hours of enjoyment. Huggs
from ravynespeaks :
oh..btw, ravynemyst and ravynespeaks are both me ::grins::
from ravynespeaks :
You are soooo welcome tana...i just hate seeing someone who loves to play Nintendo not get to do so. It is one of my most relaxing past-times :)
from guitargod :
Clever banner.... real clever...
from ravynemyst :
Enjoy the Nintendo.
from jessica2183 :
30 bucks for a nintendo? your doing it all wrong..just check out some garage'll get it cheap..your makin me want one now..i still have all the old games..its just that my system doesnt work anymore...hmm
from ilona719 :
your banner led me here...why cant you find some money? dont cha have a job? or something? i'd be scared to give someone money over the internet that i didnt know, because i'd be afraid they'd use it for something else...but hopefully you find a way...ilona
from mellowmeout :
Ninja Turtles rock the house yo! I love how you have that tip jar. People are so weird to actually be putting money in your paypla account. I guess I would if I had money in my account to give. Good luck getting your nintendo. I recently purchased the super nintendo off of ebay and I can't get enough of it. Keep on keeping on! ~Chele
from myhorizons :
Cool banners!
from tanabug :
poo on you
from aaronorear :
I love it...the banner says "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar." I click through and the first words in the entry are, "Puppy Update." Not exactly a roar, but entertaining anyhow.
from jagg-ed :
Your diary is so fucking great. Ps. Your banner got me here! :) YAY
from jagg-ed :
Your diary is so fucking great. Ps. Your banner got me here! :) YAY
from ihatepizza :
It was 8%! That's like double all of my other banners, yo. Go look and see!
from ihatepizza :
Are you playing the Sims?
from marionette22 :
hey... really loved the song and just wanted to ask if i could put it on my web page... i mean i know its not your song and i could if i wanted to be like that but i feel it would be like stealing your idea and i am not like that so yeah... if that would be ok let me know :) thanks
from loss-pending :
"i love boobies!" heeheeheehee... i love your banner.
from witch---baby :
hey there, dollface! was adding an entry to my own diary when i stumbled upon your banner--how can i resist someone that promotes herself with the phrase "i love boobies!!!?" come, now! so i happened to check out your profile, and i noticed that you are a fellow block fan. i love you. :) i worship that woman. you have good taste in fiction! :D
from sistajanis :
hello there! just wanted to drop a line saying i enjoy your diary deary!
from joyceanner :
hey!!! i wish you good with the breast thing. umm... your sister is weird!! and i love your diary
from ihatepizza :
Holy shit, how did you managage to get that much for Hinduism?
from me-me-meee :
Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Tanya. Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! (and many more!) That's the best I can do without a mic. Hope you have a great day!
from elateddream :
Just wondering..who is that a picture of on your diary?
from me-me-meee :
Hi, its Carla. Thanks for adding me to your profile. I'm movin on up to a shiny new diary because my gold membership is almost up and I don't like my username. Anyway, just letting you know. :o)
from sillers :
Better? I also added your notes feature and changed your guestbook to match.

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