this is the story of a girl...

I try not to think about what might have been...

My favorite diaries:

thisgirljes profile - diary
comments: The Ostrich Song, that's all you need to know.
ivyvalentine profile - diary
comments: Ivy loves me for who I am in spite of our vast differences. And that makes the world a better place.
falling0star profile - diary
comments: She sent me hobbit and elf doctors when I was sick. How sweet is that?
bamboopink profile - diary
comments: I find her to be quite rad.
threthiel profile - diary
comments: I miss her Ralph Wiggum layout, but she still rocks.
pure-milk profile - diary
comments: "It is OK to have crushes on movie stars. Even ones who play mutants from the comic books. Remember, kids, that is what they are there for."
billypip profile - diary
comments: It's the Jo-inator!
blackedout profile - diary
comments: Darling Wren
albinoqueen profile - diary
comments: My Jamielove. I pray for her often and she blesses me by doing the same. *glitter and hugs abound*
lotrsisters profile - diary
comments: The Sisterhood, uniting us crazy LotR loving girls. I love you all!
dawdle profile - diary
comments: Pheebs
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: They make valid points, and we do suck sometimes.
brdwaybebe profile - diary
comments: Christy!!! I loooove Christy!!!!! *does the patented Ahmet-butt-wiggle dance*
lotrsis-news profile - diary
comments: Keeping the Sisterhood informed on important issues.
andrew profile - diary
comments: He keeps us in line.
dreamflowers profile - diary
comments: Ivy's poems of fantastical beautiousness that take me to another world.
papotheclown profile - diary
comments: I so have to send him money so he'll send me his poetry. This requires having money though.
spittingame profile - diary
comments: He's a duck. You are most likely not.
mojo1915 profile - diary
comments: He's in band, but he's no geek. At least if he is, he's got me fooled.
spritopias profile - diary
comments: You can bite his shiny metal ass.
godsong profile - diary
comments: Lisa, who is awesome.
aussielvr498 profile - diary
comments: She reviewed me, and it turns out we have lots in common.
fan4 profile - diary
comments: A new find...

My favorite music:

Justin McRoberts
comments: In the words of Jesusjosh, "if you've heard him, he's your favorite." Every time I think I've found my favorite of his songs, I discover another, then another, then another....
The Clash
comments: You'll have to answer to the guns of Brixton.
comments: Simply brilliant
Badly Drawn Boy
comments: I'll let you borrow my four leaf clover, come on.
Nickel Creek
comments: Because I like to rock out to some sweet mandolin.

My favorite movies:

Pride and Prejudice
comments: I love all versions for various reasons. Deal with it.
Sliding Doors
comments: Because I love British people, even fake ones like Gwyneth Paltrow.
Sense and Sensibility
comments: Because Emma wrote Jane Austen scenes so well you forget they don't even happen in the book.
Casino Royale
comments: Bcause I don't care that Daniel Craig is blond.
Con Air
comments: Makes me laugh every time.

My favorite authors:

comments: How could I overlook the word of my Heavenly Father?
Jane Austen
comments: She wrings my heart in her hands and I just don't care.
William Shakespeare
comments: I like to call him Billy Shakes myself.
Laura Ingalls Wilder
comments: My first favorite author beyond Dr. Seuss.
Strong Bad
comments: His keen grasp of grammar and biting witticisms brighten my Mondays.

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