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from ecstasia :
If you're sharing, I'd love the password [email protected] Thanks
from f-i-n :
Be careful of SCAD....the city is lush
from thb :
from pinkiam :
i just joined your diary ring thing then checked out your profile and i have to say you have great taste in music (not that thats all that matters)
from vivakate :
that is so funny. i love how calm and collected you were despite how fucked up the questions got. i understand your need to play scrabble. we will probably have the annual family tourney at thanksgiving.
from thb :
that is hilarious. i love fetishists. i want to play internet scrabble with someone who gets his rocks off to thumper in "bambi".
from sprhrgrl :
There is a sign here advertising the "ladie's night" at the bike shop. I want to kick it.
from sappygirl :
Hey Jen, is Amy's b-day on the 6th? For some reason I always think it is the 9th, probably one of the myriad of reasons why I was her least favorite friend ever. Anyway, sorry that you have become such a hermit/insomniac- you know you can always call here if you can't sleep, it doesn't matter how late it is, because chances are, I am up too. Hope you have a good Friday, I am getting ready to leave for classes now, but I'll talk to you soon. P.S. Don't you think the d-land note is completely underused? I shall use it all the time from now on! <3 T <3
from sprhrgrl :
If you want to pretend to be my friend and want a new mix cd. . . Of course, you might not like my music tastes. Still, diversity yay.
from stomper4x4 :
You cannot go to England AGAIN without me!! No really dude, you go and have a fantastic time!
from stomper4x4 :
stomach acid...fricking classic dude!
from mariarilke :
really? i find that interesting. i just ramble.
from sad-night :
Hi witch-baby! There is a book called, "Witch Baby" by Francesca Lia Block. Is that where you got your name? It's really cool. well take care!
from sprhrgrl :
I am glad that you are diarying again. (:
from bobbib :
well can't wait until you have new layouts your stuff is tight! Check out mine sometime Yours only
from stomper4x4 :
Glad to hear you are working through your feelings, Jennifer. I've been thinking a lot about you lately and I will be calling you soon. Love Kelly
from sappygirl :
JALs- Hey, I just read tonight's entry, and it made me a little teary. I am glad that you are starting to work through some of your feelings about what's going on with your dad, and I just wish I was better at helping you deal with it all. I hope you know that I am always here for you and that I love you like the sister I never had. Hope you had a good 4th, it sounds like you did. Love you- Me
from mariarilke :
we are members of a few of the same i checked you out. heh...your layout totally makes me swoon.
from tigah87 :
i requested to join your diary ring, but you'll probably reject moi, which of course, is ok.
from thb :
the FCSs in my french class aren't stoners. they're just stupid. and probably discerptible too come to think of it.
from haloofcurls :
Well I'm a little late but I hope you did well! Update us on how the bee went!
from stomper4x4 :
Ah celebrities without makeup! What could make a girl feel better!
from vamosajugar :
i have a t-shirt with that picture. the one from your layout. Am I signed in? yeah. this leftover chinese food might kill me.
from j-ku :
love the new layout. Tres chic!
from j-ku :
love the new layout. Tres chic!
from meidhreach :
you have a very nice design! me like....just wanted to let you know your diary is cool ^__^
from thebeesknees :
Awww....I loves me some of your new design. Lots.
from raven72d :
Changing majors is one of the great moments in life... And "The Ring" was great...
from sappygirl :
Don't you just love all of those typos? How can you be friends with some one as mentally challenged as myself? Me tired. Nighty-night now.
from sappygirl :
Hey JAlsup- Just wanted to say Hi quick before I head off to bed. Also, I wanted to tell you that I really am very excited for your decision to go with the Media Studies major. I think you'll do great, and I see big things in oyur future- like slumber parties at BW's. Me so jealous. Love you, miss you, call you tomorrow- Tina
from blackcat14 :
oh sweet you got to see the american idols? i don't think nicky can sing. -.- i rooted for kelly & tamayra all the way :D
from j-ku :
I'm so glad that you are enjoying Western. It makes me smile.
from sappygirl :
Thirteen SVH books? Oh honey...
from stomper4x4 :
Don't be depressed. You are on your way to a new school, where I'm sure exciting things will happen to you too! Love, Kelly
from j-ku :
I saw the Mickey Mouse watch you described on 5/22/02 today at my Target. Nice choice.
