Notes from the Underground

Vive la Resistance! (I'm afraid of Americans)

My favorite diaries:

lovejunky profile - diary
comments: Done. (Still writing elsewhere, but I don't think I feel like sharing where. I want to keep him to myself, even when he's someone else.)
doghigh profile - diary
comments: Gone.
haloaskew profile - diary
comments: Still around, still kickin' wit da horsies, still funny as ish.
epeter2025 profile - diary
comments: Been quiet a long time.
thedailywtf profile - diary
comments: If she's white trash, she's the sharp knife that's sticking out of the white trash-bag that stabs you in the ass when you jump out of the building and into the dumpster to evade the bad guys that you then just have to laugh about.
jonathan29 profile - diary
comments: Tells a good story. I'm pulling for him.
beagle47 profile - diary
comments: Locked-up. I'm removing him at the end of August if he doesn't choose to share what he's got to say anymore.
boy-blue profile - diary
comments: Moved.
pocket-pool profile - diary
comments: Can't read him at work, but I like it like that sometimes...
shivery profile - diary
comments: Brilliant Beauty now resides at
fulminous profile - diary
comments: Introduced me to Lady Shiv. Has migrated from DiaryLand. Now resides at
traumatease profile - diary
comments: Super-hero fallen mostly silent.
cyanophyta profile - diary
comments: Used to do some great writing. I hope the whole "marital bliss" thing hasn't wrecked that, like it does for so many people who are only motivated to create when they're miserable.
d-rex17 profile - diary
comments: Now does his thing at He writes great stories, and I love him no less for the fact that we seldom communicate anymore.
ryan8-5cut profile - diary
comments: The cat came back. He yowls less frequently now.
faux-homo profile - diary
comments: Now yanks your crank (and mine) at
kristinhank profile - diary
comments: She's just beautiful, both in form and content. Seriously. I think that covers it.
sidewaysrain profile - diary
comments: Intrepid traveler and One of My Kind. I call her Pretty Jen because she is. (She's also smart and kind, which I think you can sense the moment you meet her, along with the pretty.)
affiliate19 profile - diary
comments: I'm just getting started on this one. So far, I know he's handsome, eloquently emotional, and quite clever.
jackdagger profile - diary
comments: Despite what he may believe, he is good. And smart. And kind. And amazingly wise and mature for his years. And really good at conveying things. And probably quite beautiful.
jonquill profile - diary
comments: He made me, of all people, get seriously choked-up with what he wrote about Times Square, and I have never favourite-listed someone so quickly, because THAT is SKILL.
dj-eurotrash profile - diary
comments: He's somewhere else, now, too. I can't remember where, though.

My favorite music:

Tori Amos
comments: saved my life repeatedly and caused me not to give up the whole singer-songwriter-piano-player thing. But her fans annoy me A LOT!
Alison Moyet
comments: One of a handful of singers who could sing the phone book and still knock me out. (Annie Lennox is another.) Totally underrated (as is Sophie B. Hawkins, another fave).
Saint Etienne
comments: I just can't stop listening to them. They are so many things: Europe, sophistication, digital imagery, clearest water... And Sarah Cracknell -- pure wistful sugar.
Everything but the Girl
comments: Tracey Thorn's sulk, like Neil Tennant's aching wail (I also love the Pet Shop Boys), and all those beautiful synthesized cascades behind such desolate poetry...Oh, how I miss London.
comments: Explicit sex in a crumbling castle somewhere in Scotland in a black & white gangster film set sometime in the '20s or '30s...I can't decide who's yummier, Beth Gibbons or Geoff Barrow.

My favorite movies:

comments: That scene where the German soldiers are singing "Die Wacht am Rhein" and the band strikes up "La Marseillaise" and everyone stands and sings...I get choked up just thinking about it.
Fried Green Tomatoes
comments: Well, you see, I'm a Southern boy, and this movie just makes me happy (except for the whole Chris O'Donnell getting hit by a train thing, of course).
Rouge (Red)
comments: From Krzysztof Kieslowski's TROIS COULEURS series. This film is, simply put, ART.
comments: The best of Gregg Araki's films, I think, and the first one I saw. It just feels like this is where his vision really crystallised.
Moulin Rouge
comments: No, I'm not kidding. I don't like Baz Luhrmann in principle, but this is just gorgeous: the bombardment of son et lumiere and the fact that I've never laughed and cried in such temporal proximity before...And I miss Paris.

My favorite authors:

Poppy Z. Brite
comments: This woman...She understands decadence, fears not darkness, and knows the power of disappointment.
H.P. Lovecraft
comments: Even after reading so many of his stories that they start to seem the same, he can still ruin my sleep.
Anne Rice
comments: I'm in love with her vampires...So much so that for a time, in desperation, I convinced myself that they were real.
John Irving
comments: He gets under the details in such a way that his tales never fail to get under my skin; in the end, I always cry, not in pain or sadness, just at the beauty of human sentiment.
Ernest Hemingway
comments: He makes me laugh, he makes me cry, he understands my wanderlust, my need for struggle, my love of Paris...*sigh*

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