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Girl. 21. Meth Capitol.

Currents: The Higher. The Pink Spiders. Alkaline Trio. No time for reading. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Breakfast at Tiffanys.

Loves: Jeans. Hoodies. Hair dye. My cell phone. Away messages. Too many bands, movies, and books to name. Acoustic songs. Adam Lazzara. Boys is eyeliner and tight jeans. Brian Kinney. Queer as Folk. Conor Oberst. Converse. Country music. Cover Songs. Hello Kitty. Sleeping. Spuffy. Jimmy Urine. Mix tapes. Letters. Sex. Pirates. Live Journal (http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=tragicxflaw).

I'll add anyone who adds me, but once you've gone three months with updating I'll delete you... Unless your diary is incredible.

If you add my diary be sure to leave me notes in regards to my entries. They make my heart go pitter patter and I like to know who is actually reading.

My favorite diaries:

envyyou profile - diary
comments: Amazing
jenifer-007 profile - diary
comments: Life at it's best or worst... however you look at it.
boysxkickxme profile - diary
comments: My poetry... Check it out if you like...
jarardlikesu profile - diary
comments: my reason for living... my reason for this diary...
ending-here profile - diary
comments: "...like a middle school dance with raging hormones and supressed excitement." I am in love with this diary.
DearJared profile - diary
comments: Wouldn't you like to know
weneedariot profile - diary
comments: I love intelligent people... "If I bleed for you, Would you love me?"
x-star- profile - diary
comments: Aw, she says she'll read my diary! What a doll!
blackout- profile - diary
comments: "It's slowly eating away at everything I used to have and I'm starting to forget what it is to be happy." Such a doll!
dana-elayne profile - diary
comments: It's like my future is her life. I see so much of myself in this diary.
emokid-112 profile - diary
comments: What a doll!
xshebreaks profile - diary
comments: "But isn't heartbreak worse than lung disease."
andwebreathe profile - diary
comments: Lovely<3
kaydizzle profile - diary
comments: One of the nicest girls around.
gloryxxfades profile - diary
comments: beauty<3
britneypink profile - diary
comments: Wow, she thinks I have a great diary... That is so sweet.
eatxmexalive profile - diary
comments: "My heart breaks for you every day I watch you suffer."
yourmove- profile - diary
comments: Beauty in the form of words (and eyes<333)
darceek profile - diary
comments: "My face feels naked without a smile, because thats all I've been wearing since we've been together."
onlydespair profile - diary
comments: "And so it draws to a close with me desperately clinging to the fragments of a broken heart as I shed who I once was."
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: Absolutely wonderful
greed- profile - diary
comments: She has too many journals
amber163 profile - diary
comments: "bright eyes & vodka are my weapon of self-destruction"
fragiledeath profile - diary
lovemeonce profile - diary
comments: "everything she knew but tried to hide deep inside herself, flowing out like blood from a freshly cut wrist. she knew she could be better but didn't want to change"
xbeeyatchx profile - diary
addisen profile - diary
comments: "As if a broken heart wasn�t enough, now I have to live with a lead filled body."
ifiwere profile - diary
comments: "the edge of your perfection broke my skin."
forever-emo- profile - diary
comments: "i'm prettier than you"

My favorite music:

No Doubt
Brand New
Taking Back Sunday

My favorite movies:

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Romeo and Juliet
Breakfast at Tiffanys
The Craft

My favorite authors:

Charles R. Cross
comments: "Heavier Than Heaven"
Alice Sebold
comments: "The Lovely Bones"
Gwyn Hyman Rubio
comments: "Icy Sparks"
Rachel Cohn
comments: "Gingerbread"
comments: "Romeo and Juliet"

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