The Art of Steve.

Just another anonymous rando on the internet.

My favorite diaries:

secretgarden profile - diary
comments: The first journal I found on here. Sort of compelled me to start my own.
kalanianaole profile - diary
comments: My friend Josh.
lukeddy profile - diary
comments: My friend from college
burndownjets profile - diary
comments: My friend Jake
jonwalsh profile - diary
comments: My friend Jon.
shutupmom profile - diary
almathea23 profile - diary
jward profile - diary
comments: My brother.
erato profile - diary
diaryreviews profile - diary
comments: This way I can keep checking with them to see if my journal's been reviewed yet.
Steveinkorea profile - diary
comments: NOT ME. This is my friend Steve.
thework profile - diary
comments: On the other hand, this IS me.
ennuicity profile - diary
Turnyourback profile - diary
comments: Cool girl I talk to on MSN.
Tuluum profile - diary
comments: She's a good read, plus a fellow Sociology major.
Seyoung profile - diary
comments: The muse behind secretgarden makes a welcome return to the Internet. They try and leave, but always come back, huh?
regz profile - diary
comments: Cool and active member of The Disseminatrix.
Ohscience profile - diary
comments: Jake moved and no one told me.

My favorite music:

Rage Against the Machine
comments: Saw them live in Seoul. Talk about intense.
comments: Seeing them last year in St. Louis was incredible as it gets. I look forward to seeing them in a few weeks in Omaha.
Italian Angels
comments: You gotta support your friends, as well as local music (
comments: Like Fishbone, it is impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to them. Pure positive energy.
Cibo Matto
comments: Probably not one of my all time favorites, but for right now they're in heavy rotation.

My favorite movies:

Fight Club
comments: Read the book too.
comments: "You don't hear much about people that take their shot and miss."
The Big Kahuna
comments: One of the best "dialogue as action" movies I've ever seen.
Captain Ron
comments: The funniest movie EVER
Josie and the Pussycats
comments: MUCH better than you think. Well, much better than I thought anyway.

My favorite authors:

Ernest Hemmingway
comments: For Whom the Bell Tolls; Greatest story EVER.
Emile Durkheim
comments: Suicide: There's more than meets the eye. Whenever you hear a suicide statistic or hear about the latest school shooting, look closer
Chuck Palahniuk
comments: Fight Club first, then Invisible Monsters, then Choke, then Survivor. Make sure you wait a while between each to properly digest them.
Alexander Dumas
comments: The Count of Monte Cristo.
Henry Rollins
comments: Too much too say, too little space.

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