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from thedetails :
Where have you gone to?
from hunterpoo :
you're boy is absolutlee gorgeous, gotta come back for more! =)
from brigitd :
Jake is too cute! Your site was perfect for a newbie to D-land. I'll be back :) Sunny
from dicentrah :
My, but that first pic reminds me of someone...Can't. Quite. Place...
from preciousgift :
YAY JAKE! The video was just too cute. Congrats on the milestone. :)
from preciousgift :
Hi, e-mail me @ preciousgift{{REMOVE}} and I'll be happy to give you a un/pass for the private entries. My archives from 8/27 and those previous should be the only thing locked.
from preciousgift :
Your son is just too cute for words. Found you somewhere. After catching up on your entries I've seemed to have forgotten. Hmmm, maybe I'll think of it later. I added you to my faves :)
from chadmuska :
your son is adorable!
from i-am-jack :
;^}' Thanks for the note. I'm glad that you are enjoying my thoughts/writing.
from crystal42 :
Hey! got your note and I just like "meeting" new people. I 'specially like reading about other moms and their day to day life. We gotta stick together you know! ;-)
from marn :
My dear, that's sweet of you to say, but I'm just your average middle-aged woman.
from witcheepoo :

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