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from dullstar :
I recently read a study that insisted that drinking coffee the morning after drinking alcohol can help out your liver. And no judgments, but alcoholism is a degenerative starts as being manageable and you can be functional, but the problem is that you and your body get too comfortable with it and that's when people become nonfunctioning alcoholics.
from dullstar :
First of all, Netflix if you can. I especially love it when I can rent movies like "She's The Man" without ever having to look anybody in the face. Also, I love Boondock Saints, sober or tipsy. It's not a Great movie, but it's an entertaining movie.
from pumpkin144 :
so glad to hear you're all right! and i completely agree with you. i've been ranting to my partner about the same things. the media lies and warps things and our leaders breed fear to fuel their personal agendas. it's sick! i commend you for your courage to stand against the norm of fear. take care. *hug*
from caffeinegeek :
I couldn't agree more about American Media. I wrote about it in my own blog today. Three years ago I made the decision to stop watching cable news. That one decision has made me a saner human being.
from pumpkin144 :
did they find the jerk who took your wallet when they found your wallet? hope so. and that they cut off said jerks arms or something. heh. glad to hear you at least got something back!
from banshee-rose :
I clicked your banner and found your site. Great site. And such a cute baby. Accepting the fact of being an adult is overrated. :)
from brideof7less :
I clicked on your banner and find your diary quite entertaining. I may add you to my favorites if you don't mind.
from crayola123 :
hi there, i was just adding an in entry and then when i clicked the button of course a new screen popped up looked interesting so i gave it a look! nice diary, and about the critism ( i cant spell i know) dont worry about it i use to be the same i like to think of it as Constructive Critisim. take care toodles Crayola
from mslovejoy :
Your review is done. Hooray!
from leonmcphelps :
Why thank you. I appreciate it.
from funda :
It was the name, wakko... he is my hero. well, one of them, at least. enjoy life.
from aggiemaggie :
can i tell you! i may be miles and miles away from you, but the resteraunt stuff. . . i hear ya! if you complain, you're a complainer, and as a "server" you're a dime a dozen. . . but if you be quiet, r even ask nicely, you might as well paint yourself the color of the wall, because no one will listen! and about things making you mad. . . . i hear that too! things frankly just piss me off, and i tell people about the things that piss me off. So although i haven't found a solution, or even have a suggestion, i think i have the same situation!

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