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from missy-17 :
hello i am 17 and am interested in meeting new people, since i myself am new!!! ha ha :)
from f-i-n :
from cindreviews :
Cinderella Reviews is a brand new review site. So if you would like a review please come and check us out at . We hope to be hearing from you soon. Thank You!
from hamiltonian :
congragulations on 5 years!
from omnipre5ence :
:| I never get enough sleep either; I'm sorry you're not getting much.
from molzo :
"normally, i dont much give a shit what you write on here." This begs the question, why do you bother reading? Funny, 'cause where I thought there was a friendship turned out to be nothing more than a sick fascination.
from mathero :
I'm promoting my diary because I'm bored as hell tonight! =)
from olei :
i love you.
from simplify :
my vote would be for 1. austin 2. providence and 3. raleigh. one thing to consider is how important being by the ocean is to you. for me, that would decide it, but dude, for whatever reason i really want you to live in texas.
from matthewpv2 :
Just came across your diary. Interesting...Just thought I would drop you a noe to say hi. Check me out sometime...
from gettingnaked :
Families are such a pain sometimes. I'm sorry you guys are having trouble finding a place to stay. I've had the Disneyland itch lately, too. Now you've got me thinking about heading over there one day soon. You know they have a deal on for SoCal residents right now, so if you can get someone who lives down here to go with you, you get two days for the price of one. Good luck with the rest of your plans!
from design-doll :
well let me know, k? i'd be more than happy to let you crash i have a red velvet couch calling your name hehehehehe
from design-doll :
you're coming to cali??? rock! you can visit me if you want :) hehehe or i can take you around the sf bay... where are you from?
from doighty :
merry christmas! hope the new year rolled around without any ill effects... AND ALSO i would like to soundly berate you for starting to write in your diary again without notifying important people (me)!! well, not really. but now i've got a lot of catching up to do. as for the bisexuality thing, you go with whoever you end up wanting to be with. regardless of that person's gender. and for the meantime, before you get to such a serious point, you have lots of fun. personally, the sex i've had with guys and the sex i've had with girls fall nowhere near each other on the scale of satisfaction. the girls kick it far better. every time.
from sprung :
Merry (late) Christmas, you sweet thang.
from design-doll :
merry christmas lovely.
from bluering :
that would be me, the girl lounging around on an airport floor waiting for a flight. i miss doing that.
from sweetnsour97 :
hey sup this is lexie!
from bluering :
Miss Tap! There's an email on it's way to you with an address change for the journal that you should have. Just an FYI....
from raven72d :
And you're a fun discovery...
from hyacinthgirl :
hi! scrabble747 has moved to cheers!
from sadgreeneye :
Yea, that song is like way totally fab, Buffy! ha, I'm just teasin' ya, don't get mad. No, it is a cool song, though. Rock on! --Joshua
from sprung :
Congrats on the new job, bebe. :)
from willowlily :
I'm right there with ya babe.
from bluering :
that song by the notwist is great. i'm glad you like it...
from katehackett :
Australia....? What gave you that idea? (IM me...SparkleSatine)
from katehackett :
Got your name from brendelicious....Dude! I'm going to be in Boston in the fall...drop me a line, please?
from sadgreeneye :
awwwwww You're making me blush. :)
from olei :
also, molly's wrong. it's NCMO.
from sadgreeneye :
Thanks for the heads up! Those Northern European countries always confuse the hell out of me. :) Thanks again! --Joshua
from sprung :
I don't like the 80's either.
from sadgreeneye :
I'm sure that I'd need companionship in my protest of the world. :) Thanks for the offer.
from sadgreeneye :
I was working 2-10pm yesterday, so I was right down the street from you! Did you go and check out the Grand Canal? I'ts a pretty popular street. I see it every day, so the novelty has kind of worn off. Glad you had a good time. --Joshua
from sadgreeneye :
Hey, Whatsup? Yeah, I knew I had heard the name before. Thanks for your forgiveness. To be honest, I've never been to Sports Club Boston. Hurricane O'Reilly's is kind of cool. I usually go to The Grand Canal, which is further down from North Station, cause it's right across the street from where I work.(both are on Canal st) Plus, all of the waitresses/waiters are actually from Ireland and have that cool accent(ya can't beat that). I actually live on Endicott st in the North End which is right under 93 from Canal st. So, anyway, if you go to the Grand Canal, stand in the doorway and look across the street, and You'll see a glass door with a 60 on it. That's the door that I walk into every damn day to go to work. The door just to the right of that is the methodone clinic that I work next to. Cool, huh? I've got a job, and a fix right next door! Ok, sorry this got so long. Maybe I'll see you tommorrow. Have fun! :)
from sadgreeneye :
Did you spend time in just Hong Kong? Cause Shenzhen is like 30 minutes from HK and is not nearly as expensive as HK itself from what I have heard. I've talked to a guy that did it, and he said that it was pretty descent pay for the area. I'm not saying that I know, but I have just heard different. Thanks for the feedback!
