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My favorite diaries:

olei profile - diary
hamunaptra profile - diary
comments: bought a camaro and we are jealous as all heck (grrr)
doighty profile - diary
comments: is alive and ready
tapestrygirl profile - diary
comments: she sent a belle & sebastian postcard (and she is totally a sex goddess)
un-bad profile - diary
comments: "pokepoke stomp" indeed. erin is the shit.
forestdream profile - diary
comments: our old hat gal pal by now. still stop by and give her love
lockandkey profile - diary
comments: lock stock and two smoking lauras
encima profile - diary
comments: The banana knows that I'm not the ice queen
sprung profile - diary
comments: Not wiggidy whack.
one-on-one profile - diary
comments: read our interview @ one-on-one.diaryland.com/bandofbros.html
moodswing profile - diary
thedollhouse profile - diary
comments: i'm [i being me, me being claire] gonna start a petition to get her in bob. prolly should tell her first, though.
noalarms profile - diary
comments: i've been preaching, but no one's been listening. go read her, now. you'll die of laughter [wait, that isn't actually a selling point, is it?] oh, hell. you know you all love me. [and as we established, me is claire.]
girlboy profile - diary
comments: this place is fun.
flamingo-fun profile - diary
comments: macklin, my hero. [hope you all don't mind that i'm attacking the profile in this manner.]
opiuminjars profile - diary
comments: There are no words. You just have to go read dear DEAR Russ.
throcky profile - diary
comments: we are not amused
fauxpas profile - diary
comments: both beatiful in mind and design, making such a delight for eyes
erato profile - diary
comments: she stirs the passions with words, each aimed to kill, and each succeeding
lashlar profile - diary
comments: philosopher, student, master of words. Makes me feel completely inarticulate.
discursive profile - diary
comments: cause she blows my mind on a daily basis. jen is the best ever.
astralounge profile - diary
comments: chaos, poetry and feminism. what more could you ask for?
sam profile - diary
comments: so what IS sam *not* doing today?
thefritz profile - diary
mireillie profile - diary
omorfia profile - diary
timdangerous profile - diary
restlessly profile - diary
no-answers profile - diary
an-insight profile - diary
badsnake profile - diary
scud profile - diary
comments: 'cuz he's my pal. and also 'cuz he's pretty.
dancingbrave profile - diary
comments: 'cuz she's amazingly talented.
unamerican profile - diary
comments: 'cuz she's the coolest non-patriot ever.
epoch profile - diary
comments: 'cuz he's my musical soulmate. mmm!
ms-m profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: once, i went to a concert with numerous bands, and one was called scrotum pole. they covered the song "copa cabana."
comments: I remember going to a folk festival when I was quite young, and the Irish band I watched, with the endless combinations of drums, flutes and pipes. We stayed up late in the smoky pub watching impromptu dances, and songs. I love traditional Irish music.
comments: concerts to me are like my childhood. i've probably been to close to 200 different shows. without music, i have nothing.
comments: digs: toad the wet sprocket, gin blossoms, buffalo tom, and queen
comments: Anything with real lyrical appeal. Counting Crows, Matt Nathanson, John Mayer, Pat Green and Lyle Lovett are all lyrical heroes of mine. Music that moves my soul as much as it makes me want to tap my feet along to the beat is in the end the music that c

My favorite movies:

comments: i had to go to a movie with some friends and it was called "rain." it was from new zealand. it was incredibly depressing, and every single character [even the 13 year old] was an alcoholic. it sort of depressed me. but i really like ghost world.
comments: (first movie I ever saw) I saw The Aristocats with my dad when I was four and it was fun. Cats that sing and dance. It doesn't get any better than that.
comments: digs: The Lost Boys, The Mummy, JAWS, Return of the Living Dead, Monty Python and the Holy Grail

My favorite authors:

comments: likes robert fulghum, david sedaris, um anne sexton the lady who wrote white oleander, too many books not enough brain power. i can't go to the library because i always owe them money. sigh. i need a library credit card.
comments: Emily Dickinson who essentianlly turn on my love for poetry. While I had been able to write poetry for most of my life, it wasn't until I encountered her works that I actually understood it.
comments: April Fool's Day (Bryce Courtenay) really made me confront my own mortality, and what I wanted to accomplish with my life.
comments: reading is good. currently i am reading a lot of erotica and about the holocaust. 2 topics i love deeply, but obviously on different levels. cause that'd just be freaky otherwise.
comments: digs: Jim Davis, Shirley Jackson, Parick F McManus, Anita Ganeri, and Nick Arnold

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