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from catsoul :
12.21.2021. I read what you write. I hear you. Thank you for sharing your true thoughts today. I can relate to your words so, so much. Take care. Peace within yourself. =^..^=
from narcissa :
May 3: congratulations on your award! Just from reading, you are clearly Volunteer of the Year.
from cuke15 :
Just a note that a random person read your entry.
from whystinger :
I was somewhat surprised by the election too, surprised at how many still voted for Trump. I am not surprised by his disputing the results, as he started saying he would not accept the results if he lost. I think the ones who voted for him are those who are afraid of all the lies about illegals getting "Social Security without ever putting into it" welfare Moms having a few more kids so they can afford that Cadillac or BMW or some other false bullshit. Some of his voters are hard core Republicans, which is puzzling because he never really supported (publicly) Republicans in the past. I plan on writing the RNC and telling them my opinion: If they sue to keep Trump in power, it will kill the party. He needs to cede gracefully and go away. He is a divider, not someone to bring the country together...
from peggypenny :
Hi To,Toma Let's Be Friends. I am here most days sometime between 10-12 california time. I am a songwriter. Do you really grow tomas or are you just kidding. It's not the end of the world. Some how you will sell your tomas and be fine. PeggyPenny
from catsoul :
10.10.19. Wow, you are so, so busy. Sounds like you had some fun out East. The "Rocky" thing is cool. Anyhoo, just sayin' howdy do. Peace. =^..^=
from narcissa :
hey, this is a bit weird, because i have no idea what you do or what your qualifications are, but have you ever thought about/heard of automattic? might be a good fit.
from signomifly :
7/11/18 - 7 million....whew!!!!! I hope all is well with you (I don’t think we’ve talked since...maybe 2007 or 2009)
from moonbeams :
Hi, I am sorry to hear that you've had an overwhelming, emotional morning. But maybe it's a good thing you are finally speaking to your mother again....? I hope that whatever is the history between you can be patched.
from mistfree :
12/14/17 LOL - after your posts about POUND, I had to look it up to see what it was. I've been seeing this for a while now and never knew it had a name. Now I'm searching my area for a class. Looks like fun!
from narcissa :
9-9: that was a horrifying experience that you mentioned in your last entry. Just wanted to say I'm so sorry that happened to you.
from dangerspouse :
from mistfree :
11/23/16 Once're a busy buys lady. I crack up when you say 'I didn't get much done' followed by: Ran to Walmart, cooked dinner, wash the laundry, did the taxes, shaved the Just kidding. But really? I completely understand what your 'not much' means because I do the same thing. Stay tough!
from mistfree :
Good luck on your camping trip. I'm still in shock over the election results, but life will go on. Hang in there! Hope your anxiety didn't get the best of you!
from mistfree :
Stay strong. You're the better person for doing the work and saying nothing about it. Pat yourself on the back and believe me, somebody is noticing somewhere. I believe good things will come your way. Hopefully soon. And good job on the run. I should take a run now too.
from mistfree :
One step at a time. As frustrating and aggravating as it may seem at the moment, hang in there. And you're definitely right, quitting would only add to your stress! I almost quit my job once. But decided to apply elsewhere instead. So glad I didn't quit though because it turned out I wasn't the only one searching. The Wicked Witch I was trying to get away from ended up getting a new job (one I had applied for as well, lol) and those gray skies cleared up quickly. Stay strong.
from mistfree :
9/28/1 Sounds like you got a lot of things out of the way. Ahhhh motherhood. Seems like it would be even easier if we had 8 arms!
from whystinger :
Saw your diary name listed under recent public entries and remembered reading your diary a bit during my early days here, like 2002, 2003. Glad you are still writing
from cocoabean :
Yeah, those ER visits get you every time. Have you tried restricting fluids for Jade in the hours before bedtime?
from cocoabean :
What did you think of Joshua tree? My daughter thought it was kind of a letdown, considering what she saw online....
from mrquiteaguy :
Hi tomatogirl. Its nice to read a diary entry about exercising. I weigh 234ibs,I would love to get it down to 210ibs but no matter how hard i try,i cant seem to lose weight. I exercise by going for long walks with a little run thrown in.I am more grumpy if i dont get out so i understand what you are saying about exercise!.I totally agree.Most people i think dont realise how important it is to your well being. I have read a few of your entries and want to wish you the best of luck with your exercising.I did read that you are 95.8 lbs and I dont know if that seems too light to me cause I am over twice that.:)but,i would hope you are the right weight for your size and that you are careful not to go below a healthy weight for your own good. It was nice to read your diary and you have encouraged me to try harder in 2010. PS.If i ever get to my target weight,i will update my diary,I just dont want to get into a lose weight competion with you.I am a bad loser :) Good luck and all the best for 2010. Mrq
from signomifly :
i'm really sorry/sad about Jay. I don't think he really realizes that you BOTH had a baby, not just you. And its a bit selfish that you and C weren't even asked to the car show :( I wish I could give you a hug bc I think u need it really badly this **cyber hug** will have to suffice. I do hope it gets better though.....
from thatisgneiss :
So I read your first entry and it all about broke my heart. Be strong.
from whystinger :
re-read your 9/9 entry - you are on the right track. I applaud you for taking the steps to keep your marriage whole. I wish you all the best.
from ub40 :
Hi, just to say I love the name....tomatogirl.
from cdghost :
enjoyed your words
from silverbiker :
happy birthday for saturday! :)

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