from sadgreeneye :
Hey, thanks for the note. I really think that I'm gonna go to China, but I just need to keep my focus and try not to get too terrified. If you go to the University of Memphis website you can look at the program. You could let me know what you think! :) Thanks for the encouragement, I know that I'd never regret it, so why not just go? Anyway, have a good one. :)
from scanzilla :
Hmmm, well you can go into town on New Years, but it's always freezing. I'm sure there will be a million and one parties happening. I'll see if there is anything good going on and get back to you on that. :)
from olei :
p.s.: i'm SO HAPPY a newfound glory are making waves. i lovelovelove them. also, i've given in to old our lady peace. especially "4 a.m." also, "somewhere out there" is on my radio. isn't that crazy? mmm, making out with pretty band boys.
from olei :
what the hell is with feh. anyway...i miss you. love. xox
from chasingastar :
no pets huh? fah. I tried :)
from quazymike :
i lost my arial font. this saddens me to no end. or to THE end. i would type in sadder font, but alas...arial is gone.
from zerom3ph :
you suck. you live within 50 miles of the best dimsum restaurant on the planet (dragon palace). we hates you forever, baggins.
from holdasecret :
from augustdreams :
Good Heavens! A thousand apologies, sweets. Bathroom germs are really quite friendly! Truly. Salt 'o the Earth! In fact, not once has a bathroom germ or microscopic bit of poo cut me off in traffic or called me right in the middle of "The Simpsons" to try and sell me long-distance telephone service. Does that help? Love, ~Nicole
from chasingastar :
hmmm. well, I will be walking, sooo...six months? :o) by then you won't be lonely anymore, I don't think ;)
from augustdreams :
Thank you, {{{Tap}}} I love you, too! ~Nicole :)
from thisisjohn :
you are rad. thanks. =)
from chasingastar :
yes, that is what Shane says. that it is muscle. but still. six POUNDS! wahhh.
from plaingirl :
oh tappy. you are LOVELY. xxo
from thisisjohn :
hi. johns just know things.
from thisisjohn :
come to vegas.
from thisisjohn :
lets go for it. itll be beautiful. well shine. well be free. i want to be free.
from un-bad :
I like alphabetical order. It's comforting. And it makes people think I don't have an absolute favorite diary and that it isn't them. Ha ha. It's fun being weird.
from bandofbros :
ALSO [it's sara again,] get your wishlist done. [thankyouverymuch.]
from plaingirl :
welcome. i think you're neat.
from incessant :
the links are the stars!!
from cuppajoe :
Hey Tappy-Tap, I'm leaving you a note!
from tapestrygirl :
love notes only please.
from cuppajoe :
tapitty tap! shazaam! I don't know what to say!
from jamiestar :
Hi, Sara! I found your diary through CuppaJoe. I graduated from OU in '98, and I'm loving the little familiar Athens tidbits that pop up in your diary every now and then. Bye!
from jinelle :
Hieeee!!!! Now that I've been reading your journal for over a month, it makes real sense that I sign it now! hehe! Anyways, you already know how much I love the way you write and your's just marvellous.And your new layout is also pretty cool! U r an amazing person too, and I've always enjoyed talking to u over ICQ!! So, this is just wishing you many more diaryland days and success in all ur endeavors!!! -jinelle-
from cucu :
Hey Sara!!!! Your diary is one of the coolest N cutest ones. I enjoy every thing that you write, say and do. Miss ya like hell!
from cuppajoe :
Hey Sara, how ya doing eh? I read you 're thing about not knowing where lisa's site was... well... go put your mouse over her name on the comment and a link will come up with "vanillamocha" at the end. That is her diaryland name. Gotta go, see ya later. Joey.
from vanillamocha :
hey,i don't know who you are and all that stuff, but i was surfing the members directory just because i'm a loser and have nothing better to do, and i really liked your screen name, so i checked out an entry in your diary, and i think that you have a very unique way of writing. i am a girl, by the way, not a drag queen, and i am not trying to hit on you and i assure you that all thoughts in here are sincere.sorry about that i just get really paranoid. anyway, i would love it if you checked out mine.

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