Calico Gypsy

I like coconut, synonyms, dirty blues music (and Def Leppard - I try not to but it won't go away), the Rat Pack, details of strangers sex lives, high heels, expensive yarn/fabric/thread, amber, Icee's, trying thing's i'm sure i'll hate, naked hotspring soaking, going barefoot, my weekly cigarette and road trips where someone else drives.

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

Wicked Tinkers
comments: loud.....very loud. Also bagpipes and didgeridoo
Dr. John
comments: If you don't know who he is, go find out or go find a pre-pubescent goth girl diary to read
comments: Welsh stories in a new-age/bardic style. Beautiful, incredible, haunting. Which is even more impressive when you consider I usually despise anything new-age flavored
My Highschool soundtrack
comments: Metallica, AC/DC, Van Halen (the SammyHagar years. David Lee Roth looks like a walking STD), 80's era U-2, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi, Guns'n'Roses, Danzig,

My favorite movies:

Boondock Saints
comments: Unbelieveably Hot actors, violence, justice - Plus Billy Connely and Ron Jeremy! The DVD is worth it just for the deleted scenes
Aqua Teen Hunger Force/Home Movies
comments: Not movies, but the 2 funniest shows on Adult Swim, and therefore television.

My favorite authors:

Terry Pratchett
comments: social commentary with 'Wizzards' and erotic desserts
Larry Niven
comments: I don't care what all you snotty bastards think, I love both "Legacy of Heorot" and "Beowulf's Children".
comments: When you start reading your dad's Sci-Fi books @ 6, there's really no going back. I loved him even before I could comprehend 80% of his ideas
Terry Goodkind
comments: If you're read his books, you know, otherwise it's hard to describe. I love to watch the evolution of a philosophy that is so much in line with my own.

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