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from godmoney :
i thought you were a true original and totally avant-garde. the user/lock is your name.
from godmoney :
from godmoney :
what do i have 2 do 2 make u update?
from godmoney :
y rn't u back yet? don't u <3 us?
from beagle47 :
be careful and be safe. i'll think good thoughts for all. peace. (and i really mean that).
from aeka :
Hey Val, sorry that it took to so long to leave you a note--you mentioned something about going to Spain and I wasn't sure if you had gotten back from your trip. Anyway, coincidentally I just finished a research paper on both "My Name is Asher Lev" and "The Chosen"--two great works. My thesis was actually based on the opinion that Chaim Potok's works are influenced by his own life experiences. What really captures me the most about his writing is the conflict between religious ideals and the secular world. I could say that "My Name is Asher Lev" did indeed inspire me, mainly becuase of the way in which Potok conveyed Asher's emotions so well--you could practically feel his passion for art leaping out from each page. I loved it so much. Also, I have always thought that his characters have this wisdom, this passion for is absolutely rejuvinating. Unfortunately, I haven't been keeping up with current affairs and I just found out about Mr. Potok's death two years ago, which saddened me very much. The world has lost a great response to your apology, I must say that it is alright and there's really no need to apologize. I believe that the entire thing was a misunderstanding, and that no one is at fault, really...anyway, I'll talk to you later. --Libet
from aeka :
Wait a minute, I just noticed--you like Chaim Potok? I love him! Not many people know who I'm talking about when I give reference to him. What did you think of "My Name is Asher Lev?"
from aeka :
why, thank you
from rougereviews :
Wow, you made a button for Rouge Reviews? Do you think you could send me the code through email: [email protected] I'd really appreciate it and I'll put you on the pending list when I get a chance. Thanks for being so sweet and understanding!
from godmoney :
because ur one of my favorite ppl, i formally/ cordially invite u 2 visit my alt-blog: ta ta!
from godmoney :
::chorus:: Awwwwwwwwww... i was checking out ur photography + i think u'd be interested in checking out a music vid by sp called "thrity-three." it's made entirely of a series of photographs. esp ur latest bag-yoga pic made me think of it...
from godmoney :
thanx 4 the poetry.
from leonmcphelps :
Well thank you. Thank you very much. I am glad you like it.
from fan4 :
Do you like "King of Queens"? It's one of my fave. comedy series.
from godmoney :
ur val, i'm vin. didn't realize u were a fan of vonnegut. he is mos def pure genius, but a major drawback is that u can't read the same book of his twice. it's just NOT THE SAME. i love all his stuff, but "slapstick" (lonesome no more, w/e) has a special place in my heart.
from beagle47 :
well, i'll be! you are absolutely right about python skits. i have edited accordingly and thank you sincerely for recognizing what should have been obvious in the first place. oh, and what a wonderful entry today. it is the every day things which make life worth living, don't you think? peace. (and i really mean that).
from godmoney :
weird stuff--i like!
from guderian :
Aloha Valerie, I love your diary and I signed your guest book, visit my diary if you get the chance and let me know what you think. Have a Blessed New year. Ciao Bambina, Guderian a.k.a. Marty

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