from thb :
thank you. i'm trying to care about taking care. your note means a lot to me. (really)
from lobster-girl :
hey christopher pike did cartwheels around r.l. stine! midnight club was good! :) i have a cat named witch baby and guffman is the best movie and i thought donnie darko was so depressing and now it's time for lunch, i'm having a peanut butter sandwhich and a brownie. it's better than ramen and i'm broke. j
from sternchen :
haha! My best google search result so far was "britney spears & hot mama." Who searches for this weird shit? Well, maybe the better question...who writes it.
from ravenheart :
Your diary is great! Just thought I should tell you. Take care.
from mingocounty :
So. You listen to some nice stuff, O Content Ringleader. :) If you're at all interested, we have a Rufus Wainwright blurb in my magazine, although it has been posted without editing (the magazine is pre-first-issue at the moment.) It's at if you're interested. Your diary rocks, by the way. -Paula
from blue-faerie :
it took me forever to figure out that you weren't talking about ACTUAL flies in that last entry, i must have read it at least 3 times salad bars in general are gross
from stomper4x4 :
thanks for the mention in your entry. "No Whammies! Come on no Whammies!"
from norablack :
Hye I am new to diary land and wanting to get to know some people! Heyas!!!I foy want you can check out my diary though it is barely started to you later. Nora the little witch that could
from stomper4x4 :
Jennifer, Wayne has been on my mind, too. If you need to talk, I'm here. Kelly
from red-wine :
I just signed your g-book, but I forgot to ask...witch-baby as in F.L. Block witch-baby? I hope so!
from thestrain :
wow, i like your profile...hahaha midnight club!! i gave the second one to my friend as a joke for her birthday, she was not impressed. "you're a stone foX"...the virgin suicides rocks the block and weetzie bat rocks socks. xoxo katie
from girlgenie :
what time are we upon and where do we belong?
from wretchdpixie :
seriously...i mean seriously, are all your favorites really true? did you get witch baby from francesca lia block books? i love elliott smith, and r.e.m., and breakfast at tiffany's and high fidelity, and everyone always laughs at me when i say that christopher pike's alright. you are so good if this is all true. you should go to my diaries, brain: maredeath.diaryland, heart: wretchdpixie.diaryland. or email me at [email protected] kicks, meredith...
from sternchen :
go to WMU!!! Don't worry about getting in, I'm not even sure if they check to make sure their students have a pulse. Despite that, it's a wonderful school and kalamazoo is so much fun. You've heard me declare my love for WMU in my diary. My second thought: I'm sooo jealous about Janine. Please, please write in your diary what she said. Let me live vicariously. Please. love jen
from sappygirl :
JAlsy- I fucking love the new layout! Did you get the pics from the graphic novel I got you? They really came out beautifully. How was your Ham Day? We went to my great aunt's for Thanksgiving, and well, it wasn't fun. I just missed everyone all day long and I kept thinking how sad it is that I feel more at home with my friends than with my family. Ugh, I will probably write about the whole ugly experience tomorrow in my diary. I hope your Thanksgiving was awesome, tell everyone I said "Hi," wish them all a belated "Happy Thanksgiving" from me, and give Sid Vicious a hug for me. I miss not being able to come up this year. I'll talk to you soon. Love you- me
from stomper4x4 :
Very nice new layout! Drop me a line sometime. Kelly
from sappygirl :
Love the new layout girl, for the reals! You are amazing. I love you.
from xxinfinitexx :
I love you, man.
from stomper4x4 :
did you get my e-mail about the pictures on-line? they are hot!!
from witch-baby :
don't worry, darling. you WILL make five new college friends before september becomes october. it's a promise i stand by. and oh, will they be a blast! of course, you'll know in the back of your mind that they couldn't hold a candle to your home friends. but you'll try not to think about that when jumping in fallen leaves, playing ultimate frisbee, and meeting in the caf for heated (yet friendly) discussions over tater tots and fountain pop. you truly live a charmed life. enjoy.
from witch-baby :
you'll make new college friends soon. keep smiling. love, me
from wisegirl :
Hey there witch-baby! I am just looking for dland buddies! you can contact me at [email protected] and we can be dland buddies! a/s/l? I am 11/f/cali
from stomper4x4 :
Jennifer, Thank you for your kind note. Can't wait to come and see you. You will love what I bring you (i hope) Kelly
from witch-baby :
you're pretty and worthy of praise.

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