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from dumbzilla :
hey assfuck, how you been eating my shit for the past year, i hope you die fucking a fence you bitch faced parapalegic.
from zoostation :
nah, it was no accident. . .definitely intentional. and $40
from lealoo :
There's this cartoon on Nikalodian called 'CatDog'. I've got a friend who always thought it would be better as 'BatFrog'. I thought that was pretty amusing for some reason.
from luciyen :
Wow, what a wonderful diary! Your writing style is great, and the entries put a smile on my face. I am so adding you to my faves list! (:
from wonderchai :
yay! Welcome to my universe. Chai is damn good. I'm glad-glad-glad you agree!
from lostatlantis :
Thanks Justin! :)
from zoostation :
I don't think I dream in french...I don't know it well enough, haha. Just the occasional french word or phrase or name leaks into my dreams. I definitely dream in color though.
from wonderchai :
chai. go to a starbucks. order this exact drink: a grande chai, with two pumps of almond and two pumps vanilla syrup. Make sure they get that exact amount. get whole milk. water for the chai is ok if they ask you. get foam, not whipped cream. and it's a wonderchai. it should be in the neighborhood of $3.50. But that's what a chai is. it's a little sweet, but then, so am i, under all the crap. thanks for the comment. :) -jenners
from auroraline :
#patiently awaits a new entry#
from heheiknow :
Hey i came across you diarything, i felt like i was reading a good book with characters and weird stories, just came across it b/c you had back to the future as one of your favorite movies, i'm also a fan, # 2 is the best
from omzhaara :
Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for signing my guestmap :) Don't be a stranger! ;) :)
from pezdispenser :
you're a smart boy, mr morgan. it is, in fact, rotterdam. ok, here's another one for you: which fingernail grows fastest?
from zoostation :
yes, the kim i speak of is of the LYALL variety, actually...her diary is lostatlantis, if you want to read up on what she's doing
from zoostation :
yeah, i would imagine that republicans cost more money...
from rorysea :
i like your diaryring's html-ish stuff so i joined your justin ring regardless of the fact that i am not named justin, and do not currently know anyone named justin. oh yeah and you have an entertaining diary.
from forleafclovr :
Welcome to the American diaryring and thanks for joining! ~Lindsay~
from zoostation : man's land. . .i like that one. much better than the derogatory terms they use here!
from zoostation :
haha, yes actually, i read your diary and the song "inagatadavita" (or however you spell it) by iron butterfly popped into my head, only instead of inagatadavita, in my head it went like "in the bhagavad gita." haha. we haven't had any hare krishna's visit us yet. ..although, there are plenty of strange people soliciting things. . .mostly promoting ladies' night at their respective bar or club, or some group of people wanting to save the children.
from zoostation :
dude, you were right in my neighborhood! you shoulda come visit me!
from zoostation :
thank you. and, sorry for the foul language. i'm just a little. . .indignant. read an article about what i had mentioned here:
from pezdispenser :
haha, thanks ever so much, dear justin. i don't believe i know a person able to write as colorful a recommendation letter as you're apt to. :)
from crapmaster :
i love the top ten list! it's great!

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